Pink Sheets

Friday, March 31, 2006

Started Smokin' Cigarettes, Nothing Else To Do I Guess

I like that line in a country song that I don't know who sings, nor do I know the name, however, I know that line. I just love it. And that will be the title of this post in honor of my post of no sense that I wrote yesterday. It took me forever to write that post, all day in fact, and as the day goes on the loopier I get. That is because I'm pretty busy at work this week and I just have no time to blog. Pooh on work. Messing with my blogging hours. Aw well. I'm not doing a damn thing this weekend and I can't wait.

So I'll leave you with this:

Brian: Hey kids! Everyone go get your Bibles. (He says jokingly because of some show we're watching on TV).

Jordan: *cracking up* Hey Riley, go get your Bibles. My dad said 'go get your bubbles' except he said it funny. Go get your bibles, go get your bibles.

Oh Jordan, he has no idea what a Bible is. I don't know if that's bad or good. :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Off On A Tangent And A Lot Of Nonsensical

I am a movie watching freak these days. At least I am when American Idol isn’t on. Wait. Did I just admit to watching to American Idol? Um, I only watch so that I can have a conversation with people at my work because they’re all watching it. I have to watch it too. I don’t want to be some type of outcast. Uh, yeah, that’s why I watch.

Anyway, I have seen yet another movie and I am once again going to write about it. Is my life all of a sudden becoming a bore? Well, sorry people! There’s nothing I can do about it. Joking, especially since my life wasn’t all that exciting before. Though, recently I was razzed about a puking incident that occurred after a crazy night of partying with the girls. Sure, it was a year ago (actually more than a year ago since I was pretty pregnant a year ago this time) and I ended the night and began the next day puking, but I partied! Alright, I’m moving on to the movie I watched and I’ll stop making my poor self sound so pathetic. *sniffle*

So, Brian and I watched Elizabethtown, which I probably would have paid to see at the theatre, but just never got around to it and I probably couldn’t have convinced Brian to go see it in the theatre anyway. Because it is such a chick flick, but it’s a really good chick flick. The kind that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. The kind that is witty and fun and not too mushy and not too cheesy and it wasn’t romantic comedy yet it was funny and had all the basics of a romance, yet much more. You know the basics. Girl meets boy by happenstance, boy nonchalantly leaves girl never expecting to meet up with her again, boy decides for some out of the blue reason to find girl, they hook up off and on, off and on, off and on, when finally, at the end of the movie they have the kiss. You know the kiss. The kiss all girls dream of having. The sweep you off your feet, hold you tight, like he’ll never let go, looong kiss. Yes, it had all those things.

And I just love the movie. Or maybe the movie was just okay but I have this new found crush on Orlando Bloom. I seriously had no idea he was so appealing.

Or maybe it was Kristen Dunst. Brian pointed out if she was just some “regular” girl he probably wouldn’t find her attractive. That may be true, but there is something about her. Kind of like Mena Suvari. Ever since I saw Mena Suvari on Six Feet Under I have been desperately attracted to her. I just find her stunning. I was flipping through a magazine the other day and there she was, on a full page ad, just staring at me and my heart did one of those flutters. I can honestly say when I first saw her in whatever movie I first saw her in, I didn’t not think she was very flattering. In fact, I thought she had odd features. Not anymore. Nope, she’s hot.

Back to the movie. Another scene of the movie I happened to find captivating was when the characters, played by the two attractive actors I have been distracted with above, were having one of those all night phone conversations. Where they don’t want to get off the phone and they stay up all night talking with one another about completely nothing and trying not to drift off to sleep. It just reminds me of the excitement of a new relationship and I was just thinking a few nights ago how Brian and I would stay up all night talking, even if we had things to do the next day. And we wouldn’t talk about anything in particular or serious, just talk. And I was thinking the other night, as I was drifting to sleep at around 9, how we don’t do that anymore and how, at this point in our relationship, we probably won’t ever have one of those all night talks again. Which isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just there’s no purpose in fighting off the sleep. Because we know that we’re going to talk tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I suppose that the security in knowing we’re going to see each other the next day trumps the excitement of a new and unknown relationship. I suppose.

Of course, we have other things to be excited about, such as planning our sweet little baby’s future and wondering what will become of her and how she will look and act and be. And making plans to move and where will we move and what do we want in what room and just things like that.

And the movie had the typical Hollywood, feel good ending where you know they’re going to live happily ever after or at least you believe they will, but there’s this skeptic in me that wonders if they are truly going to be happily ever after. We only see the kiss. What happens after the kiss? What happens the next day? The next year? They’ve only known each other for five days (I think) in this movie. How do we know they stay together? I guess that’s the wonderment of movies. You can come to your own conclusion as to what happens to the characters. I think they made a pretty good couple, so I’m going to say they got married and had lots of kids and grew old together. That’s just the sort of mood I’m in today.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Just Another Weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday morning we had brunch with my mom, sisters, and brother for my mom’s birthday. It was actually on St Patrick’s Day, but of course, not everyone was available that weekend so it had to wait. Actually everyone was available except my sister and her husband. They had some marriage seminar to go to all weekend. She’s weird. I know I shouldn’t judge someone based on how they’re life differs from mine, but when it comes to certain people I do. I can’t help it. I, living in sin, divorced, and having a baby out of wedlock, have to judge my sister who married someone she knew for exactly 2 months, bought an old run down house that needs serious, expensive work done to it, and got herself bogged down in an SUV she had no way of affording. And she’s my sister I have a right to judge. So there! I just think some of her choices are not smart choices and I think she’s making huge mistakes, but I guess that’s part of life. I also, completely put the blame on my parents, as I’m apt to do when anything in any of our lives goes wrong.

Anyway, we had brunch and Brian, the children, and I all survived unharmed. For the most part. I was able to hold my tongue most of the meal. I only made one or two snide remarks, which I feel guilty about. I think feeling guilty erases any obligation one might have to apologize. Right?

After brunch, we took the kids to rent movies and pick out treats to eat while watching the movies. They picked Scooby-Doo, Kicking & Screaming, and Flight Plan. Yay Darby! She picked Flight Plan. I had pretty low expectations for this movie, but I actually liked it. It was only 1.5 hours. That was the perfect length not to get bored with such a movie. It moved along and got to the point. There was no dilly dallying at the end.

What else? Riley had a birthday party to go to. He was so excited. I think it’s the first birthday party he’s attended that wasn’t a relative’s or someone in his dad’s neighborhood. He had so much fun, I’m glad he went. I dropped him off at the Nampa Rec Center at around 3 and would come back at 5 to pick him up. I was sort of dreading the wait to pick him back up. Nampa is not huge by any means, but the Rec Center is on the other side of town than where we live. I was wondering what I would do for the 1.5 hours before I had to leave to get him.

I didn’t have to wonder for long. I arrived home and was sitting down with Brian at the table making our dinner schedule for this week. He actually had everything planned out, I was just reviewing. Darby and Jordan were in the front room watching Scooby-Doo. Darby comes into the kitchen looking somewhat concerned and tells me there’s a bump under her arm. “Okay,” I say somewhat dismissively, “pull up your shirt and let’s have a look.” I’m writing down my grocery list when Brian says that she needs to lift her shirt and turn so that I can see this bump under her arm. He almost sounds alarmed. I look over and at first glance it looks like a really nasty mole. It’s oddly shaped and there’s a redness around it. Brian is thinking she has skin cancer and we’re going to have to rush her to the hospital.

However, upon closer inspection I realize that it is not a mole. Not even close. It’s something much, much worse. It’s a tick!! How gross is that? A tick. We have had the kids holed up in the house all week long and somehow, some way, Darby manages to have a tick attached to her. I’m totally freaked out. I have never had a tick, Brian has never had a tick, and as Darby pointed out, this is her first time. I called the doctor and Brian finally managed to get the disgusting creature unattached from my daughter, but it was horrifying. I have never seen anything so disgusting. It was so gross. We’re thinking she got the tick, that we now call Marcus, from her 4-wheeling trip with her dad. Ugh! Anyway, Brian glued the tick, after killing him with nail polish remover, to a 3x5 index card and I think Darby is going to take it to show and tell next week. So gross.

Other news, my little Jilly Bean was sick all weekend long. She was so sad with her dainty, little princess cough and her runny nose and watery eyes. She made the most pathetic noises. I just wanted to kiss her little chubby cheeks. Well, I want to do that anyway. She was so sad, but much better today.

Also Brian and I watched Lord of War with Nicholas Cage. It was really good and it had Jared Leto in it. Hello Jared Leto. I had forgotten how yummy he is.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Call the Fashion Police!

We have a duplication! That's right. I have the same outfit on as a man in my office. That's right, I said man. White shirt, gray pants, gray socks, black shoes. How embarrassing.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If I Were Rich

On the radio they were talking about all the renovations Prince made to one of his homes. He had purple stripes painted on the outside, as well as that symbol he uses for his name and the numbers of his new album. He also had a Hollywood special effects machine installed to make purple rain. The DJ then remarked, “the rich aren’t all that different than us”.

Then I started thinking about how I hear these stories and I think “how absurd”. But really, is all that absurd? They have an insane amount of money. They can buy these quirky, odd additions to their homes, cars, bodies, etc…So, this brings me to the question, if you happened to be a multi-millionaire, or better yet, a billionaire, what quirky, odd things might you buy? We all have our little obsessions. Ours are just on a much smaller scale. What might be blown out of proportion if you were able to buy whatever?

I thought and thought about this and I have no idea. Besides the usual house, cars, clothes. I’m not sure what else I would be buying. I know I would travel, but that isn’t odd or quirky. I really like collecting Barbies, so I’m sure I would have some room set up specifically dedicated to a Barbie collection, which would undoubtedly become much larger. I also know that some of my shopping trips would consist of flying to big cities so that I could go to Tiffany & Co. and places where I could buy designer jeans and Louis Vuitton purses.

Besides, I think that Brian might be quirky enough for the both of us. One time we were discussing what we might do with our millions should we win the lottery and he said that he would have his name on everything in the city. Parks, shelters, streets named after him, buildings, a veterinarian clinic for the poor, anything that could possibly bear his name, would. Instead of visiting the City of Nampa, you would quite possibly be visiting the City of Brian. Not that anyone makes a special trips to just visit Nampa, but after Brian was through with it, you just might.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Office Birthdays

I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I know everyone dreads going to the dentist, but my only fear is that they tell me I have to come back for something such as a more vigourous cleaning or to have a cavitity filled. They didn't this time. I am very pleased with this. Everything looks good and my teeth are sparkly and clean. Also, this just goes to show you don't have to floss every day like they told me I needed to. I floss about twice a month, which I know I should be better, my teeth looked good, no problems. Apparently twice a month is okay. I do use mouth wash at least once a day, which I think helps a lot.

Okay, enough about my damn perfect teeth. Today is my friend's 50th birthday. Her department, which is kind of my department but not really, is big on torturing you on the milestone years, such as 50. These events are usually planned weeks in advance to make it especially good. However, everyone thought this was birthday number 49. Until yesterday when she came in telling us all about her surprise party her family threw for her on St Patrick's Day and showing us the mug they gave her. The mug with the number 50 boldly displayed. Uh, crap! Did anyone know it was Karen's 50th birthday? No. We didn't even realize. So last night people were running to the party supply store, Brian was sent on a errand to retrieve a dozen roses, people woke up early to grocery shop for bagels and juice. Everyone was rushing to put up silly signs and throw confetti all about her office. But, we pulled it off. All went well, we stood around chit chatting eating bagels and she isn't suspicious of our ignorance. Woo hoo!

I am now very afraid. One of the major pranksters already stopped by asking when my birthday was and how old I would be. Someone mentioned my birthday is in August and I'll be 30. I have never seen his face light up like that before. He was so excited. He says that's a really good birthday because you start realizing how old you really are and how it's all down hill from there. The bad thing is you can run but you can't hide from these people. Even if I took my birthday off or it fell on the weekend, they would still find a way to surprise me with a trashed office and lots of food. This is reason I love this job. The work sucks, but the people are so much fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Did you know that uncancel is not a word? I think it's a word. I actually haven't looked it up in the dictionary or anything but I tried to use it in an email and spell check popped up trying to get me to use nuisance. No, I don't want to use the word nuisance. I want to use the word uncancel. A payment had been cancelled and I wanted someone to uncancel it for me. Uncancel. Anyway, even though it's not a word I still used it and no one said anything to me about it. They didn't say they couldn't uncancel because there is no such thing. They just said "done". See, it is a word. Uncancel.

Alright, since I've been getting stupid comments by stupid anonymous I decided to restrict anonymous comments. I didn't want to have to do that and I don't think most people comment anonymously anyway, but I hope it doesn't mess anything up. Sorry. I don't mind when people leave me mean comments, but to be mean to other commenters is so uncool. And I could seriously go into a long rant about anonymous commenters (rude ones), you know how pathetic these people are and anyone who goes around leaving anonymous comments on other people's blogs is not only a coward, but a pathetic waste of time, if not life and crap like that. But I won't. And apparently they are easily offended by misspelled words, so I'm sure the use of uncancel over and over again is really going to get their panties in a knot.

I hope everyone has a great St Patrick's Day and they drink something green, with alcohol of course. And I will catch up on my reading on Monday.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Since I commute to work everyday, I spend what amounts to about an hour and half in the car every day. The majority of the time is spent stopping and going, stopping and going. It’s what the traffic people on the radio call “stop and go traffic”.

To pass the time I read all the stupid things that people have on their cars. Okay, not all the things are stupid. Even things I don’t agree with I find a little humorous, such as “Guns kill people like spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat”. But really, I have to wonder why people put such things on either their license plates or their bumpers. Some times it’s just ridiculous.

The other day I say this license plate DMBGRL. Does that say dumb girl? Why does this person have dumb girl on her license plate? Is she dumb? Does she want everyone to be cautious because she’s a dumb girl driving? I don’t get it. Or maybe she’s saying that I’m a dumb girl, in which case it is equally as annoying. What a dumb girl.

Another one that I found completely inappropriate was PR1NCSS. Maybe if this so-called princess was a 16 year old, driving a brand new VW Beetle convertible would this be adequate for a license plate, but from what I could tell while passing “princess” she was a late twenty, early thirty year old driving a Saturn. A Saturn, white. Um, sorry sweetheart, but you are no princess. Seriously, I think that anyone past the age of 17 shouldn’t be allowed to describe themselves as a princess. Plus, a fricking Saturn. Last time I checked princesses did not drive around in compact cars.

BAPADIA. What the hell does that even say?

One day I was at a party supply store buying God knows what when I saw a girl I graduated from high school with. We were actually friends, but I think I was about to have a baby and I was in no mood for chit chatting so I avoided her. After my shopping I went out to my car and I was parked next to a black Lincoln Navigator with the license plate 4TRISH. Aw, how sweet. Trish is the girl I graduated with. I later heard she was arrested for a DUI and her dad is a cop. (Thought I would throw in some juicy gossip, just for fun.)

A few years ago Brian and I were driving and we saw BRTMBL. Guess what Brian thought it said? Bert Mable, as in Bert and Mable sitting in a tree… Anyway, I thought that was pretty funny. It was on a mini van so I’m thinking it said Brat Mobile. I guess it could go either way.

Okay, now there’s only one bumper sticker that I can think of that really annoys me and I seem to see it all the time. Something about “not believing the liberal news media”. Okay, who is the liberal news media? Could someone please let me know. I want to read that news. And these people are super serious about this because this bumper sticker is so long and big that it usually doesn’t fit on the bumper. It is usually placed on the back of the car or pick-up.

Well, I guess I don’t like all the religious stickers that people clutter their cars with. It just seems so pretentious. As if they’re saying “I’m religious and I’m better than you because you are going to hell and I’m going to heaven”. Actually, I think that’s what one of the stickers says.

And then there’s the pro-life stickers. Don’t even get me started on those. I have seriously contemplated ramming my car into theirs hoping they get whip lash. Which is not to say that I hate pro-lifers, I’m pretty sure I’m friends with a few, I just don’t like it when they act as if pro-choicers are murderers. It’s so stupid I want to scream! Okay, I’m done.

So confession time. What do you have on your car? I have a parking sticker for my work, but I do have a confession. You know those decals that people have on their vans and SUV’s of their family. I want those on the Suburban. I want a dad, a mom, three little kids, a baby and a dog. Cheesy? Yes. Which is probably why Brian hasn’t completely agreed to have them put on. Of course, I haven’t received a firm no either.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

House Cleaning

Ahhh, I haven’t made a post in forever. I feel so shut off from the world without the internet. I took Monday off, so that didn’t help my situation either. But I had fun. I went on a field trip with Darby’s kindergarten class. We went to the hospital to check out the life flight helicopter. I volunteered to be a driver thinking my nice, big Suburban that never gets a chance to get out might come in handy. I took Darby and her best friend Zoe. I could have drove the Chrysler for that. But the kids really like taking “the big truck” so, I suppose it was worth it. I’m sure there can be a dollar amount attached to that “worth”, I have no idea what that might be, but I have a sneaking suspicion Brian added it up in his head.

It also gave me the chance to bring Jillian into work. Everyone is always eager to see a little baby. It’s a shame she’s such an un-social butterfly. Whenever some would hold her instead of sitting there smiling, looking cute she would just stare at me with a look that said, “I’m not crying, but I suggest you not go anywhere or there might be trouble”. She even whined when her dad was holding her, that’s how bad it was. But, I’m a little okay with this. She can be my little baby as long as she wishes. She’s just so cautious. Her grandma said she’ll try and socialize her a little more.

I’ve been watching a ton of movies lately. Fever Pitch is blah, Heights is okay. It was pretty good to begin with then it just sort of slowed down at the end. It was like, “hello, move it along”. Sin City was surprisingly good. I thought I would hate it, but, besides all the goriness I enjoyed the story. It moved along at a good pace and you actually had to pay attention. I like that. Usually. If you see any really good movies that are for rent let me know. We haven’t been to the movie theatre in forever.

Okay, missed you guys! I am relieved to be caught up.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Killing Time

I am so not in the mood to work. So, to pass the time until I get to leave, I was looking through my old emails in my Excite account, because I have these insanely old emails that I keep thinking I might need one day, but we all know I'll never, ever need them. Anyway, I had one where Brian had made me a movie and in return I had made him a movie. Well, the old links aren't valid any more, so I made him a new movie, which I won't post because it is so super lame. Anyway, I thought it was fun. Here's the link so you can make one too. You know, if you ever need to kill some time. It's perfect for such an occasion.

This weekend I am taking the girls shopping for Easter dresses. Darby is so excited. I am so happy I have a little girl that loves to shop as much as I do. What are the chances? I'm sort of assuming that Jillian is going to get older and have no time for any sort of girlie nonesense, but I still have my fingers crossed. It just doesn't seem like I could possibly have two. This morning Brian told Darby I was taking her shopping on Saturday and she exclaimed "I hope it's all day and I hope it's at the big mall." I don't know about the whole day part, but we are going to the big mall. And she does love to shop all day. We have been on eight hour shopping trips before.

I am also getting my hair done. I would post a picture, but I still don't have the internet at home so I can't post any pics. It's quite upsetting. I know how much everyone wants to see my fabulous self. (I hope you can hear the sarcastic tone?)

Brian has informed me that he won't be paying for my tattoo, which I find super rude. I want a tattoo and I want him to pay for it. Fine, I figure if I have to pay for it myself, I'm sure he'll end up "paying for it" somehow. *evil laugh*

Alright, I think I might just have to leave early. I don't think I can handle another 40 minutes here on a Friday afternoon.

PS If you make a movie email me the link. Maybe I'll make a movie for you, but not today cause I'm leaving. Bye, bye.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Case Of The Thursday Blah's

Ugh! I don't have much to talk about. Brian took me to lunch this afternoon. That was nice. I had a pizza it was so yummy. I am so stuffed and ready for a nap. I went shopping this morning and bought some new pants that were a smaller size than the ones I'm wearing now. I was so excited! Working out does help. I was beginning to have my doubts.

My new office isn't as horrible as I imagined that it would be, and besides, I can't make myself miserable over the situation by dwelling on it. Besides, I love my new neighbors. I don't have to walk all the way around to go visit them. Now they are right beside me.

Has anyone ever seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose? It is actually a good movie. I thought I would hate it because I'm not one to enjoy a good scary movie, but it's not so much scary. It has those jump in your seat moments, but I thought it was going to be 'give me nightmares' scary. Not at all. I guess that saying is true "don't judge a movie by it's previews"...wait, I don't think that's right. Anyway...

I also watched The Constant Garderner. I sort of expected this to be more spectacular than it was. I thought it would be fascinating and awe inspiring, it was just pretty good. You should watch it so you can say you did.

Speaking of movies I am so happy that Crash won the Academy Award. That movie is so good. That is a fascinating movie. At least I thinks so. Kate McGuire didn't like it so much ( I spoke of her here). This leads me to believe she might be crazy. The movie is fricking awesome. Alright?

Okay, I'm done for now. I hope to be inspired by greatness tomorrow. I don't even know what that means.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Now & Then: Wasting Time At Work

Brian actually had a response handy for my comment about what the heck people did at work before they had the internet to pass the time.

Corporate Dump examines the differences between wasting time at work then (pre-Internet) and wasting time at work now (post-Internet).

Wandered aimlessly around office until you found something/someone even mildly interesting.

Wander aimlessly around WWW until you find something remotely interesting.

Laughed at stories about co-worker's teenager's silly exploits and imagined how great it would be to be a teen again.

Ogle co-worker's teenager's webcam and imagine what it would be like to be with a teen.

Drift over to "Harry - the guy with the radio" to hear about any work time news.

Post commentary for thousands in your blog 3 seconds after news breaks.

Blew stuff up in the microwave.

Watch people in Bulgaria blow stuff up in the microwave via webcam.

Sniffed white-out.

Lick monitor.

Then: Spent hours shredding stupid jokes and cartoons that friends sent via fax.

Spend hours deleting stupid jokes and cartoons that friends send via e-mail.

Took a book to the bathroom and enjoyed a long break.

Install a micro-camera in the bathroom and charge $9.95 a month for voyeurs to watch co-workers take a leak.

Then: Harrassed ex-girlfriend by spreading rumors about her at work about her dismal performance in the sack.

Post pictures of her dismal performance in the sack at

Hid copies of magazine inside corporate document so boss thought you were a diligent worker.

Keep fingers on Alt-Tab to switch to that Excel spreadsheet so boss thinks you're a diligent workers.

Talked to co-workers around water cooler about latest Welcome Back Kotter and White Shadow episodes.

Talk to friends via ICQ about how much you hate your job.

Figured out how many sheets of paper their stapler would go through.

Use a ping plotter to see how many hops it takes to get to

Imagined how much more fulfilling work life would be if only you could see porn star bloopers on company time.

Live a fulfilling life because you can watch porn star bloopers and get paid for it

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Case of the Monday Blah's

I'm here. I feel like I should post something, but I don't have much time. Just saying hi, I suppose. I don't have the internet at my house anymore because something screwed it up. So, I wasn't on at all this weekend. Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Noteworthy News

Not really, here are my thoughts today.

-We had a company meeting today. Those are so mind numbing I think I might die. At least this time we were given cookies.

-It's jean day today since we're moving. I think during the meeting I was mooning everyone behind me. My jeans are low rise and they have a tendency to show some butt crack. It wouldn't be so bad except there was a guy about my age sitting behind me, that works with Brian every so often. So embarrassing.

-I used to be madly, deeply in love with Rob Thomas. Then I was so sick of all of his songs. Now I'm back in love. "You may need me to carry all of your weight. You're no burden, I assure," is my new favorite line out of a song and hence, I'm back in love.

-Brian is getting his hair cut today. He has a major crush on the stylist because she's pretty and skinny and perfect, except of course mentally, because of her divorce. He has a crush on her nonetheless.

-You might think that would make me jealous, but for some reason I'm not.

-I'm having a hard time functioning today. I don't know why. I went to be semi early and slept the entire night. I think it's because I thought I was going to get "some" and didn't.

-The baby gets cuter and cuter every day. She wakes up in the best mood. She smiles and smiles and smiles. I just love her. Every time she looks in the mirror she gives herself a big, huge smile.

-She already acts like her dad.

-Dark Water is bar none, the most horrible movie I've seen in a long time. Could anyone give me the point of the movie? Pointless, not as scary as I thought, and boring.

-I'm feeling bloated today. Probably from the soda, cookies, candy, and pizza I've consumed. Hmph!

-I get to go shopping this weekend. I'm so happy. I love going shopping, I love finding good deals. I love it, I love it, I love it. Talk shows always have those damn psychologists on there telling people the reason you shop is because your depressed. That is a bunch of hooey. When I'm not shopping I'm depressed. If I can't go out and spend three to four hours to find the perfect shoe, you'll know something is wrong with me. Right now, I feel happy, and Saturday I'm going to spend the day finding the perfect shoes.

-I'm going to go pack, I'm going to go pack, I'm going to go pack. Maybe if I say it enough it will actually happen.

-Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

But I Don't Want To Move

I'm a procrastinator. I have been denying it all week, but I must face the cold, hard facts. I am procrastinating. Do you know what I should be doing right now? Well, it doesn't involve writing this post, that's for sure. Right now I should be packing up my office to move, because we are finally moving. To the 5th floor, temporarily, until our permanent cubes on the 2nd floor are ready for us.

We are suppose to have our entire office in boxes by Friday evening so they can move everything over the weekend. I suppose by now you can probably guess how many of my boxes I have packed. That's right-none. Not a one.

Yesterday I was wandering around the department when I was stopped by a co-worker, Brian (not my Brian). He asked what he was suppose to do, he was out of tape. He needed tape. I was like, I don’t know what to do. I need boxes. He said we were also out of boxes. What?! We’re out of boxes?? I haven’t even packed one! You used all of the boxes? He was astounded I hadn’t even begun to pack. Whatever!

A little later we were having a baby shower for Ross. Everyone was complaining that not only do we have to move Friday, but we would also have to do it all over again in about 8 months. Someone cracked a joke, “in this company that will be about 2 years.” I told everyone, “that’s right, we never move when they say we’re going to. That’s why I haven’t even started packing yet. You guys are all going to be sorry when come Friday afternoon they tell us that plans have changed. We aren’t moving.”

See, I have all these excuses, but the truth of the matter is we are moving on Friday. They have our new, very small work space all set up on 5 East. They have us assigned to the cubes. They have our layouts hanging by each door. It’s really going to happen and I have two drawers emptied and a few pictures taken down. I’m not ready.

Come Friday at about 4 o’clock I imagine I will be frantically calling Brian, sobbing, begging him to come help me pack so I won’t have to be here until 9 pm. He will probably tell me that I shouldn’t wait until the last minute and he warned me that I would run out of time. He’ll probably tell me that I had 2-3 weeks to prepare for this and he does not have time for such nonsense. And then, maybe because most of the time he’s sweet, he’ll probably come up and help me pack. Unless of course I stop procrastinating and just get my act together and pack myself. Ugh!