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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

House Cleaning

Ahhh, I haven’t made a post in forever. I feel so shut off from the world without the internet. I took Monday off, so that didn’t help my situation either. But I had fun. I went on a field trip with Darby’s kindergarten class. We went to the hospital to check out the life flight helicopter. I volunteered to be a driver thinking my nice, big Suburban that never gets a chance to get out might come in handy. I took Darby and her best friend Zoe. I could have drove the Chrysler for that. But the kids really like taking “the big truck” so, I suppose it was worth it. I’m sure there can be a dollar amount attached to that “worth”, I have no idea what that might be, but I have a sneaking suspicion Brian added it up in his head.

It also gave me the chance to bring Jillian into work. Everyone is always eager to see a little baby. It’s a shame she’s such an un-social butterfly. Whenever some would hold her instead of sitting there smiling, looking cute she would just stare at me with a look that said, “I’m not crying, but I suggest you not go anywhere or there might be trouble”. She even whined when her dad was holding her, that’s how bad it was. But, I’m a little okay with this. She can be my little baby as long as she wishes. She’s just so cautious. Her grandma said she’ll try and socialize her a little more.

I’ve been watching a ton of movies lately. Fever Pitch is blah, Heights is okay. It was pretty good to begin with then it just sort of slowed down at the end. It was like, “hello, move it along”. Sin City was surprisingly good. I thought I would hate it, but, besides all the goriness I enjoyed the story. It moved along at a good pace and you actually had to pay attention. I like that. Usually. If you see any really good movies that are for rent let me know. We haven’t been to the movie theatre in forever.

Okay, missed you guys! I am relieved to be caught up.


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