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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Can't Play With Us

I was driving Riley to have his hair cut the other day. Darby yells out, "slug bug yellow". Riley responds that he isn't playing.

"Whatever, I don't even care. I'll just play with my imaginary friend."

A few minutes go by and Riley yells, "slug bug blue".

"Riley, you said you weren't playing. My friend saw that one."

"How is your friend even going to play? Does she have any points yet?" he asks.


"How is she suppose to get any points?" he says, as if he has her now.

"I'll just use a different voice. Slug bug blue, " she says in a different voice.

"Darby, you can't do that. I can play if I want."

"No Riley, I'm sorry, but you can't play with us."

Normally I might tell Darby she wasn't being very nice, but Riley walked himself right into that one.


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