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Friday, February 17, 2006

To Be Healthy

Brian forced me to work out today. That's right. Against my will. I was going to skip today and just work, but no, he forced me to walk the treadmill. How you ask? Well, we have to sign up to use the equipment, basically reserving your machine for a specified time. Brian took it upon himself to sign me up for a treadmill, which normally I find very sweet. However, I was going to skip today and since he signed me up on his computer I was unable to take my name off. And it's rude not to unschedule yourself if you aren't going to make it. It's been very busy lately.

So, I was a good girl. I worked out, even though I was not in the mood. Of course, it probably didn't hurt me. These last 9 pounds I'm wanting to lose are kicking my ass. I don't know why. I know it can't be from the three sugar cookies I've had this week or the countless pieces of chocolate or the hamburger and fries I had for lunch or the few or five or six beers I've drank in the last week or the Dove ice cream bar I plan to eat in a few minutes. No, I don't think those things could possibly be holding me back. In fact, I think it's from all the cream and sugar I put in my coffee. At least that's what I try and tell Brian. He doesn't believe me for some reason.

Happy Friday!


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