Pink Sheets

Friday, September 30, 2005

A Perfect Getaway

I will tell you about one night that wasn’t a disappointment. The night Brian and I stayed at the Ashley Inn was so nice. We get to our room and it is so adorable. There’s a fireplace and a sofa and hot cocoa to make later on. They have complimentary robes and a huge bathtub. We took full advantage of all these little luxuries.

After a short nap that I desperately needed we headed to McCall for dinner. We decided on pizza, because although it isn’t a gourmet meal, that’s what I was craving. After dinner we came back to our room and watched a little TV. We didn’t want to get too settled because at 8:00 they serve cookies and milk downstairs in the lobby. They were delicious! We ate our cookies, came up stairs and ran a bubble bath. We soaked in the tub for awhile, but I was getting too hot and had to get out. We both actually fit in the tub, it was so cool. Big old tummy and all. After our bubble bath we put on our terry cloth robes and made our hot cocoa. We just hung out on the couch and vegged, drinking cocoa and doing absolutely nothing. We did find out that I was wearing the wrong robe. They didn’t seem that much different to me. After some more “hanging around” or maybe we did other things too, we feel asleep. We had a breakfast we had to get up for.

We had heard all these fabulous things about their continental breakfast and they were right. It was such a yummy breakfast. We had biscuits and gravy, fruit, Belgian waffles, poppy seed bread, cappuccino, and juice. They had a million things to choose from. I was so stuffed afterwards I had to take a nap.

It was such a great little getaway. We have already decided we are going again, after the baby is born. I can not wait.
Coming up: My first kiss. (Maybe, this is pretty boring also

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Prom Night

Prom night, huh? Well, actually I don’t have the fondest memories of either prom nights. They weren’t spectacular or dreamy nights like one would wish and hope for. They were pretty disappointing.

I went to my junior and senior proms with the same boy. He seemed great at the time and now every time I think back on our time together I thank God that I didn’t somehow get strapped down with him. My life now would be so horribly different. I have no idea what he’s doing now, but back then he was everything I didn’t want.

But I digress. Junior prom I wore this teeny tiny purple dress that I would never be able to fit in again. My hair looked cute that year and I had my nails done. I tried to keep those nails but they kept breaking and it was expensive to have them maintained. Expensive for a junior in high school that worked part time at KFC anyway. We went to prom solo, without another couple. We ate at the Chart House, or was the Charter House? I don’t remember. It was some really fancy restaurant that’s now the home of Joe’s Crab Shack. We ate, we went to the prom, we had pictures taken and we left. I don’t even remember what we did after that. The only reason I know we even went to the prom is because I have pictures to prove it.

Senior prom was much, much worse. Instead of having my nails done I opted to have my hair styled. At JC Penny. Big mistake. Big! They did a horrible job. The 80 year old lady, who was my stylist, did all these twisty tie things in my hair that did not flatter my face in the least. I looked horrible and yet I didn’t have the time nor the money to get it fixed. I hated it. My friend, who also had her hair done, was in tears afterwards because of the horrible job they did.

This year I wore a teeny tiny royal blue dress that I simply adored. However, it didn’t look that great. My senior year I was much, much too skinny due to the extensive partying that I ended up doing. Also, when I showed up to the prom, another girl had the same dress on, only in purple and she filled it out much better than I did. Anyway, this year we went to prom with another couple, my friend and her controlling, obnoxious boyfriend, who in a few years would end up being shot in the head by the police. Anyway, we borrowed a Ford Explorer from one of our other friends because the boyfriend’s truck was a piece of crap that didn’t run well and my friend’s car was a piece of crap that didn’t run well. She traded her little piece of crap for the Ford.

We went to dinner at the Top of the Hoff, another fancy restaurant that no longer exists, where the boys snuck out to smoke pot and cigarettes while we waited to order. I of course was annoyed by this because regardless of all the other drugs I did, marijuana was not one of them. I thought they were annoying losers, which they were.

We went to prom after we ate, took pictures and left. We were going to drive to McCall to hang out for the evening, but our friend, whom we borrowed the Ford from, called to say that the little piece of crap broke down and she wanted her car back. So we had no way to drive to McCall. I’m sure this was good, though at the time it seemed like a disaster. We did absolutely nothing, at least I remember us doing nothing. Who knows, maybe we did something. The only reason I even know we went to the prom is because I have the awful pictures to prove it.

Are disappointed with the story? I hope not. :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I'm frustrated that I'm blogged out. I hope to come up with something profound and interesting but lately I have been too busy to think. Ugh! I hate this.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Today, I had a donut for breakfast. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. I had to walk to and from the donut shop to have it. I probably didn’t work off the entire donut, but hey I burned a few calories.

Today, I am going to the doctor’s office where they will weigh me. I hate this. I feel like cattle. I look like cattle. I can’t wait until November rolls around and I lose at least 10 pounds instantly. It’s so very far away.

Today, we are not going to stay at the cabin. Apparently Brian’s dad already winterized it and I am refusing to pee in the out house. Gross!! I am pregnant, I should not have to go outside to pee every 15 minutes. That’s about how often I’m averaging these days, whether I actually go or not. I sometimes think I need to pee and in fact nothing happens when I get there. It’s very infuriating. Anyway, we are still staying at the Ashley Inn tomorrow night.

Today, Brian and I are going to buy paint for the girls’ room. I am so happy that I can refer to the room as the girls’ room. Two girls, two boys. How perfect. I hope that damn ultrasound was right. Anyway, we are doing a bugs theme, which I realize sounds boyish, but it’s actually going to mostly be butterflies. This was Darby’s choice. I’m going to paint the lower part of the room yellow, but up a border and have the other half white. Then I’m going to decorate the walls with bugs and butterflies. It will be so cute.

Today I learned that I might possibly have the smallest 3rd grader in the world. This week Brian and I went shopping for pants for the kids. We get to Riley’s size and I’m thinking he probably needs a size 7. I just got rid of several size 6 pants that were too short. Size 7 still seems small for someone who is about to turn 9, and I’m worried they’ll be too small. I didn’t end up buying anything for him. Besides, I had a new pair of pants that his grandparents had bought him that were the perfect length, though they were pretty loose in the waist. I would look at those and see what size they were. I was assuming a size 7, possibly an 8 because they were so big. I took them out of the laundry this morning and look at the tag. Size 6, regular. My poor little 8 year old is tiny. He always calls himself a shrimp and he is just about the smallest boy in his class, but still, shouldn’t he be a size 7 by now? His little sister is going to be bigger than him soon. My poor little shrimp.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Was Wrong, But Only In This Instance

I was wrong. Brian shouldn’t have gone to see the Doc in the Box. He describes it as the “worse medical experience of his life”. I shouldn’t have insisted that he go, but he was in such pain. I was hoping they would be able to make him feel better. I think they made him feel worse.

First, he was there from 10:30 am to almost three in the afternoon. They had him get X-rays and do blood work. While taking his blood they practically killed him. They stuck the needle in his vein and he told him it hurt really bad so they pulled it out. Next thing he knows he passed out. I wasn’t even there with him.

We had the kids so I took them to the park for a half hour, came back, he hadn’t even been in to see them yet. We went to Walmart for a half hour, came back, this time he was heading over to get his X-rays and blood work. I dropped the kids off with their other parents and came back around 12:30. This is the time period he where he passed out. He came out and found me around 1:00. We waited an hour for the blood results to come back, they were checking for an infection. Then we had to wait to see the doctor. Someone else had come in because a root beer bottle they were bottling themselves, exploded in their face. Gross! Anyway, we finally get in to see the doctor and find out the results and do you know what she told us? He needs to call a specialist on Monday and have his knee examined because she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She prescribed some muscle relaxers told him to take Advil for the swelling and sent us on our way. What crap. He hasn't called a specialist. He says he's just going to wait and see if the knee gets better on it's own. You know, exactly what he was going to do in the first place, before I insisted he get it checked out.

So in the case, I admit I was wrong. However, I will not admit that my way to work takes longer than the old way. It doesn’t. It’s way shorter and I will not be taking another way. So there. Not that this makes sense to anyone but me and Brian, but just take my word on it.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

And Now For Your Weekend Update

-Brian has hurt his knee. He doesn't know how. He woke up Saturday morning and it was swollen. Now he can't seem to walk or sit or lay down or do much of anything actually. I am forcing him to go see a Doc in the Box this afternoon. He is going with much reluctance, because he's a boy and boys tend to just sit and wait for things to get better on their own. Does that ever happen?

-Riley and Darby are going to Disney World with their dad on Tuesday. I worry about them being so far away. What is that about? I don't tend to worry so much when they're at their dad's house, whom lives across town. I don't worry they'll be in a car wreck or they'll get some unexplainable illness, even though both of those things could possibly happen. But the thought of them being on an eight hour flight and riding those crazy rides at the happiest place on earth makes me uneasy. I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm really, really glad their grand parents will be with them.

-Because their dad is somewhat insane and he is becoming more and more unstable by the day. He has recently acquired a new girlfriend, which is completely and totally fine with me. However, he has been rather hostile the last few weeks, which seem to coincide with his starting to date this new girl. Now Riley has freaked out. He says he hates his girlfriend and he is so mad at his dad for having her over, which is beginning to sound more and more like she has moved in. Still, this is fine by me, but it seems Riley isn't adjusting to this drastic change so well. And how could he, his dad has been such a fricking martyr about the whole dating thing. Telling them he isn't going to get a girlfriend until they get older because they are his life. Blah, fucking blah. Giving me a God damn break. Now he's paying the consequences for his stupidity and it makes me laugh and today when I drop the kids off I'll tell him so. When I talk to the kids, however, I tell them they should give their dad a break. He needs someone in his life, besides them and they should be happy for him.

-This is how the conversation went. "Why are you angry your dad has a girlfriend, Riley?" He responds: "Because, they kiss." I tell him, "Brian kisses Mommy and you don't get mad about that do you?" He says, "no because you don't kiss in bed."

"Yes we do." He looks somewhat disgusted, "well, we don't have to hear it. We can hear her and Daddy kiss in bed."

"Is that the only reason you don't like her?" He doesn't even hesitate, "no, I also don't like her because he goes in the bathroom when she's taking a shower and he sees her naked."

"Well, Riley, Brian has seen Mommy naked and that doesn't seem to upset you."

"What?!! He has?!!! We didn't know that!" Okay, well, maybe I shouldn't have used that example. I just assumed he knew that Brian has seen me naked.

Anyway, there was much more to the conversation. He is also upset about her having a son about 2 years old, that seems to take up much of his dad's time and what basically comes down to him being jealous of not being the center of his dad's universe anymore, and who could blame them? Their dad did this to himself.

-On a better topic, Brian and I have made reservations at the Ashley Inn for next weekend. I'm very excited. It's near his parent's cabin so we're going to spend a night at the cabin and night in the Fireside Room. We wanted the Bay Suite, but it wasn't available. I just wanted to stay there and this is the weekend we can do it, so I settled on what they had available. It should be fun though.

All right. I feel pretty good about my update. Now I just need to read my favorite blogs and I will be back on track.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Busy, Bored, Fat

God, I can't believe how busy I have been. This sucks. I hate when I don't have time to blog. It makes me super sad. Anyway, I don't have much to say. I have noticed lately that I'm very bored of being pregnant. It was all fun and cute at the beginning, but I'm bored of it now. I don't want to be pregnant anymore. I just want a baby. It's getting to the miserable stage. The stage where it's hard to put on shoes, you can barely shave your legs, and it's impossible to shave another area. Bending over to pick things up on the floor takes too much energy. And sex. Oh my God! Don't get me wrong, I'm still in the mood, I still want to have sex and I still do, but it is not easy. There is all sorts of positioning that has to go on to get comfortable. I don't see how I could possibly get any bigger, but I have this stupid book that insists I will. How much bigger can a person possibly stretch?!

Anyway, besides all the bad things that come with growing a baby (as Darby refers to it) there are some perks. In the past couple months people have let me go ahead in line three or four times. Also, Brian is a little more tolerant of my mood swings than he might normally be. Though I don't think I've been that crazy. Plus, it's been a pretty easy pregnancy compared to the other two. I guess I shouldn't complain, but damn, I just want this baby already. I'm tired of carrying her around everywhere.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spending Money and The Five Year Olds

I'm on a shopping kick. I can't stop myself until I have everything I absolutely need. Meaning this spree will take awhile. First of all I need clothes to last me the next two months. This kills me. I have to spend a ton of money on clothes I can only wear for the next couple of months. What kind of crap is that? Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans, khakis, and a long sleeved shirt. Today I plan to buy black pants and a couple of more shirts. I figure I can wear jeans on the weekend and the other pants a couple of days during the week-as long as I change my shirt. Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same pants twice in a week (except for jeans) but these are special, special circumstances. I also need new brown boots. Desperately. Unfortunately they must be out this season because no one carries brown boots. They have a huge selection of black boots, but not brown. I want some freaking brown boots. Is that too much to ask!

Also, the kids need new winter and fall clothing. Darby and Riley don't need as much as Jordan, at least not the variety Jordan needs. Since they go to that school they just need five white shirts and a couple pairs of navy slacks or skirts, depending on the child, and they're good to go. However, they will need something to change into after school. That shopping trip can wait a week or so. Today, however, I am taking inventory of Jordan's clothing and I'll keep a look out for good deals all week. His size four pants are beginning to look like capris. Blah!

What else? Well, Brian has been buying new clothes also. Since job hunting he's been needing something to wear besides jeans and t-shirts. Completely understandable.

That's not everything I need to buy, but now I have tired myself of writing about shopping. I know, what a shock, but I would rather be shopping than write about shopping. It's too early to shop right now, but ten is always a good start time. I'm going to Lowe's today to figure out how I want to decorate Darby and the baby's room. That's kind of fun.

Besides, I don't want to give Brian a coronary when he reads this. He has a tendency to do all sorts of math in his head when it comes to spending money and credit cards and me. Nonsense. I say go with the flow baby cakes. I don't think he likes that so much, but the good thing is, he always gets over it. *smile*

Yesterday I took Darby and Jordan to Art in the Park. It was pretty fun. We went to have lunch and look at the displays. They enjoyed it because I bought them both a prize. That always makes whatever boring activity I have them participate in worth it. I was going to take all three kids, but Riley decided to get sick on us and puke all morning so he went to his Grandma's. I don't think he was too disappointed.

I like taking Jordan and Darby out together. They're only about six months apart and they have the silliest conversations. It's fun to watch them interact, unless they're fighting which happens somewhat frequently. The two arguments they had yesterday were who was going to help with what when the baby is born and who gets Chloe as their Halloween dog. Whatever! They also argue about who has a better school. Darby thinks she is queen bee now that she's in Kindergarten and Jordan insists that preschool is the bomb because they get to play all day and she needs to do homework. However, we do have Jordan do "homework" too. I have him write his alphabet out while Darby writes in her dialogue journal. That's fun to watch, because Darby can write her letters legibly, but doesn't know what every letter is. For instance, she has trouble remembering what H and M look like. But Jordan can recognize all his letters, his writing skills just need some work. They tend to help each other out when one gets stuck. I'm thinking five is a good age. Lucky for me I get to enjoy the company of a five year old one more time. I'm very excited.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm Sorry I'm So Boring

I’m back. I know it’s very exciting. I just wish I had something exciting to write about but I do not. We went to the mountains for Labor Day weekend with all the kids and Brian’s entire family. I even camped out in a tent. I know. I am such a trooper. I was completely roughing it. We pumped up the air mattress and hit the sleeping bags about ten pm and woke up in the morning around 7 or 8 so that I could go to the cabin, make coffee, and take a nice warm shower. That is definitely all the “roughing it” anyone is ever bound to get out of me. I mean, hello, I am 6.5 months pregnant. It’s a miracle I even slept in the tent, but I didn’t want to sleep inside by myself. How lonely would that be? Besides, the kids had a blast.

That is all I have. It was nice to get away for the weekend, but I was also happy to get home. Going to the mountains can make one a little crazy. All that nature can be a little much. Alright, I wish I had something but I just don’t. Sorry.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ugh! I have been so busy lately I haven't had much time to blog. I know it's sad and depressing, but that's life. Anyway, I won't be able to forever because this weekend we're heading up to the cabin to spend our three day weekend and I can't wait. So I will leave you with this:

The other day I was getting onto the freeway and was stuck behind this crappy looking Honda. We started to drive towards the freeway and I noticed they were going super slow and swerving all over the damn road. I thought to myself, "these people are drunk. I need to get the heck away from them before they run someone off the road and cause some major accident."

As soon as we got onto the freeway I passed them. I couldn't help but glance as I passed to see who this drunk a-hole was. Imagine my surprise when I look over to see that the person wasn't drunk. No, they were on their stupid cell phone. They were on their cell phone driving so horribly I thought they were drunk. I was so annoyed. My God, if you are so inept that you can't drive and talk at the same time, maybe you shouldn't be driving at all. Idiots!! I wouldn't have been nearly as annoyed had I glanced over and saw someone guzzling a beer while driving. I mean, seriously, it's almost impossible to drink and drive at the same time.