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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Prom Night

Prom night, huh? Well, actually I don’t have the fondest memories of either prom nights. They weren’t spectacular or dreamy nights like one would wish and hope for. They were pretty disappointing.

I went to my junior and senior proms with the same boy. He seemed great at the time and now every time I think back on our time together I thank God that I didn’t somehow get strapped down with him. My life now would be so horribly different. I have no idea what he’s doing now, but back then he was everything I didn’t want.

But I digress. Junior prom I wore this teeny tiny purple dress that I would never be able to fit in again. My hair looked cute that year and I had my nails done. I tried to keep those nails but they kept breaking and it was expensive to have them maintained. Expensive for a junior in high school that worked part time at KFC anyway. We went to prom solo, without another couple. We ate at the Chart House, or was the Charter House? I don’t remember. It was some really fancy restaurant that’s now the home of Joe’s Crab Shack. We ate, we went to the prom, we had pictures taken and we left. I don’t even remember what we did after that. The only reason I know we even went to the prom is because I have pictures to prove it.

Senior prom was much, much worse. Instead of having my nails done I opted to have my hair styled. At JC Penny. Big mistake. Big! They did a horrible job. The 80 year old lady, who was my stylist, did all these twisty tie things in my hair that did not flatter my face in the least. I looked horrible and yet I didn’t have the time nor the money to get it fixed. I hated it. My friend, who also had her hair done, was in tears afterwards because of the horrible job they did.

This year I wore a teeny tiny royal blue dress that I simply adored. However, it didn’t look that great. My senior year I was much, much too skinny due to the extensive partying that I ended up doing. Also, when I showed up to the prom, another girl had the same dress on, only in purple and she filled it out much better than I did. Anyway, this year we went to prom with another couple, my friend and her controlling, obnoxious boyfriend, who in a few years would end up being shot in the head by the police. Anyway, we borrowed a Ford Explorer from one of our other friends because the boyfriend’s truck was a piece of crap that didn’t run well and my friend’s car was a piece of crap that didn’t run well. She traded her little piece of crap for the Ford.

We went to dinner at the Top of the Hoff, another fancy restaurant that no longer exists, where the boys snuck out to smoke pot and cigarettes while we waited to order. I of course was annoyed by this because regardless of all the other drugs I did, marijuana was not one of them. I thought they were annoying losers, which they were.

We went to prom after we ate, took pictures and left. We were going to drive to McCall to hang out for the evening, but our friend, whom we borrowed the Ford from, called to say that the little piece of crap broke down and she wanted her car back. So we had no way to drive to McCall. I’m sure this was good, though at the time it seemed like a disaster. We did absolutely nothing, at least I remember us doing nothing. Who knows, maybe we did something. The only reason I even know we went to the prom is because I have the awful pictures to prove it.

Are disappointed with the story? I hope not. :)


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