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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spending Money and The Five Year Olds

I'm on a shopping kick. I can't stop myself until I have everything I absolutely need. Meaning this spree will take awhile. First of all I need clothes to last me the next two months. This kills me. I have to spend a ton of money on clothes I can only wear for the next couple of months. What kind of crap is that? Yesterday I bought a pair of jeans, khakis, and a long sleeved shirt. Today I plan to buy black pants and a couple of more shirts. I figure I can wear jeans on the weekend and the other pants a couple of days during the week-as long as I change my shirt. Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the same pants twice in a week (except for jeans) but these are special, special circumstances. I also need new brown boots. Desperately. Unfortunately they must be out this season because no one carries brown boots. They have a huge selection of black boots, but not brown. I want some freaking brown boots. Is that too much to ask!

Also, the kids need new winter and fall clothing. Darby and Riley don't need as much as Jordan, at least not the variety Jordan needs. Since they go to that school they just need five white shirts and a couple pairs of navy slacks or skirts, depending on the child, and they're good to go. However, they will need something to change into after school. That shopping trip can wait a week or so. Today, however, I am taking inventory of Jordan's clothing and I'll keep a look out for good deals all week. His size four pants are beginning to look like capris. Blah!

What else? Well, Brian has been buying new clothes also. Since job hunting he's been needing something to wear besides jeans and t-shirts. Completely understandable.

That's not everything I need to buy, but now I have tired myself of writing about shopping. I know, what a shock, but I would rather be shopping than write about shopping. It's too early to shop right now, but ten is always a good start time. I'm going to Lowe's today to figure out how I want to decorate Darby and the baby's room. That's kind of fun.

Besides, I don't want to give Brian a coronary when he reads this. He has a tendency to do all sorts of math in his head when it comes to spending money and credit cards and me. Nonsense. I say go with the flow baby cakes. I don't think he likes that so much, but the good thing is, he always gets over it. *smile*

Yesterday I took Darby and Jordan to Art in the Park. It was pretty fun. We went to have lunch and look at the displays. They enjoyed it because I bought them both a prize. That always makes whatever boring activity I have them participate in worth it. I was going to take all three kids, but Riley decided to get sick on us and puke all morning so he went to his Grandma's. I don't think he was too disappointed.

I like taking Jordan and Darby out together. They're only about six months apart and they have the silliest conversations. It's fun to watch them interact, unless they're fighting which happens somewhat frequently. The two arguments they had yesterday were who was going to help with what when the baby is born and who gets Chloe as their Halloween dog. Whatever! They also argue about who has a better school. Darby thinks she is queen bee now that she's in Kindergarten and Jordan insists that preschool is the bomb because they get to play all day and she needs to do homework. However, we do have Jordan do "homework" too. I have him write his alphabet out while Darby writes in her dialogue journal. That's fun to watch, because Darby can write her letters legibly, but doesn't know what every letter is. For instance, she has trouble remembering what H and M look like. But Jordan can recognize all his letters, his writing skills just need some work. They tend to help each other out when one gets stuck. I'm thinking five is a good age. Lucky for me I get to enjoy the company of a five year old one more time. I'm very excited.


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