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Monday, August 29, 2005

The First Week

Well, I was freaking about the first week of school for nothing. Everything went quite well, if I do say so myself. They didn’t have all their uniforms exactly as I would like, but luckily they can both wear navy shorts, which they did all week, except for mass. Darby had to wear her mass uniform from last year, which fit okay, it was just a little short, making it somewhat cute with her new sneakers and knee high socks. Probably not the most appropriate outfit for mass, but hey, I didn’t have much to work with.

The kids seemed so happy to be back in school and Darby was especially excited to begin Kindergarten, because it is a big deal you know? We arrived the first day and I took some pictures of them out front and all that mommy nonsense they have to put up with. I then realized I didn’t know if Darby was in the afternoon kindergarten class or morning. We headed to the office. Almost immediately upon setting foot in the front door Riley was stopped by one of his classmates (that’s how he refers to them). He decided he was going to go play with his friends outside. Fine, leave us to fend for ourselves Riley. Have fun.

Darby and I then go into the office and I say hi to the office manager and tell her that I need to know if Darby is in the afternoon or morning class. To tell you the truth, I thought she was in the morning class. She looks up the kindergarten schedule and while trying to find Darby’s name she informs me that “Darby requested she be in the afternoon class so she wouldn’t have to take a nap.” It turns out she was in the afternoon class. My five year old little girl told her school she wanted to be in the afternoon class and they honored that request. Is that weird? She told me she was in the afternoon and I didn’t believe her. I was wrong.

Anyway, she loves kindergarten. Everyday I pick her up and ask her how her day went and everyday she answers the same way, “It was so great!!! It was even better than yesterday!!” Friday she told me that mass was so good and it went by so fast. She said it only seemed like they were there for a couple of minutes. Riley said, “Darby, we were there for two hours.”

“Really? It didn’t seem that long.”

When we got home we go into the house and Brian is sitting on the couch. She runs by and says, “hi Brian, mass was great!” That was it. She’s a dork.

Riley was excited, but not quite as enthusiastic as Darby. He was pretty nonchalant though he did say that 3rd grade is the best so far. He doesn’t get homework on Friday’s and that seems to be a huge selling point for him. I’m also a little upset that he is now the smallest kid in his class. He didn’t grow at all this summer and his classmates seemed to have just shot up. He’s little, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting him as much as it does me. As long as he’s happy I’m sure it’s okay that he’s a little bit of a shrimp.

He also wrote in his beginning of the year questionnaire he needed to fill out for his new teacher that his goal for this year was to get better grades. I thought that was pretty sweet and just means we’ll have to work extra on his homework at night. That’s fine with me, but I’m sure he won’t be agreeing. Oh well. I’m so glad I survived the first week. Yippee!!!


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