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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Was Wrong, But Only In This Instance

I was wrong. Brian shouldn’t have gone to see the Doc in the Box. He describes it as the “worse medical experience of his life”. I shouldn’t have insisted that he go, but he was in such pain. I was hoping they would be able to make him feel better. I think they made him feel worse.

First, he was there from 10:30 am to almost three in the afternoon. They had him get X-rays and do blood work. While taking his blood they practically killed him. They stuck the needle in his vein and he told him it hurt really bad so they pulled it out. Next thing he knows he passed out. I wasn’t even there with him.

We had the kids so I took them to the park for a half hour, came back, he hadn’t even been in to see them yet. We went to Walmart for a half hour, came back, this time he was heading over to get his X-rays and blood work. I dropped the kids off with their other parents and came back around 12:30. This is the time period he where he passed out. He came out and found me around 1:00. We waited an hour for the blood results to come back, they were checking for an infection. Then we had to wait to see the doctor. Someone else had come in because a root beer bottle they were bottling themselves, exploded in their face. Gross! Anyway, we finally get in to see the doctor and find out the results and do you know what she told us? He needs to call a specialist on Monday and have his knee examined because she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She prescribed some muscle relaxers told him to take Advil for the swelling and sent us on our way. What crap. He hasn't called a specialist. He says he's just going to wait and see if the knee gets better on it's own. You know, exactly what he was going to do in the first place, before I insisted he get it checked out.

So in the case, I admit I was wrong. However, I will not admit that my way to work takes longer than the old way. It doesn’t. It’s way shorter and I will not be taking another way. So there. Not that this makes sense to anyone but me and Brian, but just take my word on it.


  • Doc In the Box places make me so mad. Bloodwork for a swollen knee? That sounds retarded to me. I don't think you were wrong to have him get it checked out, it's just wrong that those people are so stupid.

    By Blogger InterstellarLass, at 10:32 AM, September 20, 2005  

  • not sure what doc in the box is.....
    you're always right to get something checked out, trust yourself, for you are the one that knows you best.

    and besides all women are always right

    By Blogger Lou Lou, at 12:10 PM, September 20, 2005  

  • What's a Doc in a Box? Is that an Idaho thing? On the West Coast, they have an establishment called Jack in the Box, which sells rancid hamburgers. Perhaps the same owner?

    Does "Doc in a Box" have a drive thru?

    By Blogger Marguerite, at 2:28 PM, September 20, 2005  

  • Well Marguerite, a Doc in the Box gives basically the same quality of service as a Jack in the Box. It's supposedly suppose to be convenient and semi quick, though it's never quick and they're open on weekends, which most family practioners aren't. It's also a place you can go when you don't have a regular doctor. My advice, if you don't have a regular doctor get one!!! What a pain.

    Lou Lou, I completely agree!

    Lass, I don't know what the blood work was for exactly. To see if there was an infection? I don't know but they almost killed him!!!

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 5:17 AM, September 21, 2005  

  • i was wondering was Doc in a Box was too, but i guessed it was like a walk-in clinic. however generally these walk-in clilnics tend to be open on weekends. poor brian. hope he's better now...

    By Blogger cat, at 7:50 AM, September 21, 2005  

  • Your right Cat, it is a walk in clinic. And Brian is getting better, however, he isn't great. He still can't bend his knee. Hmph!

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 5:22 AM, September 22, 2005  

  • You were absolutely not wrong! Maybe misinformed, but NEVER EVER WRONG.

    By Blogger Queen of Ass, at 12:12 PM, September 22, 2005  

  • That's right!!! I was misinformed. I wasn't wrong. Perfect point.

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 10:16 AM, September 23, 2005  

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