Pink Sheets

Monday, March 31, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

This week is going to be insane. It's actually going to be the first week of the insanity and won't stop until around summer time, but this week will be especially crazy because Brian is busy with work stuff. I get all the kid stuff by myself for a couple of days.

Before I get into that, I'm hoping my day will go better than I feel like it's going to go. It's one of those days where your sure you shouldn't have got out of bed. I don't like the outfit I'm wearing, I don't like the shoes I'm wearing, I don't even like the socks I picked out. It makes me want to go shopping. Unfortunately, it's pay day and I've already spent my shopping money. So...I'll wait a few weeks. Plus, I'm feeling really chunky.

I watched a video of Jennifer Love Hewitt on the other night. It was one that was suppose to make her look fat and awful and it did a pretty good job. But if you see that video, that is what I look like. That is how I would look in a bikini. The only difference is she has more to fill out the top part of the bikini than I do. I'm so sad.

Okay, so my busy week ahead. Tomorrow there is a practice at 6:30 for one and a game at 7 for the other. Wednesday I might get a break because so far nothing is scheduled, but that could always change. Thursday there is a practice at 5:30 and a practice at 6:30. Tonight Brian is around, which is good because there's a game at 5 and a practice at 6:30. Friday is hockey night! I'm excited but I still need to make a call for someone to watch that baby!

I'm exhausted already.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Movie Time!

Okay, here's a really boring post for you. The title I stole from Jillian, because everything now ends in "time". Movie time, sticker time, dinner time, beer time...

I've been watching a lot of movies. Last week:

I Am Legend: It was good. Not as good as we hoped it would. It looks like they may have cut some things out that would have made the movie really good. There was a lot they didn't follow up on. But, it's Will Smith, so it's just a good movie.

Apocalypto: I wasn't even going to watch this movie because I think Mel Gibson is creepy, I heard it wasn't good and I just do not like Mel Gibson. But as is Brian's way, he forced me to. And I liked it. It was so good! A little bloody, but I was actually expecting worse. Mel Gibson is still creepy, but this movie was good. Even with the historical inaccuracies that I read about, because really, what do I care if a movie has historical inaccuracies?

Radio: Have you ever seen this? It's so good. But I've already detailed below how I love movies based on true stories. I guess if you don't, this movie would not be for you, but it's good!

Enchanted: McDreamy is dreamy, but I wasn't into this one. Darby likes it. I think even the boys liked it, though they did opt to go to bed before finishing it. They were tired. Wusses!

This weekend I plan on watching the following:

Gone Baby Gone
Mystic River
Something else that Brian ordered from Netflix. I can't even remember now.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Skin Deep

Yesterday Brian was telling me about a conversation he was having with some guys out at the Guard who happen to be cops. He had asked them, if they pull over a hot girl do they let her go without giving her a ticket? Their answer was actually a little surprising. Something to the effect of "hell no. Pretty girls get everything handed to them all of their lives." They would be more likely to let someone unattractive go before they let someone off who was pretty. I don't know if this is a common theme among all police officers.

Along this same topic I was watching the show Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious, because Brian was finishing up some work so I get to watch trash TV, and one of the girls was talking about why she thought she was better than the other girls and why she thought she had a better chance of winning even though she's weaker in the singing and dancing areas. She said that because she was beautiful she had a better chance than the other girls. I'm not sure if you've ever watched any of these shows, but uh, all of the girls are beautiful. I mean there are different kinds of beautiful and not everyone on the show is flawless by any means, but seriously, at what point are you so beautiful you can distinguish your beauty from other beautiful girls? It's impossible. You can't.

She also went on to say that people flock (this is my word) to her because of her beauty. Everyone just wants to be near her and be her friend. Being beautiful is everything. I could not believe it! If this girl wasn't so pretty I might feel sorry for her. Who has taught her this way of thinking? It's sad. What happens to her if for some reason she loses her beauty? Is she nothing? It appears she would be. I also have to wonder, if she can't sing and dance as well as the others, why she believes she can skate by on her looks? These shows are pretty brutal and if you don't have it all you usually don't win. But, maybe she is so beautiful she will. Or maybe she was kicked off already. I didn't watch the end because I changed it over to Deal or No Deal for more quality programming.

Okay, enough of her. Brian has a new job. We still work for the same company and department as was the case before, but now his cube is right over my cube wall. Seriously. If I threw something over my wall, it has a pretty good chance of hitting him. I haven't tried yet, but I've been tempted. Anyway, his replacement for his old job just started and he looks similar to Brian. I don't think that's a coincidence. His old boss really liked Brian and I guess he must have found the perfect replacement.

I was reading Hansel and Gretel to Jillian last night and I realized that my poor little Riley and Darby are Hansel and Gretel. The book starts out the story with an evil stepmother. Enough said.

All right, it's taken me half a day to write this post. Have a great week.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Little More Sports Info

I have the day off today. I'm actually looking forward to it. Not working. Not feeling like I should or have to be at work. It's nice. Things at work have been looking up and I feel so much better. It's nice to take a day off without feeling stress.

Baseball season has officially started. It's too bad the weather hasn't wanted to be agreeable. Already a practice has been cancelled due to rain. Of course, I think they should have practiced anyway. There wasn't lightning and I see plenty of kids practicing in the rain. It's 11 and 12 year olds. I think they can tough it out. Maybe the coach can't. Who knows.

The other night we received a message on our answering machine from a guy at the league the kids are playing for. All three kids, by the way. Same league different divisions. Anyway, he left a message saying there was a parent's meeting the next night at 6:00 for "your child". Well, it wasn't for Riley because his coach had already contacted us. That leaves either Jordan or Darby. I looked up the guy's name on the website and he didn't have any title or description. I did see a name for the head of softball, so I thought it must be a parent meeting for Jordan. Okay, Brian was going to have to miss it because Jordan had a chess night at school that same evening. He would just email the guy the next day and get information.

As it turns out the meeting was for stinking softball. I missed Darby's parent's meeting. I am so awful! I can't believe it. What kind of horrible parent am I. Gosh! I emailed the people back and told them how awful I was and apologized for missing the meeting. As it turns out they are still putting teams together and still looking for coaches. I can't believe there aren't enough coaches. It makes me nervous. I have never played or even really watched softball or I actually might volunteer. I can hit the ball, but that is the extent of my softball experience. So, I'll wait it out and hope they find some coaches. Poor girls.

The other day I was going through all the baseball and football bags in the closet to check out what gear we had. Last football season Riley's coach bought everyone matching socks. Riley really liked these socks. He wore them one game and they disappeared. He was sure his dad lost them. In fact, he was pretty mad that his dad was so irresponsible. Anyway, I was going through all the bags and in Jordan's bat bag, I found Riley's football socks. I lost them, not his dad. But, I'm okay with him thinking his dad lost them. Besides, I'll pull them out this weekend for him to wear to baseball practice, and all of a sudden I'm the hero.

Well, baby just woke up. I better make sure she's dry, fed and happy. Have a great weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Items Not Worthy of Their Own Post

*On Friday I asked Brian if he was going to work out. He said no because he didn't have any clothes. For some reason it made me giggled. I imagine he would look silly working out naked at the company gym.

*I have given up on bread making because I think home made bread must be overrated. Seriously, store bought bread will just have to be good enough at our house.

*Overheard yesterday afternoon: "Riley, Riley, look what I have."
"Jillian, don't call me Riley, my name is Darby." Poor Jillian, she gets so confused.

*I watched We Are Marshall yesterday. It was so good. I love movies based on real events. I also watched Alpha Dog a little while ago, also based on real events. I thought it was pretty good, not in the same way as We Are Marshall, they were extremely different movies. Brian didn't like Alpha Dog and he said he wasn't in the mood to watch We Are Marshall. I guess he doesn't like movies based on true stories. Whatever!

*I told Brian I bought Irish Cream creamer to use in our coffee on St Patrick's Day. Next thing I know Jillian is yelling "I need ice cream! I need ice cream!"

*Jillian never "wants" anything, she "needs" it. It's so funny. She needs food. She needs to touch the very breakable item on the counter. She needs to poke my eyes...

*I need to go eat lunch. Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jilly and Suri

I have had at least four people tell me that Jillian looks like Suri Cruise. Or maybe Suri looks like Jillian? I guess there's a bit of a resemblance. Weird.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I finally had my hair colored Saturday. It takes me forever to get an appointment in with that girl. Between my schedule and hers it's a miracle I get my hair done at all. I've decided from now on I'm going to schedule every appointment while I'm there and pray to God that I don't have to cancel. Because my hair and brows pay dearly when I miss an appointment.

I love my hair girl. I've wrote about her before. I tried to find the post, but I couldn't so you don't get to know why I love my hair girl so much, but we're a lot alike in the ditsy, can't-pay- attention-worth-a-damn department. We also have great conversations. I love getting my hair done, because the conversation is so random. I suppose that's how every one's conversations go at the salon, but I just love it. You have to get as much information in that you can from the last three to four weeks in an hour to an hour and a half. It's fantastic.

We talk about budgets or lack of, kids, boys, friends, tons and tons of gossip, how we must be the only normal people in the world. It's true, everyone else is crazy. Especially the little girl who stopped by and said that "she always comes by there to visit". Then she asked if her and Darby (who has no idea who this person was) could walk around the salon and explore. Uh, no. Renee politely kicked her out. Whose child does that. I hope to God mine don't. I would be so embarrassed. We also discussed the fact that we have been ziggy piggies and eating whatever we want whenever we want. I need to quit! I'm getting so pudgy. It's sad. I'm going to literally work my butt off this week at the gym. My goodness.

Anyway, I spent almost three hours Saturday morning waiting for Riley to try out for baseball. It was so cold I just about died. I'm not kidding. He did pretty well. He was great in the outfield. Hopefully he does well this year. I can't wait for the season to start.

Well, I guess I better try and get some work done. Have a great week.

Friday, March 07, 2008

It's so Bad I'm Stealing From MySpace

• A
Are you available? Nope!
What is your age? 31, I know, depressing.
Astrology sign? Leos are the best!

• B
Do you know anyone named Brian? See A, first question
When is your Birthday? August 4th
Been stung by a bee? Actually, I don't think so.

• C
Whats your favorite candy? I like chocolate, but I really love Bit o' Honey candies.
What color is your car? Blue, like the Boise State Broncos.

• D
Do you daydream? Yes
What's your favorite kind of dog? My dog Chloe, but if I were to chose any dog in the world to get, I would want an Old English Sheep Dog.

• E
Have you ever been in the emergency room? One time Brian got a concussion when he fell off of his bike and hit his head. We went to a doc in the box and they told me to take him to the emergency room because he was so out of it. It was a long night. Biking season is fast approaching.
Ever pet an elephant? Not that I know of
Ever swam with sharks? Never have, never will

• F
Do you use fly swatters? I try, sometimes I don't have them and I have to try and remember to buy them at the store, but I never do.
Is there a fan in your room? A ceiling fan that I don't like turned on.
Does the number four have any significance? I have four kids.

• G
Do you chew gum? Not really.
Do you like gory movies? No, I hate them and refuse to watch them.

How are you? I'm good, thanks.
What's your height? 5'4"
What color is your hair? Right now, I'd rather not say (okay, it's a little gray) Tomorrow however it's going to be lovely shades of brown, blond and red.

Have you ever ice skated? No
Favorite Ice cream? Everyone in my house likes mint chocolate chip, I prefer Rocky Road.

• J
Favorite Jelly bean? I guess green.
Do you wear jewelry? Only Tiffany & Co. Not really, but Brian thinks I would snub any jewelry not Tiffany and not wear it. So I only get Tiffany. Who am I to complain? (I would wear other jewelry. I'm not a Tiffany snob.)

• K
Who do you want to kiss? Babies and Brian and sometimes I kiss our baby and Brian at the same time. She likes group kisses.
Have you ever flown a kite? Of course.
Do you think kangaroos are cute? Absolutely.

• L
Are you laid back? Probably not laid back enough
Lions or tigers? Um, I could do without either. I like the Tigers at our zoo though.
Do you like black licorice? Gross!

Favorite place at the Mall? Express, Gap, now the Pottery Barn, Disney Store, now Sephora. I like the mall, alright?
Favorite movie? I really like documentaries right now.

• N
Do you prefer night or day? Day, Brian makes me go to bed early at night. :)
Do you have a nickname? Not really.

• O
Are you an only child? I wish.
Do you like the color orange? It's alright.

• P
Do you know anyone named Penelope? I don't.
Favorite flavor of popcorn? Any. I love popcorn. Microwave, movie theatre, air popped, stuff made in a pan in a bunch of oil on the stove.

Do you like game shows? Not really. I did when I was younger.
Do you collect the state quarters? I spend quarters.

Do you think you're always right? No.
Do you watch reality TV? Unfortunately, but Celebrity Apprentice is quality entertainment. Seriously.
Do you prefer sun or rain? Sun, I'm not a walking in the rain type of person.

How many pair of shoes do you have? I don't have so many I can't count them, but I'm not going to count them.
Do you like wearing sun glasses? They're okay. When necessary.

Time to go to sleep? Early. See letter N.

• U
Can you ride a unicycle? Uh, right.

• V
Did you ever watch Veggie tales?No way. Not my thing.

• W
Whats your worst habit? Getting annoyed for no good reason.
What do you want right now? To go home! Please let me go home!

• X
Have you ever had an x-ray? Yes, details aren't necessary it wasn't exciting.

• Y
Do you like the color yellow? I must. In our last house three of the rooms downstairs were painted yellow.
Do you yell when you're angry? Most of the time.

• Z
Do you believe in Zodiac signs? Only when it suits me.

Last dream: I dreamt I was at work, working. How horrible is that?
Last beverage: Water
Phone call: I think Riley's dad about his baseball gear.
Text message: Don't text message
Last time you hugged? My silly Jilly before I left for work.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why can't I blog??? Ugh! I have nothing. Not a thing. I'm uninspired I suppose. My shopping trip with the Jilly Bean was pretty successful. She had fries and ice cream and we looked at toys. She's so cute sometimes. I want dishes from Pottery Barn. They are so cute. Plus, Brian bought me a new china hutch for Valentine's Day and it's in desperate need of some new dishes. I want real china, but I want the Pottery Barn dishes to add some color.

The kids are gearing up for baseball season. I like baseball season. It's much more exciting than football. Except, it's more stressful. I don't know why. If Riley is catcher again I'm sure I'll get an ulcer. There is nothing more stressful than watching your kid play catcher. I'm not kidding. There's no way to explain it, but there's a lot of pressure on the catcher. If he doesn't catch the ball it's so good for the other team. Pitcher and catcher are very serious positions. It makes me want to puke.

Okay, that's all I have.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Warning! This Post Contains A Lot of Bragging.

Today I'm going to attempt to take Jillian to the mall. She isn't the best little shopper. I wouldn't call her the worse, but she certainly wouldn't be considered the best. I need to take a shirt back to the Gap, I want to check out the new Sephora store that opened yesterday and I have this really good coupon for Express that I have convinced myself I must use. Doesn't sound like a good time for a baby, however I will be bribing her with McDonald's fries and visit to the Disney store. We'll see how it goes.

Parent/teacher conferences were this week. I love parent/teacher conferences. They always go the same way and I hope it never changes. I go to Darby's and her teacher tells me, "Darby's doing great, any questions?" That's it. It was a ten minute conversation about how well she does, her reading skills are outstanding, and she loves to help the other kids. She's a bit of a teacher's pet and I hope kids don't make her feel bad about that. Ever! Her teacher even told me that when Darby isn't feeling well she calls her teacher and leaves a message that she won't be at school because she's sick. I do not know where she gets it. I'm so glad she enjoys school and she's doing well. I always worry about her and obviously I shouldn't.

Riley's are a tad bit different. His go something like this: "Riley is the greatest kid to have in class, but...he needs work on staying focused, paying attention, not talking..." And the list sort of goes on from there. But the funny thing is his current teacher and his teacher last year as well, always reinforced the fact that he's a great kid. "If he could just work on those things he would do really well." Which is true. He's a smart kid, but he so stinking lazy. Brian keeps telling me, "he's gotten a lot better." That's true as well. He's a good kid. He makes his teacher crack up and sometimes he gets on her last nerve. It could be much worse. I could be the parent who is told that my son is disruptive, hard to get along with and argumentative. I'm not.

I would brag about Jordan too, in the same detail, but he hasn't a parent/teacher conference recently and Brian goes to those so I only get second hand accounts. I think he's a mixture of Riley and Darby. He has really excelled at reading and he has great memorization skills. Sometimes, he talks too much. His teacher does send Brian the occasional email to let him know Jordan is doing well and is great to have in class.

I think we really lucked out. How did we get such easy kids to raise. Now we just have to hope good things for the baby. She may be our little devil. She is currently, but she's only two. There's still a chance for her. I have a feeling that her potty mouth and telling others to "SHUT UP"could pose a problem at school though. I guess I'll hold my breath and hope for the best. And maybe a little discipline might help. But seriously she is so cute. I don't want her to cry at me. Does she sound spoiled?