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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Warning! This Post Contains A Lot of Bragging.

Today I'm going to attempt to take Jillian to the mall. She isn't the best little shopper. I wouldn't call her the worse, but she certainly wouldn't be considered the best. I need to take a shirt back to the Gap, I want to check out the new Sephora store that opened yesterday and I have this really good coupon for Express that I have convinced myself I must use. Doesn't sound like a good time for a baby, however I will be bribing her with McDonald's fries and visit to the Disney store. We'll see how it goes.

Parent/teacher conferences were this week. I love parent/teacher conferences. They always go the same way and I hope it never changes. I go to Darby's and her teacher tells me, "Darby's doing great, any questions?" That's it. It was a ten minute conversation about how well she does, her reading skills are outstanding, and she loves to help the other kids. She's a bit of a teacher's pet and I hope kids don't make her feel bad about that. Ever! Her teacher even told me that when Darby isn't feeling well she calls her teacher and leaves a message that she won't be at school because she's sick. I do not know where she gets it. I'm so glad she enjoys school and she's doing well. I always worry about her and obviously I shouldn't.

Riley's are a tad bit different. His go something like this: "Riley is the greatest kid to have in class, but...he needs work on staying focused, paying attention, not talking..." And the list sort of goes on from there. But the funny thing is his current teacher and his teacher last year as well, always reinforced the fact that he's a great kid. "If he could just work on those things he would do really well." Which is true. He's a smart kid, but he so stinking lazy. Brian keeps telling me, "he's gotten a lot better." That's true as well. He's a good kid. He makes his teacher crack up and sometimes he gets on her last nerve. It could be much worse. I could be the parent who is told that my son is disruptive, hard to get along with and argumentative. I'm not.

I would brag about Jordan too, in the same detail, but he hasn't a parent/teacher conference recently and Brian goes to those so I only get second hand accounts. I think he's a mixture of Riley and Darby. He has really excelled at reading and he has great memorization skills. Sometimes, he talks too much. His teacher does send Brian the occasional email to let him know Jordan is doing well and is great to have in class.

I think we really lucked out. How did we get such easy kids to raise. Now we just have to hope good things for the baby. She may be our little devil. She is currently, but she's only two. There's still a chance for her. I have a feeling that her potty mouth and telling others to "SHUT UP"could pose a problem at school though. I guess I'll hold my breath and hope for the best. And maybe a little discipline might help. But seriously she is so cute. I don't want her to cry at me. Does she sound spoiled?


  • plus it's hilarious when she gets mad. i mean, it shouldn't be, but when she grabbed my scarf and told me she needed it (note: the scarf was on my neck and she was choking me with it) and i told her no, she started shaking. i thought the steam was going to come out of her ears.

    so funny.

    By Blogger Not A Pretty Girl, at 12:15 AM, March 02, 2008  

  • The youngest is usually the handful! Good for you for bragging about your have every right to be proud of them. You are so lucky to have Sephora close by, I would be so broke but I would LOVE it!

    By Blogger Deana, at 8:47 AM, March 04, 2008  

  • Your not bragging!!! They're
    your kids and they're doing
    well in school! Be very
    happy that your doing a
    good job raising them!
    I came over from Deana's,
    I am a Mom + cat person.

    By Blogger Jewelgirl, at 7:28 PM, March 04, 2008  

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