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Monday, January 28, 2008

Every Day Stuff

Well, the birthday party was a success. I think. It was a little unstructured. I was going to plan games, but I couldn't think of any games for 11 year old boys that weren't lame. Seriously, they are not going to want to do a cake walk or treasure hunt. So, they did a lot of running around and driving Brian crazy. But, it was fun. And 11 year olds are funny. They tell these stories that they find absolutely hilarious, and they aren't, but the way they tell them makes them funny. It's cute.

This Friday Brian and I are going to see The Blue Man Group. I'm excited to go out and do something. We rarely do that kind of thing anymore. Because of baby. Any time we go out it's for lunch or during the day. The weekends and evenings are reserved for our very picky baby who has serious problems when left with anyone other than her grandparents. Who watch her every day. Who need a break from the cutie pie during the evenings and on the weekends. One time we left her with my mom and she was literally traumatized for the entire weekend. She wouldn't let us leave her side. She was acting so peculiar. It was awful. So, we get a break and she'll stay with the grandparents she's entirely too attached to.

Well, I thought it was going to be just us for Super Bowl, but I think we're actually going to invite people over. That makes me happy. I love having parties. I don't know why. It's fun! However, we won't be drinking so much wine this time around. At least, I don't think we will.

Have a great week!


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