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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Very White Christmas

We had such a great time at the cabin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I didn't even mind not having water. Okay, I could have used indoor plumbing for bathroom purposes, but it wasn't that bad. I have so many pictures but I won't make you suffer through all of them. Yet. Because I'm at home and my Internet connection is so slow that I can't stand trying to post pictures. You can survive until I return to work. I know it will be difficult.

Anyway, the kids had such a great time. Even that baby, who cried and cried and cried last year when we took her sledding at the cabin wouldn't come inside. She played so hard. I couldn't believe it. She wanted to go outside and be outside the entire time.

The kids made out pretty good with their gifts. I'm actually surprised they received so much. Brian makes these spreadsheets and lists of everything they're getting and on paper it seems like we restrain ourselves from over doing it. But after every thing is opened and laid out, they got a lot of stuff. Of course, there are four of them. And we aren't crazy like some people. Brian isn't one to try and keep up with the neighbors. I totally am, but I'm not in charge of the spreadsheets, so we don't do too bad.

For my vacation I get to go through all of their old toys and decide what stays and what goes. That's always a fun day at our house. All the crying and fussing over toys they haven't seen in years. But I'm strong. I don't let them talk me into to keeping too much. Besides, they are gradually growing out of the toy phase so I might as well let them enjoy it while they still do.

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families. We did. In the words of Jordan, "It was the best night of our lives."


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