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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was tagged by Lou Lou and should be working on that assignment, but my brain hurts from work, so I can't do it just yet. Not a lot has been going on this week. In fact nothing new has gone on in my little world. I'm sure the rest of the world has had plenty going on, but right now, I'm trying to do this work thing. Making new friends, taking on new projects, having a great attitude. You know, things like that. A bad attitude gets you no where. You can ask one of the guys who USED to work here. People like a good attitude. I can't tell you why.

Oh yes, I know something. We've decided to join Netflix, which has been fun so far. We are currently watching Heroes. It is so good. I love it! Jillian even watches part of it, but she thinks everyone dies, so maybe she shouldn't watch. She's weird though. Her favorite movies are Disney movies and I honestly believe it's because there is so much tragedy and sadness. She likes that kind of thing. It's weird.

I think I smell sauerkraut right now. I hate sauerkraut. I need to go.


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