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Monday, February 04, 2008

Last Night We Partied...

But, not like rock stars. We partied like rock stars for Brian's mom's birthday. Last night we just had the run of the mill Super Bowl party. But it was good because our team won. And by our team, I mean we cheered for the underdog. We aren't normally Giants fans. In fact, Brian doesn't particularly like Eli. Riley really likes Eli. I'm indifferent, however, I did say from the beginning I thought he could pull this off. Only because the last time I saw them play the Patriots they did pretty good. Brian thought the Patriots would learn from their mistakes in that game and not let the Giants get close to winning. (Yet, he was still rooting for them.) They won. That's all that really matters.

I think I probably drank too much. I'm tired and blearied eyed.

On Wednesday I'm going to take Darby to see the Hannah Montana movie. She'll be excited. I could probably live my whole life and not see the movie and be okay with that, but I couldn't let Darby go with out seeing it. It's a pretty big deal for a 7 year old.

We went to The Blue Man Group on Friday night. It was so fun! We had great seats and the show was funny and entertaining. I love going to live shows. This is the third time Brian and I have gone to a concert/show and they are so fun. I hope there's something we can do this summer. I love it!

Okay, I'm going. I can't think clearly yet and don't remember if I had anything else to write about.


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