Pink Sheets

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm Back!

I know your all excited. I am too. *hugs* *kisses* Anyway, I'm going to catch up and then write some interesting, exciting post, as I usually do. Ha, ha. I'm so funny. I'm going to catch up. Missed you.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things You Will Wish You Didn't Know

I realize that I’ve started talking about the mountains quite a bit recently and really it’s just going to get worse because that is where we spend most of our weekends during the summer. And when I read what I wrote I always think I sound like a pretentious ass. And I don’t know if you guys are all thinking what a pretentious ass I sound like or not, but when I read ‘we went to the mountains this weekend’ it sounds like I should be talking in some sort of accent with the words drawn out. Like ‘we weeeent tooo the mouuuntains thiiiis weekend’. Like a snobby person with an accent might. I probably only think this because Brian knows someone who is always talking about their “mountain home” in a totally snobby, I’m better than you way and now I guess I feel like I’m that person. But, I’m not. So, in order for me to get the pretentious voice out of my head I have made a list of things that make me unpretentious. In fact, these border on tacky. Here you go. I am not a snob.

-I have a duck bathroom, or rather the kids have a duck bathroom. I don’t normally use it because, one, it’s always dirty and gross, and two it’s the kids bathroom. Does that make those two reasons one and the same? Regardless, I go in there every now and then when Jillian is a grouchy baby because she likes to look at the ducks on the shower curtain. (Babies are weird.) Anyway, I have a shelf above the toilet lined with rubber duckies. But these aren’t just any rubber duckies. Oh no. These are rubber duckies I took from the mail department at my work. Their initials (the mail room) are ARO, so they have some silly tagline about having your ducks in ARO. Clever, I know. Anyway, I believe there are six or perhaps seven ducks lined in a row, of course, with that logo on them. Hello, tacky! Right?

-I never clean the bathrooms. It’s embarrassing, but I don’t. If I were ever expecting company I might have Darby clean the downstairs bathroom, but if you stop in unannounced and need to use my restroom, I would advise against it. And my bathroom is especially gross because Brian and I are the only ones that use it. I never clean up there. One time when I was pregnant I mopped the floor because I was trying to get myself into labor. It didn’t work, but that was the last time the floor was mopped. Keep in mind the baby is 6 months old. So not only is that tacky, but it’s gross and I hope you don’t lose all respect for me.

-The past couple of weeks I’ve been too lazy to change my handbag in the morning. Sometimes I wear black shoes and carry around a brown handbag.

-I wear tank tops with out a bra. In my defense I have small breasts, it isn’t that horrible, but I would say that it’s definitely trailer parkish.

-I drink beer. That is my drink of choice. Beer. When the beer is free, I’ll drink whatever kind I’m being served. When I paying I’m a little bit pickier. But beer is beer. It’s not a girlie drink at all.

Alright. I think that’s all I can think of now. Pretty sad I know. Your getting a million posts today because I’m not going to be back until Wednesday. I know, *sob*. Hope you have a fun, fun Memorial Day weekend.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Silly Girl

While hanging out in the mountains last weekend we began watching the movie "The 5 People You Meet In Heaven". The movie is a Hallmark presentation for crying out loud and the kids decide this is the movie they want to watch. I've read the book and liked it, but the movie was just so-so. Nothing too great and yet the kids watched intently. They are very curious about death and where people go when they die. I guess that's why they were watching with awe and many questions. That and they were exhausted. They didn't know any better.

Their questions ranged from are those people ghosts to wondering how the characters in the movie died and of course why were they in the places they were. Because each character was in a different heaven. Brian explained that everyone's heaven was different. They were in the heaven where they felt the safest and had the best experiences in their lives. That was how the heaven was determined. (At least in this book.) Anyway, Darby commented that her heaven would be right where we were-in the mountains. Brian told her, "I believe that." (Darby loves the mountains.) Then she commented, "well either here in the mountains or at a water park." Oh Darby.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Mountains

A weekend in the mountains with four kids-successful. It could go either way. Some trips are good, some not so good. This one was perfect. As perfect as a trip to the mountains with three little kids, a baby, and a dog can go. When we arrived Brian’s dad was up there and had most of everything set up except for the water. I guess that takes two people. I sort of panicked that there was no water. Mainly because that means no showering. Ugh! I don’t know that I can survive without a shower. Apparently you can because I’m not dead and I wasn’t able to take a shower for exactly 40 hours. It wasn’t so bad.

But, don’t get any ideas. You still aren’t going to get me out in the wilderness somewhere roughing it in a tent. No, that certainly isn’t the life for me. Brian might be able to pull it off though. He did go about 48 hours with out brushing his teeth. Puke! (Um, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that.) I still kissed him though, but nothing with tongue. Gross. Anyway, enough of that. The baby did splendidly. She is about the most perfect baby that anyone could ever ask for. She took her naps without any problems. At bedtime she went right to sleep. No fussiness, no waking up in the middle of the night. Nothing. Perfect angel. I just adore her. Which is why I’m posting another picture of her.

I do have mountain pictures with the other kids I just need to get them on the computer. We also have a little video footage, but I’m not sure how to get that posted. It’s so funny though. At least, it’s funny to us. You know how video footage is, it’s fun for the people in the video or making the video, but not necessarily fun for everyone else. And that all sounded dirty but it wasn’t a dirty video. I mean, there was dirt in it, but not the kind you guys are thinking. Sheesh!

Anyway, the driveway to the cabin is very long and very steep and extremely tiring to walk up and down. However, that makes for a perfect situation for the kids to get the Tonka trucks out, set them up at the top and ride the trucks all the way down to the road. And they haul ass. I recorded them going down and it’s a pretty good shot. It’s Riley and Jordan racing down the hill, almost taking me out in the process, Jordan crashes and tumbles the rest of the way down, Riley continues on, hits the dog and Darby is screaming in the background. What more could you ask of a video clip?

We’re going up again this coming Memorial weekend and I can’t wait. The only bad thing about a trip to the mountains is doing the laundry afterwards. Seriously. I did four loads yesterday and I have at least four more to do today. And I haven’t gone grocery shopping. We have nothing to eat. I think we may starve.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Larry The Computer Guy

I was waiting for my bagel to be toasted in the cafeteria when I saw Larry getting coffee. I went to grab a water and say hey. Larry is a computer guy. He's an older man, I couldn't guess his age, but he's been around a couple of years, and he's single. This makes Larry interesting. I say hi, how's it going and he proceeds to tell me.

Unfortunately Larry had to take his cat Claire to the vet. Her nails had grown so long that they were cutting into her paw pads. Larry has tried a couple of times to trim Claire's nails, however Claire is quite uncooperative. Apparently, the first time Larry tried to trim her nails, she tried to scratch his face off. How horrible is that? He thought he had a solution to his problem. He tried to trim her nails again, but this time he wrapped a towel around her. You know, so she wouldn't scratch his face off. It makes perfect sense. But Claire wasn't falling for it. No, she ended up peeing all over poor Larry. Now he takes her in to the vet to get her nails clipped. Poor Claire. Poor Larry.

Why someone would relay that story while waiting for food? I couldn't answer that question. It's just the type of person Larry is and it's exactly why I am friends with him.

Because I'm Simply In the Mood...

For a list. A list of nothings, because for some reason I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted because...

-My dog was rolling around so much she unplugged the alarm. I woke up and it was blinking 12:12. I knew it wasn't 12:12 because I woke up at 1:20. I had to go downstairs to see what time it was because I can't see the clock from upstairs. Because I have horrible eye sight. I went down, saw what time it was, went back up stairs. It was 4:34 by the way. I fumbled with the clock to reset it. I had no idea how to set the damn thing because it's new and I didn't set it the first time. I finally figured it out. I reset the alarm. I turned over to fall back to sleep for the half hour or so I had left. I turned back over to see what time it was. The dog had unplugged the clock again.

-As I stated above,I have horrible eye sight and I need to get new contacts. If anything happens to my contacts I'm completely screwed because I don't even own a pair of glasses anymore. My eye insurance sucks! I don't want to spend the money on new contacts or glasses. What a dilemma.

-The other day Brian said to me and I quote, "if we ever have another daughter I want to name her Keira." Okay, for one thing, I don't really like that name, so no. Second, if we have another daughter? Um, I'm thinking we aren't ever having any other babies. I realize saying those words can cause pregnancy, but I'm pretty certain there will be no more babies.

-I think this is the year to get my tubes tied. I had those ugly moles removed and I've almost met my deductible on my insurance. Yes, I'm certain this is the year.

-I'm a total slacker these days about holidays and birthdays. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm usually such a huge planner and try to make each occasion fantastically fun. Lately, the holidays and birthdays have been so so. I have had the holiday blahs and I hope to recover soon.
-For Darby's birthday we don't even have a real party planned. We're taking her to pizza today and Sunday we're going to spend all day at the mall shopping and have lunch. We convinced her instead of having a party we could spend the weekend at the cabin. It didn't take much to convince her, she loves going to the cabin. She's very excited to show Jillian around. I'm a little nervous, but it will be so much fun and I'm very happy she chose the mountains over a party. Mainly because I wasn't ready to try and invite little girls over and entertain them for a couple of hours. I am such a total slacker.

-That's all I have today.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day-Belated

By the way, thank you for all your sweet comments in regards to my totally crappy day. Lucky for me the day ended splendidly because I was able to leave work a tad bit early, go buy some beer, not fix dinner, play a game of Junior Monopoly, and have some late night fun with Brian if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I had a great Mother's Day and I hope all you other mommies did too. I had a list made for Brian of all the things I would love to receive on Mother's Day. He informed me that I wouldn't be getting what was on my list and that I would be disappointed in what he was going to actually buy me. I was so upset. "Why would you get me something that I won't like? I don't understand." He said that I don't always get to hand pick my gifts. Hmph.

He was wrong. I wasn't disappointed at all. He bought me a new bike with the little seat on the back to carry Jillian. (Which makes it look like such a mom bike, but I am and he said it's easy to take off.) I also received a new Barbie and now I have three of the Flavor Obsession Barbies. He bought me two books that I will start reading during my workouts or possibly while laying out in the sun because the weather is so fabulous. I received a Harry Potter movie, which was a little weird, but I do like Harry Potter. And of course flowers. Darby and Riley went with their grandma and picked out a huge bouquet of flowers. It was seriously large. I had to use two vases.

We did pretty much nothing all weekend long and it was so nice and so relaxing. We did drink too much wine last night and now I'm paying for it a bit. I'm exhausted. But it was fun.

This week is not going to be so relaxing, however. It's Darby's birthday today and I have to do a million things in order to prepare for her party on Saturday. It's so stressful!!! But I do love parties.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 12, 2006

"It's The Worse Day of My Life. What Do You Think?"

I woke up. I'm pissed off. I'm PMS-y. I'm filling in for a woman at work. I feel like I want to kill someone. I left my badge at home. I'm using the loser badge. I'm not in the mood to be teased because frankly I could break down any minute. I didn't carry my badge to the bathroom. I decided to go get water. I was in the stairwell. I don't have my badge. The door is open. I go through. I'm trapped on the fourth floor. I have to call my building so I can get someone's number in my department to let me back in. The only person at their desk is the person who teases me the most. I almost went home but I'm busy. Today sucks.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Laugh

As it turns out both my girls have low, husky laughs. I equate these to Demi Moore like laughs. Brian on the other hand, compares them to cartoon characters. He tells Darby she laughs like a french man. Then he proceeds to poke fun, laughing like a french man which reminds me of a Bugs Bunny character for some reason. Little Jillian just started laughing and already her dad is teasing her. He says that she laughs like one of Marge's sisters on The Simpsons. You know, the ones who smoke. Jillian, however, is not as good natured as her sister. When Brian makes fun of Jillian's laugh she starts to sob uncontrollably. It's really quite sad. Or at least it would be if that were the only time she cried uncontrollably around her dad. Jillian is a very sensitive little baby and anytime Brian makes a goofy face or talks in a low, scary voice, or makes an unusual sound she tends to burst into tears. It's a little bit funny and now I think Brian tries to get her to cry in fear, which is sort of mean. But still funny.

In other news: Sunday I was walking to my car, in the rain, with the baby in her car seat and my jacket on my arm. My jacket fell off my arm. I stepped on it. Got mad. Kicked it. When I finally got home I threw the jacket on the stairs. This morning that is the jacket I decided to grab to wear to work. And I have a huge zit on my check. It's so embarrassing. I hate it! It's so big that other people are distracted by it. I was telling my friend something about my pitbull and she asked "what? Your pimple?" No PITBULL!! PIT-BULL!

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Long Weekend Recap (The Recap, Not The Weekend)

Alright, my Cinco De Mayo party was a success. Brian says it’s good that we oppress the kids because then we do fun things like put up decorations and bring out a piñata it ends up being “THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES”. Apparently, they had a good time.

My lunch was fun, but I ate way too much and I was feeling a tad bit sick by the time I was making a tostada pizza. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not able to eat Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t get me wrong. I love Mexican food, but I need at least another type of meal in between. I wasn’t feeling all that great on Friday.

By Saturday morning I was back to normal. I had leftover tostada pizza about 10 am. Yummy! Saturday a neighborhood a couple of blocks down was having a yard sale, so I thought it would be fun to walk/ride bikes down there and look around. (This was another success making Saturday morning “THE BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES”.) I didn’t buy anything, because as much as I try and like used items I just don’t. If I would have bought anything it would most likely end up in our garage waiting to be shipped off to Salvation Army or Goodwill. I know it sounds snobby. I’m not a snob. I buy everything I own on clearance. The used stuff just isn’t for me. Which is somewhat of a lie because I have used baby items. I just didn’t want anything okay? Stop harassing me. I did, however, agree to let the kids purchase two videos for $1. They also purchased snow cones. Jordan’s tasted like medicine so he and Darby ended up sharing. Which surprises me a bit because they’re at the “gross, you have cooties” age. I guess there are exceptions when snow cones are involved.

After lunch they went to play with the kids down the street. Darby and Jordan were hanging out with Darby’s little friend and they came in to ask if they could go to the park. Normally I don’t allow them to go to the park by themselves because it is approximately 3 blocks up the road. I don’t know why we don’t let them go, we just don’t. This time I agreed because they were at Darby’s friend’s house. She only lives about a block from the park. So technically it’s not very far at all.

A little later into the afternoon I decided I wanted Darby and Jordan to come home. I start walking over to the friend’s house when I spot Jordan pulling Darby in the wagon. “What are you guys doing? I thought you were over at so and so’s house?” I guess that when they went to the park Darby’s friend grew bored and wanted to leave. Well, Darby and Jordan never get to go to the park alone, so they were perfectly happy where they were. The girl left and Darby and Jordan hung out and played without her. Weird. Normally I don’t think they choose the park over the friends, but I honestly don’t believe this little girl is a very good friend. I suppose that’s what happens when you aren’t nice. And if you’ve ever seen the movie Mean Girls, which I watched three times this weekend, you would know I’m right.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Here is a schedule of what my Cinco De Mayo will consist of.

What I've done:

-Woke up
-Got ready for work
-Insisted Brian wear the same outfit as me. That's right we're twins today.
-Got to work a fricking half hour early. How awesome am I?
-Had my first cup of coffee
-Had my second cup of coffee
-Had a thirty minute gossip vest with my co-workers that is surely going to send me to hell.

What I'm going to do the rest of the day:

-Going to the dermatologist to see about having a very unsightly mole removed. Nothing serious, it's just a nuissance.
-Going to lunch with a few co-workers to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. We're having Mexican, of course.
-Working out to burn up some of the major calories I'll be intaking at lunch.
-Going home.
-Making a special Cinco de Mayo dinner.
-Watch the kids break open a pinata filled with cheap ass bulk candy from Winco.
-Watch a movieand eat more junk food.
-Pass out from the junk food high.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is this not the most kissable face you've ever seen! I haven't posted new pics on our photo blog in forever since we haven't had internet access. However, the process is easier than what I was doing at home. Maybe now I won't be such a slacker on our other blog.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


November and December: Long t-shirt and sweats, sometimes a flannel nightie.

January and February: Cami or tank top and pajama bottoms.

March and April: Cami or tank top and panties.

Prediction for May: Panties.

This is what I have worn to bed over the past several months. The changes are due to a combination of the warmer weather, the weight loss, and not having to wake up every few hours to feed a baby. Night times are becoming more enjoyable. Ahhh.

Monday, May 01, 2006


This weekend was pretty uneventful as usual, however we did go shopping. I know that doesn’t sound like anything new, but we bought new accessories for our front room and it looks like a whole new room. It was amazing actually. We bought a couple of throw pillows, a new area rug, a clock, and a lamp and I love the way it looks. I’m actually surprised by the change.

I decided I needed some sun this weekend so I laid out. I know that isn’t the thing these days, but I still do it. I don’t slather myself in baby oil by any means, I wear a low SPF sun screen and read a book for about 20 minutes. Not too bad and yet it still made a difference in my color. Besides, unless we go swimming I’m not in the sun that much. To Brian’s dismay and annoyance I do not like doing yard work. Not at all, not even a little. I like to find flowers for him to plant, but I absolutely do not like planting them. I hate mowing the lawn, I hate weed eating, I pretty much do not even like being in the yard when there are yard tools present. I enjoy our backyard after it has been mowed, the poop has been scooped, the sun is starting to set and I have a beer in my hand. How perfect is that?

This morning, being a Monday and all, I was a little frazzled and hurried. In my rush to get us all out of the house I forgot my stupid card that gets me into work. This used to not be such a big deal. I would just sign in at the front door and sign out after work. Now, however, we need our cards to access every single floor of our building. It’s quite ridiculous really. I have to use to get into the building. I have to use every time I want a cup of coffee. I have to use it to go to lunch, or meetings, or just visit Brian. It’s so annoying. Plus, if you forget it, your trapped in the stairwell. You have no way of getting out unless you have your damn card. Stay tuned for that post. I know for a fact I will one day be locked in the stairwell.

Anyway, they gave me a loaner card to use for the day. It’s attached to a bright red lanyard that has visitor all over it and the card itself says LOANER in huge print. So, now every one calls me loaner. You know, in that tone that you use when you call someone a loser. It’s so depressing. They even took a picture of me in my loaner card that they have threatened to use on my birthday. They’re threats are never idle. Come August 4th a pic of me wearing this stupid loaner card in a not so happy face is going to be plastered all over the 5th floor. They tried to snap me while I was flipping them off, but I was too quick. Ha! I just hope this isn’t a preview of how my entire day is going to go