Pink Sheets

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This week has been busy yet not as busy as last week. We only had one T-ball game and one baseball game where attendance was required and we have one soccer game on Saturday. Completely doable. Next week will probably be crazy, but that's okay.

Riley is doing pretty well. His team is still losing but he's been hitting that ball like a mad man. Last game he was the only one to hit the ball and the only one to score a point. He gets to start on Saturday's game and that makes me nervous. I hope he doesn't feel pressure to hit the ball. I know he can, but you know how you get under pressure. I'm not even going to be able to make the game. Darby's game is at the exact same time, which totally sucks because I have to choose and I would rather not miss any one's games, but I can't so I chose Darby.

Brian was teasing me saying I just chose my favorite, but Darby has like 8 soccer games all on Saturday and Riley has 12 or 14 games sometimes three times a week. I'm always at Riley's baseball games and practices. The coaches don't even know me on Darby's team. I've been to all her games so far, but only two practices. Brian usually ends up taking her. And I'm such a dork. I took her on Tuesday and one of the mom's asked me if I could take her daughter to the next game because she would be out of town. I said yes. I was telling Brian and I mentioned that I had never met Megan's mom before and I didn't think she went to any of the practices. He told me he had seen her several times and I realized that I was the one who doesn't go to the practices. I'm a dope. Whatever.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The other day on the way home from work Brian and I took another route in order to get gas. I'm driving along, minding my own business when Brian hurriedly tells me to stop and let the kid cross on the crosswalk. I'm a little taken aback and start to immediately slow down because I didn't notice the kid on the crosswalk. Which would make sense considering it was a fire hydrant and not a kid at all. Of course, as Brian pointed out, it was a very tall fire hydrant.

Riley had his 5th game last night. I think it's been five, maybe it's only been four. I don't think last Saturday's game counted. I don't know how it all works yet. Anyway, they have lost all their games. It's so sad. The first two they lost by several, and I mean several points. The last ones were only by one or two points. I hope that means they're getting better.

I think I've mentioned before that this is Riley's first year playing baseball, which I completely feel guilty about, especially now that he's started and I see how far behind he is, but it's his first year. His first year playing any type of organized sport actually and I think he's doing well. Probably because I'm his mom and of course I would think that, but he does well and he really tries hard and he's having a wonderful time. Anyway, there's this obnoxious dad on the team who is one of those big, loud types. I can't stand him. He's always yelling things at the kids that aren't helpful and what not and usually he isn't there so I don't have to listen to him often, but yesterday Riley was stealing a base and he commented to the mom sitting next to me how he didn't run very fast and he was really slow. Hello! I'm sitting right here. The least you could do is say it behind my back where I can't hear you. What a fat dumb ass. Anyway, the other mom knows that I'm Riley's mom and she didn't agree or disagree with him but rather changed the focus to another slow kid. Something like "you should see Billy run. It's like he's towing a tractor." Regardless, Riley is going to be running bases this week as practice. What a fat dummy.

Oh and I felt much better about not saying anything to this fat dummy as the evening progressed because he really is a dope. His other son needed to use the restroom and he told him, and I'm quoting word for word, "if anyone tries to touch you kick him in the balls". Seriously you can't get much tactless than that.

I heard on the radio this morning that women, on average, are grouchy 3 hours of every day. My three hours are in the morning. I can't help it. Apparently I'm not a morning person, which is weird because I don't necessarily like to sleep in late.

Yesterday my co-worker mentioned how she doesn't trust anyone who doesn't like dogs and those people who wake up in wonderful moods. She says there's something not right with them. She's funny.

This weekend is another busy one. Everyone have a good one!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Kid Update

I survived Saturday afternoon with the three games and a hair appointment. It wasn't so bad. Especially since my mom was nice enough to come over and watch Jillian during my appointment and for Darby's game. This made her bearable for the day. She would have never survived the entire three games. But she certainly was good for the two baseball games.

I think she likes to go. And the boys love seeing her. They are so funny. At Riley's game she went up to the dugout and was hanging out with him. A few minutes later I heard one of Riley's team mates exclaim, "ew, gross!!! I can't believe you touched that!!" And Riley answer, "what?! I had to get it away from my baby sister!" I have no idea what that baby had and I personally do not want to know. Whatever it was completely grossed out a ten year old and I think it's best left a mystery.

We arrived at Jordan's game a few minutes late. He was already out on the field covering third. He didn't notice us right away but when he did I waved and smiled at him. He then left his base, running as fast as he could, the team mom asking him where he was going. He ran right up to Jillian and poked her on the nose with his finger and ran back to third. It was so silly. All the moms ahhed of course.

I find it cute the boys like her so much. Of course who wouldn't completely adore her? She's adorable. Of course, she has her issues. Take for instance the refusing to speak. She does not say words. At all. I know she has the capability to say them. I've heard her use some words. Sporadically. But she won't tell us what she wants or what she sees. I'm getting a little frustrated with her grunts and her pointing finger. I know she can talk, but it's like she intentionally holds back. I just wish she would start talking!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My So Called Neighbors

Our new neighbors are driving me crazy. I can't stand it anymore. And not because they are doing the usual annoying neighbor things like not keeping the yard in decent condition, or blaring the stereo or having ugly cars parked outside my windows. They don't even own a barking dog. No, what they do irritates me far more than any of those things.

Here's a little background: We bought our house last August from the builder. He also built the house behind us. His son-in-law was the foreman on the building of the two houses or whatever, something like that. His son-in-law works with him. The house behind us has been empty and for sale since probably sometime the beginning of last year. We have not had a neighbor live there since we moved in. Which is actually pretty nice.

And then a couple of weeks ago, possibly a couple of months, the for sale sign was taken down. They must have sold the house. We're getting neighbors. We were a little nervous. Who were these people moving in?

About the same time we receive a phone call from the son-in-law. He wanted to know if we were having any problems with our house that he needed to take care of. We told him we didn't. I thought it very unusual he called out of the blue like that. A few weeks later it was very apparent why he made the phone call. He and his wife and two little boys were moving in next door. They had bought the house.

Well, this might not be so bad. He seemed like a nice guy. Brian talked to him a bit when they were bringing some things over one Saturday afternoon. They stayed there that night and went to church the next morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. Brian noticed they had a refrigerator delivered. A few days later it looked like they had to replace it. All very normal activity for people moving into a house.

And then, a few days later we realized they hadn't been there for at least a couple days. Odd. We wondered where they were for a couple of minutes and dropped it. A few more days had gone by and we saw the parents stop by, go inside, and then leave.

That is when I told Brian my theory. I was pretty sure she had killed her husband in some kind of husband/wife dispute and the parents and her were trying to cover it up. I suggested that when the police came to question us we say something like, "and they seemed like such nice people". It's the only reasonable explanation for why they weren't living in their new house.

That theory was quashed when a few days later the woman had spent the night and the next morning the guy showed up. He drove this huge truck with bee hives on the trailer. It was weird. And ugly and I didn't like it. They went to church and afterwards he left, taking the bee hives with him. And then she left and the house has once again been empty since then.

One Saturday I saw her and three other people drop off more items, but that has been it. Why does this make me so annoyed you may wonder? Because. Because when you move into a house, you move in. You bring in all your stuff in one day because you are so excited. You take off a few days of work so you can unpack as much as possible. For the next few days or a week you live hiding in closets and bathrooms because you don't have window coverings yet. You work at organizing and finding spots for all your old things and take inventory of all the new things you want to decorate your new place. It's what you do when you buy a new house. You don't drop of your crap at random intervals and leave it deserted. You don't let the place go to hell. At least when it was up for sale it looked nice. Why, I ask you, would they not live there? I don't get it.

I guess they have been doing all the usual annoying things. The big, ugly truck outside my window and the unkept yard. The only difference is they do that and they aren't even living there yet!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Three Games Down...

And I have yet to take a camera. What in the world is wrong with me??? Also, it was freezing cold and windy last night and I didn't dress the baby warm enough and she cried and cried the entire T-ball game. I'm horrible!! I have all this guilt. I felt so bad after I put her to bed. Thursday's games will be much better. Brian and I will drive separately in case the baby is too cold and I need to bring her home, I will bring the camera, and I will hopefully have enough time to catch a little bit of Jordan's game and a little bit of Riley's game.

Saturday is going to be fun. Brian is working so I it's just me and Jillian. However, Riley has a game at 8, I have a hair appointment that I can't cancel or I'll never get in again at 10:30, Darby has a game at 2 and Jordan has a game at 4:30. Jillian could end up a very grouchy baby unless I can get my mom to come over and watch for a little while I go to my hair appointment and possibly a game. And I'm not forgetting the camera.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to miss one game, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to. I'm just going to make the effort to go. It's so important to them. Especially since it's their first year in sports. I think they need the support even if they don't necessarily think they do. Plus, they are so stinking cute in their uniforms.

Well, besides the sports stuff all week and work I have nothing much going on. What are you doing this weekend?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Day Success

Our Easter turned out to be a really nice day. The treasure hunt for goodies was mostly successful, except they started out on the wrong egg in the kitchen, therefore by passing several of the clues. Those turds! My dinner turned out yummy and we sat at the new table using paper towels as place mats. Next year will be fancier. Maybe. Riley and Darby went to their grandparents around 5 yesterday for their dad's week and it just so happened Jordan's grandparents wanted him to come over at around the same time so we took Jillian to the park. And boy does she love the slide. It is so cute. She does it all by herself. And not just the little baby slide either, she does the big twisty slide. I really need to start taking pictures.

Speaking of not taking pictures, Darby had her first soccer game on Saturday and I forgot to take the camera. How horrible am I? Her team lost, but boy did she have fun.

Riley and Jordan each have a couple of games this week. I'm so excited for them. It seems they really enjoy playing on a team. I think it's good for them. Plus, I get to meet new people too. Brian thinks I mostly enjoy the hearing things about other people. Which is true, I like to know what's going on. I come home and tell him all about the other moms and what they're like and what they tell me. But it's not really like gossip because I'm relaying details to Brian that the moms themselves have divulged to me. It's not like I'm gossiping with the other moms. Brian is just not interested in other people's business. He always tells me I give him way too much information. Whatever!!!

Hope you're having a good Monday! Blah.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Poor Joe

Joe has a cracked skull and it's all my fault. I thought it would be cute to name the Easter eggs the kids made this evening. So I wrote their names on the egg holders that are provided with the coloring kit. They each made three eggs. I am writing out Riley's last egg, Joe, and I drop him on the table. Shattering his shell. I don't remember the kids ever looking so horrified. I dropped Joe and you could instantly tell he was cracked. I look up to see their eyes and mouths wide open, then Riley saying, "oh my gosh, you just killed Joe! You cracked his head open!" Then bursts of laughter from all of us. I suppose that's what I get for giving them names. Had the egg just been an egg rather than "Joe" it would have been a non-event.

However, there is a reasoning behind the egg naming. I'm not completely wacko. I've decided I'm going to send them on a treasure hunt tomorrow for their Easter baskets. I thought that would be more interesting than just having them out on the couch in the morning like we've done every year. I thought it would be fun if I leave out one of their eggs and put a 3x5 card next to it with "Joe says you should go look..." They then go to the next location where they find another egg and another 3x5 card until they find the baskets. Mostly because I'm not going all out on the baskets. They get a little bit of candy and $5. That's it. Because they are going to get baskets from grandparents too and it all seems so silly to spend too much on Easter.

The rest of the day is going to consist of a lot of eating. I might even make a yummy breakfast. We'll see how I feel. I am going to make an Easter dinner with ham and all the other dishes you serve with ham, minus the green beans. I don't like green beans, but Brian is always hurt I don't make them. He loves the green beans. I just don't think about them. I'm sorry. Ick. They are icky. Plus, an added bonus we are going to use my very pretty and elegant dining room table for the first time. Of course, I don't have my place mats or any Easter dinnerware, we'll just have to make do.

I'll let you know how the treasure hunt went. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Holy cow am I busy. I have been going non-stop at work lately. I can't believe it. I was, however, able to get some new pictures posted last week. But they're from Christmas!!! I can't believe I'm so far behind.

I think I may need a course on how to deal with difficult people at work. Because I don't do a very good job of dealing or coping with them. I'm pretty sure they aren't suppose to make you angry. I think you're probably suppose to not let them bug you. This is not how I normally handle difficult people. I just don't know why people have to be difficult in the first place.

I'm sorry. I have nothing today. You should go visit one of the blogs in my side bar because they are always a good read. Have a great hump day! :)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Morning Ramblings

It's approximately 7 in the morning and I'm the first one up. I have been for at least a half hour now and it's weird. Yesterday Brian woke up at like 4 am or some outrageous time close to that and I was exhausted all day. Usually the baby is up by now, but we must have worn her out yesterday with the one shopping trip and all the time we spent with her at home, hanging around, not doing much. She really needs to start pulling her weight around here. Seriously.

I know I keep saying it, but I absolutely love being busy with the kids' sports activities. It is so nice not having everyone sitting inside getting restless. Darby has a game every Saturday for the next six to eight weeks and the boys' baseball schedule hasn't been posted yet, but I've been checking the website for the schedule every day, probably five times a day. Do you think I'm being obsessive? I may be, but I'm telling you this soccer/baseball mom thing is fun.

I think I hear Brian. I hate when he catches me writing a post. I don't like him to read it until I'm finished and it's posted.

Oh yes, weird thing happened. My daughter, who is six, found my My Space page with the help of her dad. Which is just weird, but the My Space page doesn't have anything I would care about anyone seeing. It's linked to my photo blog, but I don't really care if anyone sees that either. It's just the thought of him and that wife visiting this site. Puke. But I've only said a few hateful things about them. I suppose if they find it they can pretty much get over it. It would just be weird is all and the fact that all the kids, minus Jillian of course, can read, makes it a bit weird as well. Of course I do nothing but gush, a bit annoyingly I'm sure, about them, so they can read it too. In fact anyone can read it. I don't care!

Okay, that is quite enough rambling. I'm going. I have Monday off from work to hang out with kids and Brian. Woo hoo! Have a great week!