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Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Day Success

Our Easter turned out to be a really nice day. The treasure hunt for goodies was mostly successful, except they started out on the wrong egg in the kitchen, therefore by passing several of the clues. Those turds! My dinner turned out yummy and we sat at the new table using paper towels as place mats. Next year will be fancier. Maybe. Riley and Darby went to their grandparents around 5 yesterday for their dad's week and it just so happened Jordan's grandparents wanted him to come over at around the same time so we took Jillian to the park. And boy does she love the slide. It is so cute. She does it all by herself. And not just the little baby slide either, she does the big twisty slide. I really need to start taking pictures.

Speaking of not taking pictures, Darby had her first soccer game on Saturday and I forgot to take the camera. How horrible am I? Her team lost, but boy did she have fun.

Riley and Jordan each have a couple of games this week. I'm so excited for them. It seems they really enjoy playing on a team. I think it's good for them. Plus, I get to meet new people too. Brian thinks I mostly enjoy the hearing things about other people. Which is true, I like to know what's going on. I come home and tell him all about the other moms and what they're like and what they tell me. But it's not really like gossip because I'm relaying details to Brian that the moms themselves have divulged to me. It's not like I'm gossiping with the other moms. Brian is just not interested in other people's business. He always tells me I give him way too much information. Whatever!!!

Hope you're having a good Monday! Blah.


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