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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Poor Joe

Joe has a cracked skull and it's all my fault. I thought it would be cute to name the Easter eggs the kids made this evening. So I wrote their names on the egg holders that are provided with the coloring kit. They each made three eggs. I am writing out Riley's last egg, Joe, and I drop him on the table. Shattering his shell. I don't remember the kids ever looking so horrified. I dropped Joe and you could instantly tell he was cracked. I look up to see their eyes and mouths wide open, then Riley saying, "oh my gosh, you just killed Joe! You cracked his head open!" Then bursts of laughter from all of us. I suppose that's what I get for giving them names. Had the egg just been an egg rather than "Joe" it would have been a non-event.

However, there is a reasoning behind the egg naming. I'm not completely wacko. I've decided I'm going to send them on a treasure hunt tomorrow for their Easter baskets. I thought that would be more interesting than just having them out on the couch in the morning like we've done every year. I thought it would be fun if I leave out one of their eggs and put a 3x5 card next to it with "Joe says you should go look..." They then go to the next location where they find another egg and another 3x5 card until they find the baskets. Mostly because I'm not going all out on the baskets. They get a little bit of candy and $5. That's it. Because they are going to get baskets from grandparents too and it all seems so silly to spend too much on Easter.

The rest of the day is going to consist of a lot of eating. I might even make a yummy breakfast. We'll see how I feel. I am going to make an Easter dinner with ham and all the other dishes you serve with ham, minus the green beans. I don't like green beans, but Brian is always hurt I don't make them. He loves the green beans. I just don't think about them. I'm sorry. Ick. They are icky. Plus, an added bonus we are going to use my very pretty and elegant dining room table for the first time. Of course, I don't have my place mats or any Easter dinnerware, we'll just have to make do.

I'll let you know how the treasure hunt went. Happy Easter!


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