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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Concert, Some Sports Info, and A New TV

Yesterday's concert at Darby's school was so cute. They did all these little folk dances and then had the parents go up and do the last one with them. This is so not my thing, but I wasn't going to be the jerk parent sitting out. Oh no. I went up there and let everyone know exactly how uncoordinated I am. I'm pretty sure no one was looking. That was at least reassuring.

I also met the mom of one of Darby's very good friends. They have been trying to set up a play date for months and now the moms have met and they are having a sleep over next Friday. They are going to be so excited.

As the girl's mom and I were chit chatting, let's just call her Brooke because that's her name, we discovered that she knew Brian. In fact, they had gone to school with each other since Kindergarten. How funny is that? I would say it's a small world, but really, it's just a small city and occurrences such as this are bound to happen. It's still weird.

Riley's baseball coach called last night. Riley is going to play for the Giants. His friend's dad is the coach so I suspected he might get put on that team. Regardless of my suspicions, he is going to be so excited when he hears. Hopefully Jordan's coach calls tonight so we can find out the team he's going to play for. I'm so excited for the sports to start. I think it will keep us all sane this summer.

I was going to say that's all I have, but that's simply not true. A few months ago I remarked to Brian that I thought we needed a new TV. Our current TV was just too outdated and clunky. We needed something new and sleek and, perhaps, pretty. He basically blew it off as one of my impulsive ideas that I would soon lose interest in.

A few days later I'm summoned into the family room, "JOOOLYN!" I enter, "wha?" He inquires, "What did you do to the TV?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Well, it won't work and I find it highly suspicious that you were just talking about wanting a new TV and now our old TV doesn't work."

"I didn't do anything to the TV. I wouldn't even know how to intentionally break a TV, short of throwing it to the ground."

"It's not working, and now we need a new TV."

After much consideration and researching and saving money, on the part of Brian of course, I was just waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally ordered our TV. And it arrived yesterday. I don't even know what kind it is, except that it's a Panasonic and it's fricking huge and I like it. It's not like we're TV people. We watch television. Much more in the winter months than the summer, but we aren't addicts by any means. We watch mostly movies and shows on DVD. But the TV is so cool I don't even care that our dining and living room are still sitting empty. I don't even care a little bit.


  • Congrats on the new TV! Enjoy!


    By Blogger Chelle & Chel, at 4:20 AM, March 16, 2007  

  • We're also going to be in the 'purchasing a new TV market' soon. Mainly because of the high definition/digital TV thingy.

    Then we're going to put the old TV in the kitchen because we're always running back and forth from one room to another when certain programs are on.

    By Blogger Karen, at 11:36 AM, March 17, 2007  

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