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Friday, February 16, 2007

A Friday Rundown

-Our half day off was so nice. We ate KFC, we both had popcorn chicken. I can't believe how yummy that stuff is. We watched two episodes of Deadwood, which is a surprisingly good show. Surprisingly because it's a Western and that really isn't my thing. However, I am officially hooked. I took a little nap, we went on a bike ride, we ordered a hear shaped pizza. That is a perfect Valentine's Day.

-Yesterday I ate three frosted sugar cookies. I don't even care how many calories that is, because if I found out I would probably puke.

-"I don't send them, I just get them. So you better send me one, byotch." That's right. I received 4 carnations for our annual Karnation for Kids drive at work. That means four people love me enough to anonymously send me a $1.25 carnation. I normally send them, but this year I decided not to. And before you think I'm completely selfish. Instead of sending everyone a carnation, I brought in 2 dozen sugar cookies. The above sugar cookies. That I had three of. Actually, I only had two of mine. The other a friend brought me. Because I am so super cool.

-Speaking of puke. I was speaking of puke. Remember? The cookies. Anyway, my sweet little baby girl puked all over me last night when I gave her some Tylenol. It didn't go down very well. And there was a lot of puke. We were swimming in it. It was awful. After we bathed I put her in her high chair while I made dinner. She fell asleep. It was so sad. My poor sicko.

-I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm so glad yesterday was pay day. I'm not so glad it's rainy and dreary, but I'm working anyway. What the heck do I care! Have a great weekend!


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