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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A to Z About Me

Well, I've done it. I finally posted our Christmas Eve pictures. Go look at them! This is a preview, I do have some of all us but I guess I didn't copy them to my disk. So Brian is missing from all the group shots. Sorry!

Anyway, I was tagged by Serendipity, which always makes for an easy post. Woo hoo! Thanks!

A - Available/Single? - Nope! I am not available. I'm not married, but most definitely not available.

B - Best Friend? – Brian is my best friend and then I have a work friend that I would also consider my best friend even though we don't see each other outside of work very often. Because she is the greatest. And her name is Bert, which is silly.

C - Cake or Pie? I'm a cake person. I love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. And those cakes with the cream cheese filling or fruit filling or pretty much any filling. Ice cream cake is good too.

D - Drink of Choice? Is this suppose to be an alcoholic drink? Regardless it's a good ol' beer. However, I have come to especially enjoy a Cosmo martini when the opportunity to have one presents itself.

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday? Coffee Maker and Hairdryer

F - Favourite Colour? Pink

G - Gummy Bears or Worms? Gummy Bears

H - Hometown? – Boise, ID and now I live in Nampa, ID about 20 minutes away.

I - Indulgence? Shopping (as often as I can, which isn't very often), dry roasted peanuts. Those things are addicting.

J - January or February? I would say January because there are lots of parties to plan. New Years, Riley and Brian's birthdays...I'm sure there are others.

K - Kids & Their Names? Riley, boy 10. Darby, girl 6.5. Jordan, boy 6. Jillian, girl 1.

L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Family-meaning Brian and kids. The other family I wouldn't want to be without, but...

M - Marriage date? Not married and there is no date to be married.

N - Number of Siblings? 1 older brother, two younger sisters. I was a middle child. Ugh. The funny thing is some people have assumed I was an only child.

O - Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P - Phobias/Fears? Small spaces, but they have to be really small, like you can't move or breath, which is one of the reasons for my divorce.

Q- Favourite Quote? "I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it." Thomas Jefferson. I had to search for a quote because I couldn't think of one right off the top of my head. Thomas Jefferson always had interesting things to say and when I found this one, I felt it was perfect. This is exactly how I feel and it's true. The news is depressing.

R - Reason to Smile? When my sweet little baby does a new trick. That's what we call them and she does new things every day. It's so much fun.

S - Season? Summer, because it's cabin time!

T - Tag people? Everyone should do it! If you do let me know so I don't miss it.

U - Unknown Fact about Me? I don't know, is there anything I haven't revealed about myself? If there's something you want to know, just ask.

V - Vegetable you don’t like? Are radishes a vegetable? Because I hate those things.

W - Worst Habit? Biting my nails

X - X-rays You’ve Had? Teeth and my finger that was slammed into the door. That hurt and I still have a scar.

Y - Your Favourite Food? That's easy I love any kind of Mexican food.

Z – Zodiac Sign? Leo

Well, it only took a day and a half to fill that out but I finally did it. PS Thanks for all your comments on my little bottle dilemma, though I'm still afraid! But I'll do it. I know I can do it!


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