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Friday, February 09, 2007

Casual Friday

-My department has a strict dress code. Okay not really, but we aren't allowed to wear jeans, except on designated jeans day. It's kind of like Office Space where the manager announces that Friday is Hawaiian shirt day, so everyone can wear their Hawaiian shirts. It's a very exciting time. Today is a designated jean day.

-It'is designated as a jean day because us girls are going on a little outing. We're skipping out early and going to a Greek restaurant called the Cazba. I've never had Greek. I'm not one to try new things, but Brian insist I try something before I proclaim my dislike for it. So I have agreed to go to this Greek restaurant, in order to try, so that I can truthfully claim that I don't like it. It's kind of like the Thai food. Everyone says how much they love Thai food and how great this restaurant downtown is. So I went, I ate and I had to find something else for lunch because I found it repulsive. Luckily, this isn't a lunch outing. It's an appetizer and drink outing. I can handle that, but I'm not going to have hummus. Uck! Do you think they have cosmo martinis?

-Actually, it's not my department that isn't allowed to wear jeans, it's just my group. Brian is in my department and he can wear jeans every Friday if he chooses. Not me. Hmph!

-Offices have incredibly fast "grape vines", I've learned. Just a few weeks ago I told Brian how a top manager at my work said said something not very nice at all to another manager (who isn't as far up the ladder). His comment included a cuss word and it was pretty harsh. Anway, Brian asked how I heard. I explained to him that Matt was in the office when the top manager said this to the other manager. He then told Karen, who told Valerie, who told me. This was all before lunch. You can see what we do with our spare time at work.

-I don't have much else going on. I might be able to post more pictures, but you might have to wait until next week. Because I know you're all waiting.

-Have a great weekend!


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