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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wow! It seems like forever since I've posted. It's been almost a week since my last tasty, cold beer. It's not that bad. And it's been snowing here off and on so it's not like I come home and want to go outside and drink a beer on our patio. If the weather were nicer, this would be so much more difficult.

What else has been going on, you ask? Well, Brian and I have signed the boys up for baseball. Jordan will be doing T-ball and Riley will be in the minors division. Which I feel so guilty about because I should have been having him do this about 2 years ago. Because a week from Saturday he has to try out for the team he's going to be on. And he has pretty much never played. I'm worried about it. Hopefully Jordan enjoys playing. It would be awesome if he wanted to play every year. Darby will be playing soccer. I'm thinking that's the perfect sport for that little girl. It's going to be a busy spring!

Okay, I'm sorry I'm boring. I just can't think of anything eventful to write about. But that does remind me. The kids were talking about Disney World and Riley said how much fun Mt. Borah was. "Mt. Borah? You mean Mt. Everest?" And Jordan asked him, "did you think that ride was boring?" Okay, maybe that's one of those 'had to be there' stories. But it was funny he called it Mt. Borah. And then silly that Jordan would ask that. I'm done. Have a great day.


  • I have LOVED soccer, but alas - captain stinky prefers playing basketball....of COURSE he'd pick the only sport I know absolutely NOTHING about!

    By Blogger Queen of Ass, at 2:26 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • I cant wait until Bubba can play sports. However, of course, I dont want her to grow up anymore than she already has.

    Sounds like you will be busy! Isnt it fun though to start getting things ready for SPRING!!


    By Blogger and rudeness, at 2:44 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • My son started soccer a couple of weeks ago. He loves it! He was so excited looking forward to it... he would just vibrate with excitement whenever we mentioned it. Too cute!

    By Anonymous Monique, at 7:15 PM, February 27, 2007  

  • I'm so excited. I hope Darby likes it. I think it would be great if they could really get involved in a sport.

    Queenie! I've missed you. And I know nothing about basketball either. I think kids do that on purpose.

    Ryan, try not to get in too big of hurry. I'm sure she'll be big enough before you're even ready!

    By Blogger Jolynn, at 7:40 AM, February 28, 2007  

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