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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Morning Ramblings

It's approximately 7 in the morning and I'm the first one up. I have been for at least a half hour now and it's weird. Yesterday Brian woke up at like 4 am or some outrageous time close to that and I was exhausted all day. Usually the baby is up by now, but we must have worn her out yesterday with the one shopping trip and all the time we spent with her at home, hanging around, not doing much. She really needs to start pulling her weight around here. Seriously.

I know I keep saying it, but I absolutely love being busy with the kids' sports activities. It is so nice not having everyone sitting inside getting restless. Darby has a game every Saturday for the next six to eight weeks and the boys' baseball schedule hasn't been posted yet, but I've been checking the website for the schedule every day, probably five times a day. Do you think I'm being obsessive? I may be, but I'm telling you this soccer/baseball mom thing is fun.

I think I hear Brian. I hate when he catches me writing a post. I don't like him to read it until I'm finished and it's posted.

Oh yes, weird thing happened. My daughter, who is six, found my My Space page with the help of her dad. Which is just weird, but the My Space page doesn't have anything I would care about anyone seeing. It's linked to my photo blog, but I don't really care if anyone sees that either. It's just the thought of him and that wife visiting this site. Puke. But I've only said a few hateful things about them. I suppose if they find it they can pretty much get over it. It would just be weird is all and the fact that all the kids, minus Jillian of course, can read, makes it a bit weird as well. Of course I do nothing but gush, a bit annoyingly I'm sure, about them, so they can read it too. In fact anyone can read it. I don't care!

Okay, that is quite enough rambling. I'm going. I have Monday off from work to hang out with kids and Brian. Woo hoo! Have a great week!


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