Pink Sheets

Monday, April 28, 2008

Why Do They Always Grow Up?

Yesterday was the best day ever! We went on a bike ride and it was perfect. Except for the part where I tipped over and scared our paranoid baby. She's terrified of falling. "Mommy, don't fall!" she tells me while we're riding. When I put her in the seat, on the back of my bike, she is continuously yelling, "I'm going to fall! I'm going to fall! Mommy, I'm falling!" She's not. But, I was going too slowly around a corner to get on this narrow bike path and I tipped and scraped my leg on the wall and now she talks about how "mommy and fell and so did I". But she really didn't.

The weather was so nice I even planted my Arbor Day tree. That is how amazing it was. Because I do not like to plant, or keep plants. I like plants in my house, but I need someone to take care of them...Brian. Anyway, I think I can handle watering my new little tree. He's so cute. He only needs water every ten days. I can manage that. Jillian also helped me plant the tree with her new Dora tools.

For Arbor Day I went on a field trip with my fifth grader. I thought I better since he's going to middle school next year. I may never have another field trip to take with him. At first he was trying to act cool and was a little stand-offish towards me but by the end he warmed up. He even sat with me on the bus on the way back and asked me to stay for lunch. Which of course I did. He's still my sweetie.

My little baby sweetie went to her first day of preschool today. It's actually a daycare/preschool, but it was the first time away from Grandma and Mommy. It was really hard on us. More so than on Jillian who walked in, climbed on a rocking horse and waved good bye to me with a huge smile on her face. She's so cute. I'm still going to be calling there in a couple of hours. Because even though she's 2 1/2, she's still the baby.

The baby is a bit mean and moody at times. Yesterday we told her she couldn't have anymore water in her water pail and she threw it to the ground, made a grunting noise and walked away. It was weird. This morning she told Jordan to get out of her room and she slammed the door on him. And yesterday morning her dad was trying to brush her hair and she yelled, "let go of me, boy!" What the heck?

Monday, April 21, 2008

One Reason Why I Don't Feel Old-For Today At Least

Brian and I went to Subway for lunch on Friday. There's a high school near by so we have to put up with the high school kids while eating, but sometimes that can be interesting. *side note: not looking forward to having high school kids in the house.* I was listening to a couple of the boys talk, because they're loud, and they were talking about a girl's mom being really hot. They discussed this for quite sometime and one of the boys hadn't met her yet but really wanted to meet her and he thought he was going to have the chance last Friday, but it didn't work out. During this conversation I was thinking to myself that this woman must be pretty good looking for those boys to be going on like that. Then I felt a little depressed that I wasn't considered a hot mom. And then I ordered my lunch and completely forgot about the conversation.

That afternoon I decided since I had to get the kids to their games 1/2 hour early I may as well get some exercise in during that time. I normally sit on the bleachers and watch them warm up while talking to the other moms and eating some sort of junk food. I can do that during the game. Now I've decided I will take a walk. I got Riley all situated and started on my route around the field and school and back to the field. On the way the way there's a skate park.

As I walk by I hear someone yelling hi. I ignore it. It gets more persistent so I turn around. Some kid is yelling hi to me and waving. I wave back and continue on my way. I hear another yell, "hey who is that? Is that a mom?" They other kid yells back, "yeah, that's a mom! I'm going to have her try out for my hot mom skater website. Hey! Do you want to try out for my hot mom website?" At this point I was satisfied that some teenage kid thought I was a hot mom and went merrily on my way, completely ignoring them.

I probably won't be a hot mom when Riley is actually a teenager, but I'll take what I can get.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reasons Why I Feel Old

The other day there was a bump on my face. I started to panic. I wasn't sure what it was. It was smooth and matched my skin perfectly except that it bumped out of my face. I had all of these horrible thoughts because I thought it was some growth that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. This horrible...bump. I started to get upset and poke at it. It didn't hurt and it wasn't sore. I was certain it wasn't a pimple. Until a few days later when it started to show pimple qualities. I was so relieved. I can live with a pimple because they leave. Eventually. This one is hanging around a while. Now that I know it's a pimple I don't want it there! I'm still glad it's not some growth.

My child has long hair. Not really long. It's just not short. He says it's perfect right now. It is kind of cute.

That metabolism thing. It really sucks.

I'm always tired!

I can't keep up with my two year old.

I have a job that stresses me out sometimes.

I talk to old people sometimes and we have a lot in common.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Weeks In

I'm sorry. It's baseball season so your going to get a lot of baseball posts from me. Let me begin by saying girls softball in Nampa is awful. I hate it and Darby will never play softball again. She originally played for the Rec Center last summer. I didn't like that because it overlapped with soccer and it wasn't very...exciting. I know that's not nice, but it bored me out of my mind. Soccer is fast paced and even though it's a "non-competitive" league, the girls are competitive. It's fun. Softball, they hit the ball and run the bases and sometimes they try and catch and throw the ball.

I thought it was just the Rec Center softball games, so I signed her up for Babe Ruth softball because Babe Ruth is competitive. I thought it would be more organized and...exciting. Boy was I wrong. Babe Ruth is good for baseball. Babe Ruth is crappy for softball. I told Darby no more softball. She can play baseball or soccer or whatever, but no more softball. Ever! She said she wants tennis lessons. We'll see.

The boys are having a great time. They're doing well and they seem happy. The games are fun to watch and they seem to have good coaches. I love it!

Anyway, this week was vicious. Monday both Jordan and Riley had games at 5:30. This was actually kind of nice because they have games at the same place. Darby had a school program on Tuesday night. She wore the cutest outfit. Cute in that it was a little inappropriate, but it was so funny. She had to wear red, white, and blue and she found her old 4th of July outfit, which of course, is a tank top and little skirt. That's what she wore and she loved it! That's all that matters.

Jordan had another game on Wednesday and poetry reading last night and tonight Riley has a game. This Saturday is also Jamboree so everyone has games, including Darby, and I've volunteered to man the concession stand from 7:30 in the morning until 10. It should be a nice, long day! Hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Too, Too Cute

Jordan gave Jillian these cutsie girly tattoos that he received from a birthday party. She thought they were stickers and was trying to use them, but wasn't able to. She asked for help. I told her we should put them on her arm. She agreed.

She says she wants the frog tattoo on first. I take off the plastic protective cover and place it on the top of her arm above her wrist so that she would be able to see it. I follow the instructions and pull off the paper portion to reveal her frog tattoo.

"Whoa! I need more, I need the birdie." I put the other tattoo of a sweet little birdie above her other wrist.

She was so impressed. She starts punching the air with her little fists. "Look Mommy, look, I strong!" More air punching, "I fight bad guys!"

I guess all you need are a couple of tattoos and that automatically makes you a crime fighter. I had no idea.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

First Business Trip

Brian has been out of town. That's why I've had to run the kids all around by myself. I didn't want to announce he was going out of town, because I didn't think that was a good idea since I would be all alone in my house with four kids. I do have a pit bull. She's not fierce, but she's really protective of the baby. I think because the baby is weak and small. I'm pretty sure the dog thinks she out ranks the baby. Anyway, in normal circumstances she is the sweetest dog that ever lived and her only flaw is peeing on people because she's so excited, however, she would probably be able to do some damage should someone try and attack me or the kids.

Okay, so enough of that. While Brian was away for two days I came to the realization that the kids are pampered. Seriously pampered. I'm not sure how it happened because they aren't spoiled, but boy do they live the good life. They don't really have any responsibility. They don't do anything but keep their rooms picked up and beds made. What the heck?

While Brian was away, Riley took Chloe for her morning walk, put her bed in her kennel, gave her water and treats and put her in the kennel for the day. This is normally done by Brian every morning and Riley has been helping him, so it was only logical for him to take over while Brian was away. I'm sure Brian will continue with that task since he's back, but I gave Jordan and Darby a task and they are keeping it! I had them collect all of the trash from the little trash cans around the house. Usually I do that the morning of trash day, but not any more.

I guess they do pick up dog poop occasionally too, but not on a regular basis. Sometimes Brian does that. And there's still the baby. She does pick up her toys. Usually. Sometimes she has moments where she refuses, but not often.

Regardless of the kids help, I sure missed Brian. The kids have so much going on and they like when he's there to run them around and watch their games. And for some reason I always have car issues when he's away. They're of my own doing of course, but still, what the heck? The week he and Jordan went to Disney World I was driving little, little Jillian home from my mom's and I ran out of gas. On the freeway. I was at least almost all the way off the freeway, but the poor car sputtered out on the off ramp. I got out and was sobbing as I pulled the stroller out of the trunk. It was just awful. Luckily a woman with three kids stopped and picked us up. This time around I left the lights on all day and had to jump start the car. It's so annoying.

Also, Brian took my moisturizer. Can you believe it? I found some boy moisturizer in the drawer I had to use and I had to put sunblock on my face and do all this extra stuff. I can't believe he took it. I was shocked.