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Monday, April 07, 2008

Too, Too Cute

Jordan gave Jillian these cutsie girly tattoos that he received from a birthday party. She thought they were stickers and was trying to use them, but wasn't able to. She asked for help. I told her we should put them on her arm. She agreed.

She says she wants the frog tattoo on first. I take off the plastic protective cover and place it on the top of her arm above her wrist so that she would be able to see it. I follow the instructions and pull off the paper portion to reveal her frog tattoo.

"Whoa! I need more, I need the birdie." I put the other tattoo of a sweet little birdie above her other wrist.

She was so impressed. She starts punching the air with her little fists. "Look Mommy, look, I strong!" More air punching, "I fight bad guys!"

I guess all you need are a couple of tattoos and that automatically makes you a crime fighter. I had no idea.


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