Pink Sheets

Friday, August 31, 2007


This was the score of the first Bronco game of the season. Poor Weber State. I'm trying to get the baby to say "Go Broncos!" She says "Go! Go! Go!" but the Broncos part is a little more difficult. I'm sure by the end of the season she'll have it down.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. I'm going to relax! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jamboree Day

I haven't been blogging, but not because I've been especially busy like I thought I might be. Riley had his jamboree on Saturday and it was fun. I took all the big kids while Brian stayed home with the little Jillian. We had sodas and popcorn and watched a couple of 12 minute games. Riley did really well and his team scored a touchdown, which is exciting. The other team did not. Ha, ha! Just kidding. I'm so not that parent. I'm a good sport. Besides, how can you act like an ass to little kids in football uniforms. They are too cute.

The highlight of Darby's day was collecting autographs from the BSU football players. Because BSU football is a big thing over here and she gets very excited about it even though she knows as much about football as I do. Still, she collected quite a few signatures, even missing her brother's 6 minutes on the field to do so. That's alright.

Supposedly Riley did very well. He's cornerback and I saw him in his position and then there was running. I cheered of course and when the game was over his coached told me he did awesome. I smiled and nodded. I have no idea exactly what he did. I think football is too complicated. Maybe I'll catch on? *shrug*

Jordan was also enjoying himself. He sat and watched a few games and cheered for which ever team he decided he would cheer for. He tried to tell me that some of plays were "so good" (again, I don't know) and when he left to use the restroom he told me to tell him if anything good happens. I think I was able to let him know someone made a touch down. He was disappointed he missed it. Next time I guess.

Also, while Darby and Jordan were waiting for autographs they saw a boy running down a ramp with his soda and pretzel. He fell, spilling the soda everywhere and dropping his pretzel. Some kids were laughing at him, though Darby and Jordan insist they didn't, and he got back up, pretzel in hand and out of anger threw down his pretzel and stomped off. They did think that was funny, but again, insist they didn't laugh. I don't know how they didn't laugh because it sounds too funny not to laugh. Seriously.

They did laugh however, when Riley's coach showed up and announced he needed his smallest player to try on some socks before he handed them out. "Riley, where are you?" he asked. Both started cracking up. "Riley's the smallest player?" they were both exclaiming, trying, but not succeeding, to hold back chuckles.

Friday, August 24, 2007

And So It Begins

I have spent the entire week at football practice with Riley and will spend a good part of the day doing football activities on Saturday. Next week Darby starts soccer and Jordan's flag football officially begins their practices. The good thing is all the games are on Saturday which is perfectly fine with me. But it's going to start to get crazy and this will pretty much become my life for the next 8 weeks or so and I may not have much to talk about. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This morning Brian and I spied this license plate:

C Hunt

All I have to say is what the...?

Conversation overheard between a 6 1/2 year old boy and 7 year old girl:

Boy: Darby, who would you choose the Autobots or the Decepticons (sp?).

Girl: I have no idea.

Boy: Just choose one.

Girl: The Decepticons.

Boy: What???! Why in the world would you choose them??? They...He then goes into some spiel about how much better the Autobots are and she's crazy to choose the Decepticons.

Girl: Jordan, I don't have any idea what your talking about.

It's alright. I didn't either.

I'm already getting excited for Christmas, is that wrong?

Santa has even "put together" Darby's gift. She's going to ask for the Alice in Wonderland Barbies. I'm so proud of her. She's so excited to get Barbies you can't take out of the box.

Jordan is asking for the entire team of Autobots, hence the conversation above.

Riley doesn't know and Jillian's pretty easy.

We also have their big gift purchased. I can't wait to give it to them, but it's a surprise.

Michael Vick is a horrible person:

According to a ten year old who used to be a fan. A couple of years ago on his birthday his grandma took him shopping and bought him a Michael Vick football and jersey. The jersey is still hanging in his closet, but I'm pretty certain the football is soon going to become Chloe the dog's new chew toy.

I was giving Riley a hard time about it last night.

Me: Too bad your grandma bought you that football and jersey with a dog abuser's name on it.

Riley: It's not her fault! She didn't know! I liked him, he's a really good player. I didn't know he was such a horrible person.

Me: And now you play on the same team as him!

Riley: Mom! I play for the Ravens, not the Falcons.

Me: Close enough.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to." Dorothy Parker

There are several reasons that I'm not in charge of paying the bills. The most important one being that I wouldn't manage the process very well. Sure they would be paid, but there are so many other things that can be done with money besides paying bills. Anyway, here is another reason why I "can't be trusted" as Brian might say.

I pay all my medical and dental bills on my own because I have an account set up for just that purpose. Usually I pay everything in full, but one came up I decided to make payments on. It's almost the end of the year and I didn't want to run out of money. So, I made the proper arrangements with the office to send in $20 a month. They said they would send me an agreement to sign and send in with the first payment. Sounds easy enough. I receive the paper, sign it, fill out my credit card information to send in my $20, stuff the envelope and realize I need a stamp. Easy enough. There's a stamp machine at my work.

I take my nicely stuffed envelope to work to buy a stamp and stick it in my desk drawer. Were it sits until the end of the week. Sigh. It's Friday night, I have all my belongings together to go home. I don't want to go get a stamp. Oh well, I could just take it with me and buy a stamp at the store and put it in the mail at home. Then I thought to myself, "like that's going to happen", and left the bill at work where it will surely get stamped and mailed and not neglected.

The next week I had vacation. When I finally arrive to work on the next Monday, I know I really need to get this thing mailed. Of course, not that Monday. I was much too busy. That evening I received a notice that my payment was late. What is wrong with me? Tuesday I'm determined to get this thing mailed. When I go to work-out I take the exact amount of change needed to buy a stamp. 40 cents. Okay, it's actually $.41 and the stupid machine won't return my money so I can go find another penny. Argh!!! I leave it thinking some lucky stamp purchaser is going to receive almost a free stamp on me.

I go into the locker room and this must be my lucky day because sitting on the counter is a penny. I run out and purchase my stamp and stick it on my envelope. It was finally ready. I even mailed it right after working out that's how good I am.

That evening I threw out my past due notice. A little while later Brian asked me, "where is that letter telling you that $20 payment is past due?" I told him I threw it away because I mailed it. He just gave me one of those 'I can't believe you' looks and rolled his eyes and we went on with our evening.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just Rambling On and On and On...

I started another post, but I wasn't feeling inspired. I couldn't finish it. Not a lot going on. Jordan started school yesterday. He seemed to have a good day and was in good spirits. Plus, he beat the "fur" out of Carson at tether ball which was a huge plus.

Yesterday I bought my co-worker a $.29 Snickers bar with Brian's humongous soda. She's been craving one for the past week and a half. I set it on her chair and she's still trying to figure out who left it for her. She hasn't asked me about it yet. Sheesh! She's not a very good detective,
which must be why she works in an office.

I'm wearing a watch today. I haven't worn a watch in awhile, I usually wear a loose fitting bracelet. Now it feels as the though the watch is cutting off my circulation. I think I had too many links taken out. It's so annoying. Maybe I should take it off, but I'm not going to.

When I go to the restroom at work I prefer not to have people talk to me. This morning a manager, not from my department, talked to me the entire time we were in there. The entire time! I had no choice but to answer back. Otherwise it's just rude. Very awkward.

There are a lot of changes going on at my work. I hope that's good.

Brian's parents bought a new puppy. She is so cute. His mom thinks that the puppy and Jillian are the same age. They took a picture of the two of them yesterday and they both had the same expression on their faces. It was so weird.

Tonight I'm making BBQ chicken thighs and I'm not sure if it's a wise decision. The thighs sometimes take a while to bake. Oh well.

I made a pledge to myself that I was going to work out every day this week. I don't want to today, but off I go. Have a great Tuesday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

And Even More Than Rachel Ray, I Love That Boy

Because I had the best birthday ever! On Friday we were going to go shopping and get me some new workout clothes, but we sort of ran out of time so we went home, made dinner and vegged out. On Saturday Brian had to work. I went to lunch with my friend and my baby and we went shopping afterwards. I bought a pair of jeans and three shirts from Express. Brian says the shirts are way too low cut to wear to work. I'm wearing one right now. And he's cute to think so. I have the other two in my car to return, but now I'm thinking I might not return them. They're really cute.

On Sunday we went to the concert and it was awesome. Awesome! That's the only word worthy of describing it. We had the perfect seats. Little Big Town was so much better than I thought. Martina McBride was fun and pretty and did amazingly well. Brian thinks she was better than Faith and Tim. I just don't know about that. But I had more fun at Martina's concert than Faith and Tim's, so maybe she is better.

Monday I took the day off. And thank God I did because I had way too much to drink at the concert and stayed up much too late. Plus, Jillian spent the night at her grandma's and she's always a bit odd about sleeping away from home. Because we make her do it so okften. You know those three times her in 1 1/2 years of life is a little much. Whatever, Jilly bean. That's what I tell her. Anyway, I decided to take the kids swimming. We had fun. When Brian came home he surprised me with a Baskin-Robbins birthday cake. It was so yummy. I love Baskin-Robbins. Plus, he bought me a Tim McGraw and Martina McBride CD. Very sweet.

Tuesday was the work party, which means lots of Cosmos martinis. I love those things. I bet on a few horses and totally lost. Whatever! It was a good time and the food was great and some guy tried to buy me a drink, but I declined because my drinks are free. We sat with another couple who isn't nearly as crude as Brian and I are. That's always interesting.

And now my birthday is finally over except for a few family things. And I'm totally okay with it. Because it was perfect.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Love Rachel Ray

She is a genius. I have tried several of her recipes and loved every single dish. That's amazing. How often do you love every new recipe? Hardly ever. At least not in our house. Plus, I've bought these weird ingredients that I have never before used or even heard of. One of them being fish sauce. I had to look it up on the Internet so I had some clue as to where to look for it in the grocery store. It's down the Asian food aisle in case your wondering. Anyway, I was horrified the first time using it, because being as it's "fish" sauce, it actually smells a lot like fish. A lot. I was worried that perhaps it tasted a lot like fish. Strong tasting, icky fish. It doesn't. But every recipe that has had fish sauce has also had sugar. I'm not sure if maybe that's what makes it good, but the two recipes I've tried where I've added fish sauce-Yummy.

My favorites so far are a Turkey Club sandwich, which is made with ground turkey, and Cowboy Spaghetti. I have always been against using ground turkey because when I was younger my friend's parents would use ground turkey to make tacos and I remember thinking it was disgusting. This recipe using ground turkey-Delicious. And I love Cowboy Spaghetti. It calls for about 2 tsp of hot sauce, plus fire roasted tomatoes and a few other spicy ingredients. Our family isn't so much into the spiciness so I cut back on most of that, but there is a cheese sauce you pour on top that is amazingly good. And basically, it's just spaghetti. But it's the best spaghetti I have ever had.

Now my only problem with using her recipes is my presentation. I can't get those darn dishes to look anything like hers. What the heck?

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Twelve Days of Birthday

Okay, it probably won't get stretched out for twelve days, but it might be pretty close.

On the first day of birthday, two little kids gave to me-a card, with Martina McBride concert tickets inside.

On the second day of birthday, my Brian gave to me-a twelve pack of yummy Sam Adams Summer Ale. Very good!

On the third day of birthday, Brian sang me a song telling me to go out and buy a new pair of shoes. I didn't actually buy the shoes on the third day because I was having trouble deciding.

On the fourth day of birthday, the Bri guy went with me to pick out a new black handbag, which I desperately needed. I have been toting around a brown handbag the past few months even on black shoe days. I know, major faux paus. I also went and finally bought my shoes.

Today is the fifth day of birthday and I haven't been told if I'll be receiving any gifts today. I hope so! But maybe we'll be doing something else. Maybe nothing, there's just no telling.

Tomorrow will be day six and it's the actual day. The only plans I know of are the ones I made with my friend to have lunch in the afternoon. Other than that I think it's just going to be a nice, relaxing day.

Sunday, day seven, is the Martina McBride concert. Brian and I are going to go and have a couple beers and I'm thinking it's going to be a really good concert. He even got me floor tickets. I'm so excited.

Monday, yes we are on day eight, will be cake and ice cream with the kids day.

Tuesday, this doesn't really count but we can say it does, is Brian's work party at the race track. All you can eat and drink. Sounds like a good birthday excursion to me. And that makes nine days.

My tenth day is my pizza party with my mom and sisters and I think that will be the end of it. What do you think? Or do you think I can squeeze out another couple of days? I think all of this sounds like a pretty good 31st birthday.