Pink Sheets

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Jillian, I think you hurt your mommy's feelings. You really shouldn't do that. She's the only one whose nice to you."

Monday, March 26, 2007

Couple of Days

Brian took Thursday and Friday off last week to hang out with Jillian while his parents went out of town. I decided to take Friday off to hang out with both them and to go shopping. For something big. And pretty. And I'm so, so excited. The dining room table. It is so pretty. I actually didn't expect we would purchase it on Friday, but it only makes sense. I've had my eye on this one for quite awhile. It was time. I did want the table and the china hutch, but I decided at the last minute to wait on the china hutch. I don't have any china to put into it. Yet. I will. But since there are no weddings in my future, I will be purchasing my 5 piece settings, one or two settings at a time. And I haven't really made up my mind about which one I like quite yet.

Baseball season is going well. We are so busy, but it's a nice busy. The kids seem happy about all of it. Especially since they get to stay up later due to the practicing schedule. We are having a little trouble getting Darby started in soccer, which is a major disappointment. We haven't heard from the coach and I have not been able to reach him or anyone else for that matter. We'll see what happens. Hopefully I'm just being impatient.

This weekend was a big deal for Darby. She had her first real sleepover with her very best friend. They spent the entire weekend together. One night at her friend's house, one night at ours. I'm pretty sure she was exhausted. They were so good. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of Tayler. Which is good. I really like her mom, though it's still a little weird she knows Brian. She came to pick the girls up on Friday afternoon and Brian was acting all funny and nervous to see someone he hasn't seen for ten years. It was funny. He even took a shower at 5 in the afternoon to make sure he was presentable. Weirdo.

All in all it was a good weekend. Hope yours was as well!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Why Are Babies Naughty?

Jillian was a terror yesterday. She refused to take her second nap, so I endured several hours of fussiness and clinginess all with the hope that she would go to bed without incident. I was wrong. She cried and cried and cried before heading up to bed about an hour late. It was awful. Relieved she was in bed I relaxed on the couch with Brian and we watched an episode of Deadwood. Then off to bed for us. I was sleeping soundly and happily when I was so rudely interrupted by a baby screaming.

WTF!!! I hate waking up in the middle of the night. Hate it! It turns me into bad Mommy. My normal Mommy self is usually sweet and loving to Jillian. Probably too sweet. For example, I might say to her as she throws herself to the floor in a fit, "Jillian you silly baby. Why are you on the floor? You are so cute. Please stop hitting your head. Poor little thing." And then I pick her up and give her tons of kisses. And she stops throwing her fit.

But bad Mommy is different. When bad Mommy is disturbed out of a sound sleep her conversation with Jillian is much different. "You are a naughty baby. It is bed time. Mommy needs to sleep. You are doing this on purpose." And then I put her into bed and let her cry. And cry. And cry. And being that she is Brian's child she doesn't quit crying. Because she is stubborn. And I honestly believed she was doing it out of spite because I put her to bed when she didn't want to go. Which might be partly true.

Brian got up and gave her a bottle while I lay in bed pouting. And then I felt guilty that the bad Mom had appeared and I got up, went downstairs, filled her bottle with a little milk, warmed it up in the microwave, which she likes, and changed her diaper before I sat down with her while she ate. And then she went to bed with out a fuss. And when I went in this morning, she was sitting in her crib, with a cute baby smile on her face, ready to start her day. As if she just had the best nights sleep of her life.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Concert, Some Sports Info, and A New TV

Yesterday's concert at Darby's school was so cute. They did all these little folk dances and then had the parents go up and do the last one with them. This is so not my thing, but I wasn't going to be the jerk parent sitting out. Oh no. I went up there and let everyone know exactly how uncoordinated I am. I'm pretty sure no one was looking. That was at least reassuring.

I also met the mom of one of Darby's very good friends. They have been trying to set up a play date for months and now the moms have met and they are having a sleep over next Friday. They are going to be so excited.

As the girl's mom and I were chit chatting, let's just call her Brooke because that's her name, we discovered that she knew Brian. In fact, they had gone to school with each other since Kindergarten. How funny is that? I would say it's a small world, but really, it's just a small city and occurrences such as this are bound to happen. It's still weird.

Riley's baseball coach called last night. Riley is going to play for the Giants. His friend's dad is the coach so I suspected he might get put on that team. Regardless of my suspicions, he is going to be so excited when he hears. Hopefully Jordan's coach calls tonight so we can find out the team he's going to play for. I'm so excited for the sports to start. I think it will keep us all sane this summer.

I was going to say that's all I have, but that's simply not true. A few months ago I remarked to Brian that I thought we needed a new TV. Our current TV was just too outdated and clunky. We needed something new and sleek and, perhaps, pretty. He basically blew it off as one of my impulsive ideas that I would soon lose interest in.

A few days later I'm summoned into the family room, "JOOOLYN!" I enter, "wha?" He inquires, "What did you do to the TV?"

"Nothing, why?"

"Well, it won't work and I find it highly suspicious that you were just talking about wanting a new TV and now our old TV doesn't work."

"I didn't do anything to the TV. I wouldn't even know how to intentionally break a TV, short of throwing it to the ground."

"It's not working, and now we need a new TV."

After much consideration and researching and saving money, on the part of Brian of course, I was just waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally ordered our TV. And it arrived yesterday. I don't even know what kind it is, except that it's a Panasonic and it's fricking huge and I like it. It's not like we're TV people. We watch television. Much more in the winter months than the summer, but we aren't addicts by any means. We watch mostly movies and shows on DVD. But the TV is so cool I don't even care that our dining and living room are still sitting empty. I don't even care a little bit.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I forgot to wear mascara today. I think that may be a sign I should go home, but I won't. I'm already taking a half day tomorrow because Darby has a little concert at school that I promised I would go to. And if I've learned anything about having kids, they will forget every single thing you do for them on a daily basis, but if you attend something, like school concerts or plays or any kind of event they are in, they remember it for years. So, I'm going.

I am so hungry. I think it's because I know we're having the potluck this afternoon and there's going to be a ton of food. I brought those little tortilla wraps. And no I didn't make them. I bought them at the grocery store. Those things take forever to make. But they are oh, so delicious. I would eat them now, but that might be a tad bit tacky. Hmm...

Okay, I've talked myself out of eating one. It wasn't easy. I wish I had something extraordinary to write about, but I don't. Maybe if something else comes up I'll write more.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Is It Just Me? Am I The Weirdo?

Tomorrow is a big day for Riley. He's trying out for baseball. Which all the kids do and all the kids are placed on a team, but he is still nervous. He said. A little.

The weather has been improving. The sun has actually been making an appearance. It love it. I can't wait until it's officially spring.

Next week our department is having a potluck. I love department potlucks. I just don't know what the heck to bring. Any ideas?

I am so ready for this work week to be over. It's taken quite the toll on my good mood. Ugh.

The other night I took out my contacts, put on my glasses, turned on the TV and got into bed. The covers and pillows were all piled up around Brian's side as they usually are every single night. Because that's how he sleeps. I'm watching CSI: New York, which I never usually watch, it just looked good that night. Brian is being quiet, I admit that, but nothing I found too unusual. I'm watching. The show is getting intense and I'm paying very close attention. Then I heard a noise. Like a whisper, but I can't be sure. I ignore it and continue watching. Again, but louder. I'm thinking, "what the hell? Was that on TV? It doesn't make any sense that it's on TV." I literally thought there were ghosts in my room. I continued to ignore it, because that would be CRAZY. And then, in the corner of my eye, I see a figure in the corner. Crouched in the corner to be exact. And he had been sitting there precisely 7 minutes. Crouched in the corner. Whispering "Jo-Jo". Brian...

Then of course he was all offended that I hadn't noticed him in the corner and I didn't notice he wasn't in bed. Whatever, he scared the heck out of me.

The glasses are fairly new. I haven't worn glasses in years because I didn't want to pay for them. They are way more expensive than I imagined. Even with insurance. And at first I didn't like them much, but now, I think they're sort of cute.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tis The Season

Our entire family is crazy. You can just call us the Who's because it is March and everyone is stilling singing, whistling, humming Christmas carols. I know I cringe every time I start singing, "oh the weather outside is frightful..." to Jillian. I'm almost positive I heard Silver Bells being whistled in the kitchen the other morning. By whom you ask? Brian of course. Jordan was singing Tis the Season to Be Jolly this morning in the car and there have been countless other occasions where Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock have been sung in one form or another. All well past the New Year. What is wrong with us?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Didn't Give A Weekly Update

Not a lot happened this week. I'm getting my hair done this afternoon. Thank God. I so need it. I have waited much, much too long to get it colored. It's just it's so expensive and I'm on this tight little budget and it's hard to think "okay, I need to save such and such amount this week so in three weeks I can get my hair colored". I had to wait for my bonus pay in order to afford it. And it has been months. And I have gray hair. And I look horrible. But that will be reconciled today. I'm so excited.

The talk at my work this week was my friend's daughter, Beth Westover, had a boxing match last night. It was a pretty big deal. She was on a few morning shows and they did an interview with her on the evening news. I didn't go, but I hope she won. They didn't have the results in the paper. She wasn't the big story. Cleveland Corder was the big story. Anyway, my friend was so nervous for her daughter. But she is the mom. The mom is always nervous about their little girls. Here's the story on her. She's so cute.

On the way home last night a woman in a black Chevy Impala SS (or whatever the new sporty looking one is) was riding my ass. I was already going 7 miles over the speed limit and everyone else was at a similar pace so it's not like I had options to speed up. Besides, I've had 3 speeding tickets already. (Or is it two. I don't know.) Anyway, they are finally not effecting my insurance anymore and if I were to get another one, Brian would be so annoyed. So, I wasn't going to speed anymore than I already was. Finally she finds a small space between some cars, and speeds past everyone else like some kind of crazy person.

Then we get to part of the freeway that is nothing but stop and go, stop and go. Lo and behold we come upon Miss I'm a Crazy Lady and guess what? We pass her. So as we pass I point and laugh, "ha,ha crazy lady, look at you now!"Brian sighs, "why do you have to be like that? You know in a couple of miles she's going to pass you. And besides, you ride other people's asses all the time."

"True, but I'm not vicious about it like she was. She deserves to be laughed at. And I'm not going to let her pass me." Eventually she did, but that's not the point. Actually there really was no point to this little story. This is just a typical ride home for us. And a typical exchange of words. We talk way too much about my driving. That's all.