Pink Sheets

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Married/Marriage

Okay, okay. So I've been writing a lot about wedding plans and places and things and when, but of course there's more to getting married then the wedding. Which I know so I just wanted to clarify that I do know this, but the wedding part has me really excited.

Brian asked me the other day if I was more excited for the wedding, the party after the wedding or the marriage. He knows the answer. I'm really excited for the wedding and the reception. But I also know the marriage will be great. Because we're already great. And every thing happened like it was suppose to happen. For us. Not in the "traditional" sense. We didn't meet and date and get engaged and get married and have kids. All that stuff was out of order. But, we've been together for around 8 years. And we live together and we get along even better than most couples and I think we try and compromise and make sure not to hurt each other's feelings and we try not to freak out over the little things. We're pretty good at that.

And the proposal was an actual get on one knee and say sweet things proposal. It was perfect. And it was what I wanted, with the person I want to be with. It was a complete surprise. A wonderful surprise and I didn't have a single doubt in my mind about the answer. Not any kind of hesitation what so ever.

And I moved up the date. Because I found the perfect spot and after I had my perfect spot I didn't want to wait. So we are having a Halloween wedding. 10-30-10. Not exactly Halloween but pretty close. I love Halloween. It's my favorite time of year. I think this is the perfect date. And the weather on Halloween seems to be better than in March. At least in my part of the world. And so there you have it. I'm not turning back. The spot is reserved. I'm making a deposit for the photographer tomorrow and the planning officially begins.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I think we found it. The spot for our wedding. We went to a million places and it was the last place, the place I didn't think I would like but I absolutely love. I'm done. I'm not looking at one more location because it is perfect. Perfect size, perfect look, perfect price.

We went to the Boise Art Museum last week and I loved that, but it was pretty spendy and I don't think it's really us. I am going with the Boise Depot. It is beautiful and historic and perfect. I don't have any other way to explain it. So there you have it. Oh and I changed the date. Again. To March 26, 2011. I'm trying to get it to coincide with the beginning of Spring Break and I was having problems figuring that out but I think I have it right. March 26 next year at the Boise Depot, with photographer Kevin Roberts. We met with him on Saturday and he does an awesome job. I loved his photos.

Now I get to find a caterer and a cake and a dress and bridesmaid dresses (I have my bridesmaids, at least most of them, I might need one more) and I also need a wedding planner to help me with set up of the room. I'm sure there will be another million things I need to do but I have the place! I'm so happy.

And Brian is so good about my wedding craziness. I tell him we have an appointment or we're going to go check out some places and we need to do this and this and this and he goes and we have fun checking out different wedding things together. It's fun!

It just seems so far away!!!

Other than wedding stuff my birthday party went well. I took Friday off so I could run some errands and get ready because my Saturday was pretty much full of running around already and Friday night I took Darby to a hockey game. And lucky us, we had seats right next to her school principal. She was thrilled let me tell you. It was pretty funny. Now I'm back at work. And I'm working the whole entire week. I do get to go to dinner tomorrow for a work thing and they always take us some place nice. So I have something to look forward to. Otherwise business as usual. Have a great week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This Is Birthday Week

So, the next 14 months or so you're going to get a lot of wedding plan updates. This weekend we went and met with a photographer who I really liked, but I'm going to call a couple more just for comparison.

We also went to the Rose Room. Which we also really liked, and is a little weird because at first we had completely ruled it out. It's a pretty popular place to get married and I think we just thought it had been done and it wasn't for us. I think the reason it's so popular is because the room can be set up so many different ways and the times are so flexible. Unlike The Penthouse the doors are open all day and you have access to come and go as you please. We can also set up an area for the wedding ceremony and an area for the reception with out having to move any chairs around. And there are more options with the catering and bar selections than at the Adelmann Building, which was beautiful, but seriously, we're not paying $1000's for drinks.

This week I'm going to check out the sky box at the Boise State Stadium. That's right, you can get married overlooking the Bronco's football field. I admit I'm pretty much going just to look but I don't think I'm too serious about it. If I am my colors are so going to be blue and orange. I don't care what Brian says. I also have an appointment to see the Boise Art Museum, which I think would be really, really elegant but maybe not for us. We've decided on a more casual wedding. Traditional yet simple.

I'm pretty busy this week besides with wedding stuff. Riley's birthday is on Tuesday, which actually gets a little tricky because I wanted to take him and the kids out to dinner but the other kids have Awanas. And normally for a birthday I would let them skip Awanas except that Darby spent a good portion of her weekend working on a cardboard car for the theme this week, which is Drive In Movie night. And Jordan will be working on his tonight and hopefully Jillian will be working on hers Tuesday during the day. I asked Riley if it was okay to go out on Wednesday night and he said he didn't really care. Maybe I will just tell his dad he can have him on Tuesday. Hmph!

Also, Brian's birthday is on Wednesday. And since he won't be home until very late on Wednesday (and we're going out for Riley's birthday that night) I'm going to make his birthday dinner on Thursday, which is actually his mom's birthday. And I still don't know what I'm getting him. He said not to get anything big and I am just clueless about what to buy. Same with Riley. I guess he might get money. But I'm going to be getting Brian something.

As you can see there are three birthdays in a row, Riley, Brian and Brian's mom so to celebrate I'm going to have a triple birthday on Saturday night. If I can throw it all together. I have to call everyone today and at some point I'll need to go shopping and the house gets cleaned today so that's good. But Friday night Darby and I are going to a hockey game. Just us, was her request. It's her school's hockey night at the Idaho Steelheads and you get tickets and a hot dog for $12, which is a good deal, but that means I'll get nothing done on Friday. Which is fine.

Oh and I also need to lose about 5 or 6 lbs because that's what I gained this holiday season. Not good!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Location, Location, Location

I have to admit, this wedding planning stuff is fun. Yesterday we went to check out the Adelmann building. It was so pretty inside and almost seemed perfect but there's an issue with the drinks. We want an open bar and the way their bar catering is set up it would be way expensive. They are on hold until we look into some other options.

This afternoon we're going to look at The Penthouse at CW Plaza. This one looks promising but of course there are other issues. They have a great selection of caterers but you only get the location from 3 pm to midnight and three hours of that is set up and clean up. The other locations give you all day.

I've emailed a couple other places and haven't heard back. It makes me anxious. I want to get the location settled so I can start planning the other stuff. Like the catering, the cake, the entertainment. I tell you this wedding is going to be fun. I'm doing exactly what I want. I think we have finally settled on 3-19-11 for the date but until we get our location that's subject to change. Since the weather is going to be iffy in March we need an indoor location. And that kind of limits the number of people we can invite, which also causes a problem because it seems our invitation list keeps getting longer and longer.

But it will all work out. No problems. I have given myself plenty of time to plan. And so far I'm a little obsessed. I don't know if I'll start to slow down but I have a feeling I won't. Tomorrow I'm taking my maid of honor to look at dresses. Saturday we have an appointment with a photographer. Next week I don't have anything planned but I'm pretty sure that will change.

I'm just so excited!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So Far Best Year Ever...

We woke up at 5:15 on New Year's day after having people over for wine and appetizers to ring in the New Year. We have awesome guests because by 12:10 am everyone had cleared out. Including my Jilly Bean who stayed up so late and was so tired and begging to go to bed but had to wait for Grandma and Grandpa to take her home so that she could spend the next 6 nights with them. Which is the longest she has ever stayed away from home and I miss her so much. So I'm skipping work today to go get her early.

On Friday we drove all day to Las Vegas. I love road trips! I think that might be because I'm a little spoiled. Just a little. On the way to Las Vegas/Phoenix I drove from our house to Walmart. On the way home from Phoenix (14-15 hour drive) I drove from Boise to Nampa which I think is like 17 miles or something. I don't know why Brian doesn't like me to drive, but I'm okay with that.

Last time Brian and I went to Vegas we didn't really know what we were doing and I felt rushed the entire time and tired and hot. This time we did better. We gambled a little. We ate a little. We drank way too much. We had reservations for a fancy restaurant that we cancelled because we were having too much fun. It was great.

After a couple of nights in Vegas we headed down to Phoenix. I was so excited because I have never been to Phoenix. People in Phoenix are much nicer than people in Vegas. And we were going to the Fiesta Bowl. I could not wait. There was a pretty good mix of BSU and TCU fans at our hotel. I was a little afraid of the TCU fans after encountering a couple at the hotel. They seemed kind of smug. But the ones we met at the tailgate party and game were very nice. In fact, one of them took a picture of us together in our suite at the game. It was pretty funny.

And that's right, we had tickets for a suite. It was awesome!!! Brian scored tickets from one of our transportation carriers for seats inside their corporate box. It was so much fun. I can't even describe it.

But even before the game, the night we arrived in Phoenix Brian asked about a nice restaurant we could go to since we missed our reservations in Vegas. We had steak and lobster and it was fantastic and then we went outside into this garden area and Brian popped the question. That's right, the question and gave me the most beautiful ring I could ever hope for and I was totally, completely shocked. I did not expect it. At all.

It turns out that my friend knew all about it and I can't wait to give her a hard time because looking back she was acting so weird!!! But I'm so excited and happy and I can't wait to start planning!!!

Here's a pic of my pretty ring. I gotta go pick up my baby girl because I miss her like you wouldn't believe.

PS I haven't even told my family or Brian's family. I guess I'll start telling today. Starting with Brian's parents. They will be so surprised. I think everyone has just gotten used to the idea that we weren't getting married. But we are!