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Monday, January 25, 2010

I think we found it. The spot for our wedding. We went to a million places and it was the last place, the place I didn't think I would like but I absolutely love. I'm done. I'm not looking at one more location because it is perfect. Perfect size, perfect look, perfect price.

We went to the Boise Art Museum last week and I loved that, but it was pretty spendy and I don't think it's really us. I am going with the Boise Depot. It is beautiful and historic and perfect. I don't have any other way to explain it. So there you have it. Oh and I changed the date. Again. To March 26, 2011. I'm trying to get it to coincide with the beginning of Spring Break and I was having problems figuring that out but I think I have it right. March 26 next year at the Boise Depot, with photographer Kevin Roberts. We met with him on Saturday and he does an awesome job. I loved his photos.

Now I get to find a caterer and a cake and a dress and bridesmaid dresses (I have my bridesmaids, at least most of them, I might need one more) and I also need a wedding planner to help me with set up of the room. I'm sure there will be another million things I need to do but I have the place! I'm so happy.

And Brian is so good about my wedding craziness. I tell him we have an appointment or we're going to go check out some places and we need to do this and this and this and he goes and we have fun checking out different wedding things together. It's fun!

It just seems so far away!!!

Other than wedding stuff my birthday party went well. I took Friday off so I could run some errands and get ready because my Saturday was pretty much full of running around already and Friday night I took Darby to a hockey game. And lucky us, we had seats right next to her school principal. She was thrilled let me tell you. It was pretty funny. Now I'm back at work. And I'm working the whole entire week. I do get to go to dinner tomorrow for a work thing and they always take us some place nice. So I have something to look forward to. Otherwise business as usual. Have a great week.


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