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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What An Imagination

Jillian has the most insane imagination. I can not believe the things she comes up with. Right off the top of her head. I mentioned her imaginary friend in my short post below. Her name is Kara and she goes to college. Kara and Jillian think cows are disgusting. Her and Kara were with Kara's mom driving and they saw a cow and both thought it was disgusting. Sometimes Kara is mean to Jillian. Jillian's brother and sister once called her and pretended to be Kara. Jillian was so happy to talk to Kara on the phone. They are no longer allowed to do that however, because she wanted to keep calling Kara over and over again on the phone. It was kind of annoying. And Jillian wanted Kara to come over and was upset when I wasn't able to make that happen. Darby did come up with a plan to make Kara invisible so that she could visit us. Without actually being there, because she's not real.

The other day she mentioned that she was part Vampirish. You know, like one might be part English, or Scottish, or Irish or whatever. Jillian is part Vampire. She loves vampires. I'm not sure why, they kind of scare me, but I guess if your part vampire you wouldn't be easily scared by them.

She's just so cute. She has an answer for everything. I'm a little afraid though. I think it's a fine line between wild imagination and little white lie. Like last night when her dad asked what she was doing and she replied, "playing with muppets". Hmmm.


  • Ver-y cute!

    By Blogger Karen, at 9:51 AM, December 29, 2009  

  • I love that she is part vampirish...that is so cute.

    Happy New Year to you guys! May 2010 bring you all the best of life!

    By Blogger Deana, at 6:44 AM, December 31, 2009  

  • Happy New Year to you and yours, Jolynn!!

    By Blogger Karen, at 6:47 PM, December 31, 2009  

  • Don't worry about it. I had an imaginary friend named Lisa. Mom always had to have two cookies and glasses of milk for me and her. LOL!
    I have no memory of it.

    Of course, maybe it's a spirit friend! Now that would be scary! What a great mind to think of vampirish!

    By Blogger Envoy-ette, at 1:41 PM, January 03, 2010  

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