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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Okay, the week wasn't completely awful. It could have been much worse. The coming weeks are going to be so busy they are going to fly by they are so packed with things going on.

-Monday: Christmas program for Jordan's class.
-Tuesday: Christmas program for Darby's class.
-Friday: Make fudge and hash brown casserole for holiday treat brunch on Saturday.
-Saturday: Holiday treat brunch.

Oh yes, and I need to have all the "Santa" gifts wrapped by Saturday so that Brian and his dad can take them up to the cabin, which is where we are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning this year. This wrapping thing is not easy. Do you see Monday and Tuesday? I have those two Christmas programs, which will pretty much take all evening. And this weekend was shot on doing any wrapping because I have Jillian and Brian is working. And let me tell you, if I tried to lock myself in the room without her, she would probably break down the door. I guess Wednesday and Thursday I'll need to get it all together. Friday evening I'll be busy shopping and baking. Ahhhh!

The next week isn't going to be that much better. The beginning of the week is pretty much open but Thursday is Jillian's Christmas program at her daycare, Friday I have a lunch with my bestest girlfriend in the world and Friday evening we have a going away party for a guy at work. I wasn't actually invited but Brian was and he can bring a date. Me! The next weekend as far as I can tell I have no plans. I'm really looking forward to that. I'll be wrapping gifts all weekend and hopefully finishing my shopping. Because then I have the next week off from work. I can not wait!!! I need a week off. It will be somewhat busy but I love it. And I think a lady at work is starting to lose it again so it will be nice to have a break from that.

What to do today? I'm not sure, maybe some shopping and that's probably about it. I was thinking that I might figure out how to set up Netflix on the Xbox for the boys, but I probably need Riley to figure out how to do that. And maybe Brian. Maybe not. I might try. Riley and Darby should just come home early from their dad's. Seriously!


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