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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Wedding Planner

Jillian loves wedding stuff right now. She talks about her Barbies getting married and she picked out a Wedding Day Barbie the other day at the store. She wants a wedding cake for her birthday and she loves wedding dresses. She points out gazebos and tells me "that is where people get married". She's obsessed. I think she's going to be a wedding planner when she grows up.

Oh and for Halloween she decided she was going to be a vampire. Because vampires are scary and she loves scary. A few days ago she revised this to "vampire bride". So I bought an angel costume and she can wear the white dress (minus the wings of course) under her vampire cape that my mom made for her. She's so weird.

On the same topic, Darby would make a great fashion designer. I find sketches of outfits all over the house with captions such as "snow suit for girls".

Maybe Jillian can plan weddings and Darby can design the dresses. That sounds pretty alright to me.


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