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Monday, September 28, 2009

I Think I Feel A "Case of the Mondays" Coming On

I was so bad last week. So, so bad. I ate out too much, drank too much, had too much junk food and didn't work out enough. This week will be perfect. I promise. Perfect I tell you! Today I am doing yoga AND my difficult work out that I hate and always decide not to do. I'm doing it. And I'm going to sweat. And I'm going to like it. Last week I was down another pound, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting that pound back. Maybe more. Ugh!

Someone stole my print job off the printer. I hate sharing a printer at work. I printed something that has rail car numbers on it and the day of the month the rail cars are expected to reach the mill AND an invoice number. I know. This is exciting stuff. People want this paper so badly they just grab it up with their own papers. I don't think I'll ever get it back.

Jillian has decided she likes soccer now. I'm so relieved. I was worried she hated it and wouldn't play but she does pretty good now. She runs and kicks the ball down the little field. It's so cute. She hasn't made a goal yet, but I'm not expecting miracles. I'm just glad I didn't waste a bunch of money signing her up and buying all of her gear. That would suck!

I think this is the last year Darby will be playing soccer. Which makes me sad because she's pretty good, but she says she doesn't like it. So, I guess I won't make her play. That would be bad.

I usually make the kids take a break from sports in the winter but I might have them do something. Maybe take a class at the rec center like swimming or karate. You only sign up for the month so it's not a huge obligation. I want to put Jillian in a ballet class because she loves that type of thing. I would really like to get the older kids skiing. At least Jordan and Darby. Riley didn't show much interest in it when I asked him about it. But I think the other two would really like it. Or snowboarding, I don't care. Lessons aren't that expensive it's the other stuff that's expensive. Like the gear and the season passes and all that stuff. Who knows. Maybe we should all try skiing. You know. A family thing.

I have not watched NFL football once this year. In fact, I don't watch regular TV at all. Since we've got the the box for Netflix attached to our TV I have had no desire to even turn it over to the regular stations. I don't really think I'm missing anything. Besides, I would only watch so that I could keep up and know what Riley was watching and have conversations about it, but he doesn't really watch pro-football that much either. So, this year we are strictly a BSU house. At least for now.

And BSU is doing awesome as usual. #5 in the polls this week. Woo hoo!

Okay, I got to go. This time I stole some one's print job. It's much more interesting than the one I had stolen from me.


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