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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All Sorts of Plans

Tomorrow is the big game between the Broncos and the Ducks. Very excited. Not only do I get to just hang out and relax with the family, but I get to watch what I hope is a very exciting game while drinking a few brews and eating junk food. Plus, Labor Day is coming up and I took Friday off. I rock!

Jordan doesn't have school Friday. He has expressed interest in going to one of his friend's house for the day. I told him he needs to get me some contact information and we can see if we can make that happen. Riley and Darby do not have Friday off so I was thinking I might have lunch with Darby. I looked up the lunch menu and it's corn dogs. Ugh, but it will be worth it. She loves when I go to her school. I wish I had more time to volunteer at the schools, but I have to work so it's usually not very easy. I'm running out of days off. Bummer!

Riley told me that I was never to come to his school to have lunch. Ever. Under no circumstances. Rude! Whatever middle school boy. I suppose I won't embarrass him.

Jordan's school has a Fall Fair coming up. I was thinking about volunteering for one of the booths during the fair for a half hour or so, but I don't know. I kind of just want to take the kids and have fun, which I'll be able to do because we have all of the kids that week.

Last night we were driving home from Awanas and Jillian brought up Halloween which prompted a huge discussion on what we're going to do for Halloween this year. It was so cute. They were talking about what they were going to be and how we should decorate the house. They hope Darby's school has another Halloween carnival and they don't want to go anywhere for Halloween this year. They just want to stay home and make a haunted house. I told them we could do the trunk or treating at Awanas. Nope, they want to dress up scary. I said we could go to Boise and do the Harrison Blvd trick or treating again, which is a big deal in Boise. Nope, that was too crowded. They just want to stay home, trick or treat the neighborhood and pass out candy. And make our house the scariest one in the neighborhood. I guess we'll see what we can do.

I'm so glad they get excited for Halloween like they do because that is my favorite holiday. I love it and now so do they. Even Jillian.

Oh and Jillian has decided that she is not going to be a Duck. She is going to be a Bronco for the game, so I'm going to get out all of the Bronco shirts tonight. Go Broncos!

Have a great weekend!


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