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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Short Dog and A Tall Tale

Last Tuesday poor Riley was bit by a wiener dog. On his wiener. It was very traumatic. I didn't really think it was that bad. I mean, he couldn't walk and he said that it bled a little bit, but it was a wiener dog. Apparently, I was completely wrong. He was really sore Wednesday morning and his grandpa said he was red and swollen. So, I took him to the doctor.

We get there and the doctor asks a million questions, which we answer. Very routine. Then he says he needs to check out the bite to make sure there was no serious damage. I close my eyes and I hear, "Oh my gosh! Wow! He really got you good didn't he?" Ahhh! It's painful to even think about. Luckily there was nothing that needed operating on. We got him some cream and Advil for the pain. No baseball all week but other than that nothing major.

He left last night to go to his dad's and before he goes Jillian tells him, "bye Riley, I hope your penis feels better". It was too funny! She is so weird.

Yesterday we were filling out a questionnaire for Jillian's daycare. It had questions such as who are your brothers and sister and pets and favorite color. All very easy. We get to the question, what is your favorite book and she tells me The Land of Four Creatures. I have never heard of this book. Nor have I seen this book. So I ask, "what is that?".

She tells me it has an alien and monster and...I interrupt her. "Where is the book?" She says it's in a scary forest..."No, where is it, in your room?" She ignores this question and continues to tell me the story of "The Land of Four Creatures".

"Jillian." I interrupt her again. "Who reads this book to you?" At that very moment Riley walks in to the kitchen. She turns around and then answers. "Riley".

"Okay, go upstairs and get the book and show it to me."

"Oh, I lost it."

"Jillian! You need to put a real book down for the answer."

"Oh fine. Goldilocks and The Three Bears."

Okay then. My goodness. That one has an answer for everything! I'm a little afraid. She's already this good at telling stories and she's only 3, imagine after she has a couple of years of practice.


  • lol about Jillian - she's going to keep you on your toes when she's older!

    But poor Riley - yeeeeooouuuch! Hope he's healing well.

    By Blogger Kate, at 10:38 AM, September 21, 2009  

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