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Monday, October 19, 2009

Baseball is over. I'm not really sad and I don't feel guilty about it because Riley isn't really sad either. I think he's relieved. What have I learned from this? That baseball all year round is too much for both the parent and the kid. I guess there's only so much baseball a mom can handle in a year.

Jillian, however, will do soccer again in the Spring. I think she likes the social aspect of the sport more than anything because she doesn't care that she's the only one on the team that hasn't scored a goal. In fact, she has no interest in taking the ball down the field. She just runs along with every one else and gives her coaches high fives. Sometimes she gets the ball, but she won't fight to keep it. And that's fine. Because she likes it. And if she doesn't want to score I'm sure there are worse things, like her just standing in the field not moving.

Friday night we went to a school carnival at the elementary school that is about 3 blocks from our house. The one that none of the kids go to. We went because Darby is friends with the neighbor girl who goes there and Riley and his middle school friends all went because several of them use to go there. Anyway, I don't know why I was surprised, but I could not believe how many of the parents I knew. It was crazy. Siblings from Jillian's soccer team were there, of course most of our neighbors were there, I even saw one of my friends that I go out with every now and then. I had no idea her kids go there. Brian said we should probably have Jillian go there. I agree.

Right now Jordan goes to a charter school, which might have been an option for Jillian but now we're going to have to think about it. It's a good school and Jordan loves it there and does really well, but seriously, 3 blocks away. Darby goes to Owyhee, which is near us and she can catch a bus pretty close to our neighborhood, but she goes there because of where her dad lives. I love that school. The teacher's are really great, but considering that we don't live in the same area that won't be an option for Jilly. So, we'll see I guess.

Well, just a couple more weeks until Halloween. I'm very excited. Have a great week!


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