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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crisp Cold Weather

It's 38 degrees right now. This week the temps have dropped significantly from the week before. And with the temp drop, my mood has been on the rise. I can't explain why really, but I get this comforting feeling when I think of the cold weather and coming home at night and making soups and "warm" food. Last night we made fudge. Two batches for Darby's bake sale Friday. I love that stuff.

Plus, it's almost holiday time. I told Brian we should have a Halloween party. He said he doesn't know what that means. I don't really know either but it's on Saturday and the kids want to stay home this year and do fun decorations, so we should have a party. This weekend we're going to get the decorations out and take inventory of what we have and what we want. The kids and I (aka Darby and I) have been saving some cash for the Halloween fund. We have $51. I think that will buy the fog machine everyone has been wanting, but maybe we can find a good deal.

Riley asked me how Darby was getting all of this money for Halloween. I told him she was doing chores for their grandma. He told me I should just ask his grandma to help out with the Halloween decorations instead of sneakily taking it by having Darby do "chores". That kid is just clueless. I'm not being sneaky. Darby wants to donate her chore money. Sure her grandma over pays her for these chores, but that's really between Darby and her Grandma. Who am I to step in?

I think I just have a bad reputation with the kids when it comes to money. You know, because I spend their cash when I run out, but everything usually works out. I mean it's not like I don't spend money on them. Regardless, no one lets me "hold" their cash for them anymore. Except Jillian. She gives me money and when she asks for it and I don't have it I tell her that "daddy used it to buy a soda". Which is true because she gives me change that she finds, usually by digging through her siblings' cash. She's such a good girl. Anyway, to Jillian her dad is the culprit and she scolds him for taking my (her) money and not paying us back.

This weekend is also Chloe's birthday. She'll be five. We're going to have a guinea pig party for her. She'll love it. Not really. I think she gets a little scared when we have parties for her. Like she's in trouble or something. I don't know. She's such a good dog. That's how every one describes her. Because she is. She's the best dog ever. She doesn't do anything bad, except sometimes I get annoyed when she takes too long outside. Especially now that it's getting cold. That is one thing about the cold weather that is not comforting. Standing by the garage door waiting for the dog to finish her business.


  • Oooh, guinea pig party!

    And the news today was saying how it's been unseasonably cold this week. Here in New York City, it's in the 50s, where normally it would be in the 60s in the first week of October.

    By Blogger teahouse, at 9:57 PM, October 01, 2009  

  • weird, this Fall has me in a good mood too. usually the thought of the holidays approaching breaks me out in a cold sweat. But the thought of cuddly sweaters, blankets, and candles outweighs that. That and some creamy comfort food!

    By Blogger Kate, at 10:46 AM, October 02, 2009  

  • What's a fog machine? :o)

    By Blogger Karen, at 1:36 PM, October 02, 2009  

  • oh, duh! Never mind, blonde moment here... of course a fog machine makes fog!!


    By Blogger Karen, at 1:37 PM, October 02, 2009  

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