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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I survived Jillian's birthday and the BSU/UofI game. And I did it on very little food. I'm just so proud of myself. Since I'm not able to work out as much during this holiday season and since I've decided that gaining 10 lbs again is not an option, my friend and I have come up with a "liquid diet" for the holidays. You either choose the food or the booze. These two parties I decided to go with the booze.

The game was pretty good and I still talked too much, but so did everyone. And in my defense, Brian's dad keeps my wine glass full and I just think it would be rude to tell him no.

At Jillian's birthday I actually wasn't going to drink anything at all because it's a child's birthday party and we weren't really serving up drinks, but after everyone left Brian's sis-in-law (or rather X sis-in-law) stayed longer and I brought out the opened bottle of wine from the fridge. She doesn't drink. It was just for me. And there is major drama with that situation and a bottle of wine is just what a person needs when confronted with such---DRAMA. But I won't lie. I like to be in the know. And now everyone wants to know what I know. Which really isn't much because some things just didn't make sense to me.

Anyway, Thanksgiving there won't be any drama. So I haven't decided about the food or the booze. I'm just going to play that one by ear.

The holiday music has started. Jillian's very excited so we've been listening to it but I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of it before Christmas. Usually they don't start the music until after Thanksgiving but I guess they want you in the Christmas mood early this year. Whoever the heck they are.

Okay, I guess I better to go to my meeting with my boss. It was pushed up from this afternoon to this morning which is fine by me.


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