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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time To Get Busy

Saturday is the big BSU/U of I game so Brian's brother is having a party for that event. I hope for the Vandals sake it's a good game. Otherwise I'll be drinking too much and talking with the girls the whole time. Sometimes I get some good family gossip that way. And sometimes I say to0 much. Let's just hope it's a good game.

Sunday is my Jilly Bean's 4th birthday. That's right. Four. And I'm so sad. Brian found an old pic of her when she was probably 2 or so and she has this sweet little smile and these chunky, perfect cheeks and I want to kiss her a million times. And it makes me a little teary that my little baby is a big girl who says words she shouldn't say and tells me I'm fat and says that she hates when I'm mad at her and she goes down the stairs as slow as she possibly can when she knows we're running late. And last night, we were all watching the movie Up and she was crying because the old man's wife died. She's a big girl.

Which is probably the reason I have desperately wanted a puppy lately. I know I don't need a puppy and I know I can't take care of a puppy and I know that I'm not getting a puppy, but I look at puppy ads at least twice a week, just wishing for a puppy. And I dream about puppies. And I do have a puppy, well a dog, but she's an outside dog but I want her to be an inside dog so that I won't want a puppy anymore but Brian won't let her in because he says she smells and she ruins the floor. And I tried to put socks on her once so she wouldn't ruin the floor and that upset both the dog and Jillian because they were Jillian's socks and I guess dogs don't like to wear socks.

So, Sunday is Jilly's birthday and since we're having the game party on Saturday I figured we would just have people over for cake and ice cream Sunday afternoon and let her open her presents. Then I thought we would take her skating which is a little more expensive than you might think, but the day before Thanksgiving they're having a discount night so we'll be going then.

And tomorrow I need to get treats for Jillian to take to preschool for her birthday. And Tuesday I need treats for her to take to Awanas for her birthday. And next Friday I need to make treats for Jordan to take to his school for his birthday. And he has decided he wants fudge, but in the shape of a turkey for Thanksgiving. This might be possible. We shall see.

And then it's Jordan birthday. I have no idea what we'll do for his birthday yet. Oh and did I mention we were have Thanksgiving at our house this year? Yep, we are. I have decided that I'm just taking one day at a time. Otherwise, I might freak out.


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