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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Short Work Week

This year we get the day before and the day after Thanksgiving off. For reasons I don't entirely understand. We changed our pay schedules and now we get two extra days off this year. It's fine by me, I just don't know WHY. We usually get the day after Thanksgiving off, but this is going to be a short week. I'm so happy. Our other extra day is going to be New Year's Eve. I'm so excited since I've already used up most of my vacation days for the year.

You would think that would mean an easy week for me but it's not true. Today is Jordan's 9th birthday so I am making brownies and we're giving him his gifts.

Wednesday we are having a birthday party for him and his friends. We're going roller skating. So that means getting ready for a four hour birthday party, plus that morning I have a doctor's appointment to go to.

Thursday is Thanksgiving at our house. I'm actually really, really spoiled. Brian's mom is doing most of the cooking, we're just hosting. I have to make mashed potatoes and rolls. But getting the house ready can be crazy sometimes. Riley and Darby are spending Thanksgiving with their dad. So sad, but I have them for Christmas this year, so I just have to deal with it. We're also going to be celebrating Jordan's birthday that day with Brian's family so he'll get a few more gifts.

And Friday we will be doing our Christmas shopping. Yes, we go out every year and fight the crowds, but I like it. And I'm not crazy. I won't kill someone over a gift. Plus, we always have breakfast and it's just a fun tradition.

So this isn't going to be an exactly relaxed week, but it will be enjoyable and that does count.


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