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Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Married/Marriage

Okay, okay. So I've been writing a lot about wedding plans and places and things and when, but of course there's more to getting married then the wedding. Which I know so I just wanted to clarify that I do know this, but the wedding part has me really excited.

Brian asked me the other day if I was more excited for the wedding, the party after the wedding or the marriage. He knows the answer. I'm really excited for the wedding and the reception. But I also know the marriage will be great. Because we're already great. And every thing happened like it was suppose to happen. For us. Not in the "traditional" sense. We didn't meet and date and get engaged and get married and have kids. All that stuff was out of order. But, we've been together for around 8 years. And we live together and we get along even better than most couples and I think we try and compromise and make sure not to hurt each other's feelings and we try not to freak out over the little things. We're pretty good at that.

And the proposal was an actual get on one knee and say sweet things proposal. It was perfect. And it was what I wanted, with the person I want to be with. It was a complete surprise. A wonderful surprise and I didn't have a single doubt in my mind about the answer. Not any kind of hesitation what so ever.

And I moved up the date. Because I found the perfect spot and after I had my perfect spot I didn't want to wait. So we are having a Halloween wedding. 10-30-10. Not exactly Halloween but pretty close. I love Halloween. It's my favorite time of year. I think this is the perfect date. And the weather on Halloween seems to be better than in March. At least in my part of the world. And so there you have it. I'm not turning back. The spot is reserved. I'm making a deposit for the photographer tomorrow and the planning officially begins.


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