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Monday, June 29, 2009

Just a Bunch of Stuff

So that Madoff guy was sentenced yesterday. What a total scumbag. Does it really get any worse than this guy? I don't know. Maybe it's because it was on such a huge scale. But when I think about it, so many people had this mind set of what they deserved to have and they should get it regardless of their circumstances. Even in my neighborhood. We saw at least three people move out in the middle of the night. Who are these people that leave in the middle of the night? Normal people do not move in the dark. They just abandoned these houses that they probably shouldn't have bought in the first place.

I started thinking about this because we met our new neighbor the other day and he told us how when he moved in he had to replace the most obscure items, like the toilet paper rolls. Who takes toilet paper rolls when they leave??? I hate this sense of entitlement.

Before all of this economic crap happened I admit that I thought I had to have things. Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately) Brian put me on this pretty tight budget. Like pretty much every penny was accounted for in some way. So, if I want a new pair of shoes I would have to save for them. Which I thought was outrageous because here are these people around me who can buy shoes whenever they want. Lots and lots of shoes. And they can shop every day and they are online buying clothes and I just thought it sucked. I work, I make an okay living why am I saving for a fricking pair of shoes?!

As it turns out it wasn't real. All that money they were spending on shoes and clothes and stuff wasn't real. It was credit. And I had cash. And now I'm going to admit something I probably shouldn't because I don't want Brian to have an "I told you so" attitude but I'm glad I was on a cash only budget. Because right now, if something awful happened like one of us losing our job we won't be homeless. We won't be losing stuff that really wasn't ours to begin with. We just lose a paycheck. Which would be awful and it would be difficult to get by for awhile but it wouldn't be the end of the world.

That's what I've been thinking about lately. And also, the fact that my kids were so busy this weekend and I hardly saw them at all which really sucks because Riley and Darby are going to be at their dad's for two weeks in a row so that I can have them two weeks in a row so that I can have a vacation this summer. With the whole entire family instead of just bits and pieces of us. So, I had to sacrifice them and it's going to be a little more difficult next week. I told Brian that Darby still emails me everyday but Riley never emails me anymore. Maybe he'll just get bored and call me. Sometimes he'll call because he needs me to do something for him. Which is fine. At least he called.

Oh well. This weekend is going to be fun. We're going up to the mountains and we go to this 4th of July parade every year up there. It's so much fun. I don't know why exactly because it's basically just the fire trucks and some old cars going down the main street of this little town but it's a blast. I can't explain it exactly.

Jordan is so busy this summer. After we come back from 4th of July at the cabin he's going with his grandparents to Missouri. It will literally be the same day we get back. Then, when he gets home from Missouri we are packing up our stuff and heading back up to the mountains for our week of vacation. He's going to be exhausted, but Brian says that's what summer is all about. So, it's officially summer now. And it is hot!

Oh and I ordered three disks of Supernatural from Netflix to take to with us. I don't know if I mentioned this, but Jillian loves this show Supernatural. More specifically, she "loves Sam". Yes, she is in love with one of the boys on the show. She talks about Sam all the time and is worried about Sam when he is attacked by demons. It's so cute.

Okay, I rambled on enough I suppose. Have a great 4th of July! Oh and Thursday I'm having a martini. Can't wait.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Mom's Trying to Schedule a Night Out

Mom 1: A couple of us are going out this Friday after work. Want to meet us?

Mom 2: I can't we have a family reunion this weekend in Utah. Let's do another time.

Mom 1: Well, the next Friday is the beginning of 4th of July weekend so that won't really work.

Mom 2: The next weekend we have another family reunion.

Mom 1: Seriously? Okay well the next week Brian and I are taking our vacation at the cabin for the whole week.

Stop! Rewind!

Mom 2: We are going to have to do this during the week.

Mom 1: Okay, what day are you leaving for the 1st reunion?

Mom 2: On Thursday.

Mom 1: I can't really do anything on Monday and Wednesday's because Brian has class. What about the next Thursday. The one before 4th of July?

Mom 2: Yes! It's a date.

I'm exhausted after going through all that. Why is it so hard? And I just recently had to cancel this Friday's date and re-schedule as a lunch because of my friend re-arranging her schedule due to rain! Ugh!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Time. Not Officially.

The kids are out of school and life is so much easier right now. I get to drop off Darby and Jordan at a grandma's house each morning where they are fed and then dropped off at daycare. It's so nice. I just have to get them out of bed and have them dressed. And Riley stays home now so I just leave him in bed. I do need to figure out some things he can do during the day besides playing video games.

Speaking of video games they were banned from the video games from about 5:00 pm on Saturday to noon on Sunday. It was pretty funny. They are such big complainers.

I'm debating whether to put the kids in baseball camp. I would have to arrange all this transportation to and from and sometimes that gets hectic. But they love baseball camp. They've been to the same camp a couple of times now. One of the local high school's has a camp in the Spring and another in the Summer. They get lunch and a t-shirt and they're invited to a game. It's so much fun. I should just do it I suppose.

Speaking of high school we finally watched High School Musical 3. I think Jillian still likes the 2nd one the best. Of course, that's the CD we have playing in the car right now. All the time. She insists on listening to "the baseball song" over and over again. In fact, she went through a little phase where she was trying to sing all of the words right and if she missed one she would make me start the song over. Fortunately, she knows all of the words now. Except for one, she thinks the word pitch is actually something else. Something bad. I explain to her that it's not but she insists it is. Seriously, it's a PG movie. They don't say that word. She just doesn't get it.

I've been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix recently. That show is so good. I love it. I've been a bit addicted to Netflix lately. We watch everything. Even Brian had a movie marathon the other night. I think he was tired because he never does that. And Darby watched a whole season of Heroes in one weekend. That was pretty funny. She said she just couldn't stop. I know what she means.

Well, I don't have much to write. Nothing new is going on. That I can think of at the moment anyway. I wish it would stop raining so we could play outside more often. I'm sure my wish will come true soon. It's bound to get so hot that I will hate it, but that's okay. That's what summer is all about, right? Have a great week.

Monday, June 08, 2009

It happened. The Redsox won the championship game. They are awesome! Riley was so happy. It was so much fun even though it was pouring rain and I think I heard thunder in the distance. (They're suppose to cancel the game if there's thunder.) But I am so glad they didn't.

I had a pretty relaxed weekend. Baseball is officially over and Jillian and I just chilled. We went to a movie, we went to lunch, we went grocery shopping, we watched movies, we fed the ducks...Perfect.

I don't have a lot to write. You know, since I didn't do very much this weekend. We went to Brian's parents house for his nephew's graduation party. That was pretty fun, though there are some weird dynamics with some family members. Like really weird.

I never want the picture. I always want the real thing. I never, ever want to pretend.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's A Miracle

They won. The Redsox actually won the last play-off game and are playing the championship game on Friday. What happened? I don't know becuase I didn't go to that game. (See post below.) I don't regret my decision not to go, but I bet it was a really good game. I'm hoping for the best on Friday! I hope it's a good game!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Post 556

This is my 556th post. That's just weird. I just write down all of this nonsense that really isn't very important. I did that 555 times before now. And this post is going to offer the same content. I don't have much to say but I just feel like writing all this nothingness down.

Riley's playoff game was Monday night. I completely expected them to lose. I know, bad mom. But seriously their team does not do well together. The players are good, the team... I don't know why they can't pull it together. Anyway, I was late, which was fine because Riley didn't play until the 4th inning. They ended up winning the game and moving on to the next playoff game tonight. I love watching baseball games. I'm sad that I'm not going to tonight's game (which, let's be honest, it will probably be their last game) but, it's in this city Emmett and it takes forever to get there and since we're being honest I don't want to drive all the way out there to watch one of the "painful to watch" games. I don't know if anyone has ever seen one of those games, but it's when your team is getting so beat up that it hurts to watch and you beg for it to be over. It's literally torture. Riley's team had a couple of those games this year and let me tell you, I have thanked God more than once that there is the 10 point mercy rule.

If they do happen to win tonight's game, then I will so be at the next game. Regardless of where it's at. I told Riley to call me right after they get home and let me know what happens. He won't he'll forget. I'll just call him on Thursday, though he may surprise me. Sometimes he just calls me. Or emails me. I don't even know why. Kids are silly that way.

I would actually say that Darby calls me way more than Riley when they're at their dad's. Sometimes she calls me several times a night. I think it's funny because she's going to see me in a couple of days. She just has a lot to say I suppose.

Oh, and by the way, I don't know if I mentioned this but dieting is not really all that easy. I thought it would be but I was wrong. I just need to get those stupid pounds off and then I can maintain. Maintaining will not be hard. I'll be able to eat more food. Ugh. I hate this. I might have to resort to a Slim Fast diet or something. At least a couple of days a week to get me jump started. Right now I go up and down, up and down.

Darby says that I shouldn't complain. She says I look just fine and I should be happy because I'm almost 33 and every one thinks I look way younger than that. And after she said that my eyes started to swell with tears because I thought I was only going to be 32! I am going to be 33 years old. In two years I will be 35. Thirty-five! How did this happen??! Thirty-three and I still don't have my boob job. Pretty soon, it won't even be worth it to get new ones. I'll be too old! I'll be this old person with perky boobs. What's the point?

And I know some of you who read this are older than 33, so I think you might appreciate what I'm going through. I'm sure you had an age just sneak up on you. I was seriously fine with 30. Even after my skin started doing obnoxious things and my body started sagging and it took more than a 1/2 hour walk a week to stay in shape. I was fine with 30 and every year up until now. I just don't like that number. 33.

My hair girl says that beauty is wasted on the young. She is so right. They don't appreciate it. They don't appreciate the fact that they can lose 10 lbs by skipping a meal. Quite a few years ago Brian told me that I didn't have any "unnecessary curves". It was like the best compliment ever. And even then I just thought I would always be that way. Right now, I have a lot of unnecessary curves. *sigh*

Okay, I apologize. I just totally freaked out. But there it is. Out there. I feel a little bit better.

Are you allowed to void out birthday's?