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Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Mom's Trying to Schedule a Night Out

Mom 1: A couple of us are going out this Friday after work. Want to meet us?

Mom 2: I can't we have a family reunion this weekend in Utah. Let's do another time.

Mom 1: Well, the next Friday is the beginning of 4th of July weekend so that won't really work.

Mom 2: The next weekend we have another family reunion.

Mom 1: Seriously? Okay well the next week Brian and I are taking our vacation at the cabin for the whole week.

Stop! Rewind!

Mom 2: We are going to have to do this during the week.

Mom 1: Okay, what day are you leaving for the 1st reunion?

Mom 2: On Thursday.

Mom 1: I can't really do anything on Monday and Wednesday's because Brian has class. What about the next Thursday. The one before 4th of July?

Mom 2: Yes! It's a date.

I'm exhausted after going through all that. Why is it so hard? And I just recently had to cancel this Friday's date and re-schedule as a lunch because of my friend re-arranging her schedule due to rain! Ugh!


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