Pink Sheets

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just A Little Tuesday Morsel

The kids were watching the Disney movie Dinosaur Sunday evening. Watching isn't actually what they were doing. Laughing, talking, wrestling are more accurate ways to describe their activities. The baby then decided she wanted to watch Barbie's Princess and the Pauper. I went to take the trash out and came back into the house. Complete silence. Is it strange that even the boys were watching with intense interest. I think it is.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My News

Life Section

I'm getting ready for the holiday season. Right now I'm excited, by the end I'm usually burned out. A little. Just tired. I don't get depressed or anything. What is that called? Something about being blue? Well, that's definitely not what happens.

Anyway, I found a notebook and I'm writing every thing down beginning with Halloween. I'm writing out my menus, the decoration list, the grocery list, what we're going to do. Every thing. I am going to be ready. Because the next couple of months don't just include three holidays (four if you count Christmas Eve), but they also have two birthdays thrown in. And I am not slacking this year. Nope. This year is going to be smooth sailing and fun. And festive. I won't burn out. I won't. I will be prepared.

That was my little pep talk to myself. Seriously, I can do it. It's going to be so busy. Plus, this year we've decided to skip Christmas with the family and go to the cabin. Just Brian and me and the kids. No one else. Which means I'll have to make plans for a Christmas party of some kind in order to fit in the rest of the family. Because even though we're opting out on Christmas day the grandparents are still going to want to do something with the kids.

Sports Section

I went to Riley's last game on Saturday. His team won and his coach let them keep one of the jerseys. He was so happy. He didn't play very much, but it doesn't really matter to him. He loves football.

Brian went to Darby's game and apparently the other team was a bunch of pansies. He made up the name the Pink Pansies (not to their face), because they were called the Pink Panthers. Anyway, Darby kicked some butt. She scored 5 out of the 11 goals. And I missed it. I told her to score a goal, but I had no idea she would do so well.

Jordan's team didn't win. Which means that was they're last game and they won't go to the playoffs, but I think he really liked football. He keeps saying he wants to try soccer. Brian just doesn't know. They get two sports a year and Brian doesn't want to keep him out of baseball because he seems to have a real knack for baseball and he likes football so much... I just don't know.

Oh yes, and BSU won. Again. That makes me very happy. Another happy moment involving Broncos-Denver beating Pittsburg. Hee hee. Normally I would be happy if the Steelers won, but not against the Broncos. I now have a team to watch and they have been it, so I'll be loyal to them. Brian's family are big Steelers fans, so I'm sure his brother was pretty disappointed last night. But it was a good game. Steelers really played well. Hee hee.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey! Boo!

Not a lot going on this week. Jillian told Brian and me a story on Friday about how her grandma's dog, Kate bites her. She told us that she tells her, "sit Kate, sit", but "no sit". The story was relayed using only four words and it was adorable.

Brian almost killed me last night. I took the dog out and on my way back into the family room he decided it would be funny to hide and grab me, as he often does. (I don't find it very funny, by the way. It's scary.) Anyway, he hid and grabbed my arms and put them behind my back and I fell face first into the couch. I heard my neck crack! It was awful. I almost died. And then after I realized my neck was not broken, I laughed so hard I cried.

Well, the BSU Broncos won-again. Barely. After the 4th overtime. I didn't watch the game because we don't have ESPN. Which is fine. My co-worker told me when the boys start getting older we're going to have to get cable so they can watch football. I'm kind of thinking I need to watch BSU football on ESPN, but when it comes right down to it, I don't actually sit and watch a whole entire game. I'll survive missing the games. I can watch when they air them on the local channel. I checked up on Riley's Denver Broncos. They aren't doing great. I guess it's still early. Isn't it?

This morning I heard Jillian yelling, "HEY! BOO!". I guess that's how she gets her big sister up in the morning.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Bagel Break Conversation

Today Brian and I were having a conversation about getting a master's degree during our morning bagel break that went something like this:

Brian: I would be completely supportive of you going back to school and getting your masters.

Me: You would? It's a lot of work and takes a lot of time.

Brian: You should think about it when Jillian gets a little older. You really should. That way after you get your masters I could quit my job and work on mine.

Me: So, I work while I'm getting my degree and you quit your job and work on getting yours?

Brian: Ya, doesn't that make sense?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Okay, I'm still in my disappointed phase about my job and wondering if I'm jumping to conclusions and if so what should I do and if not what should I do? I just don't know! Regardless, I was very busy this weekend and unable to think about work at all. Which was very nice. I even took a half day on Friday with Brian and Jillian and we went shopping and bought some wine.

Speaking of wine I've been attempting to try new ones, but everything I pick out tends to be crap or contain very little alcohol, which is sort of a wine requirement in our house. Anyway, if you have a favorite leave a comment. I like white wines, but nothing too sweet. I'm willing to try red as long it's not nasty. You get what I mean. I'm not very picky, I swear.

What else? Riley and Darby's team lost their games and Jordan's team won. However, Darby made the only goal on her team. And I went to the game, and sat on the sidelines from beginning to end without getting up or barely moving. Do you think I saw her score a goal? No. I didn't even know that she scored a point until Brian asked her about the game the next day. That's right, the next day!

I have had this major urge to go shopping. I don't know why, but I do. I want to shop and spend and accumulate lots of clothes and shoes and every time I go to the store I think I have to buy the baby or Darby something. I don't know why. I don't think they have enough clothes. They need more, I'm certain of it. Besides the kid who has the most clothes in the house is the one who would probably be more than happy to wear the same shirt and pants every day if he had to. That would be Jordan.

He only has more clothes because his school requires a uniform so he has school clothes and play clothes. And most of his play clothes used to belong to Riley. But their still good clothes. We don't let him wear yucky run down clothes with holes in them or anything. Okay, I'm going on and on about this and it's ridiculous. I just feel like my girls should have some variety, especially since the boys could care less. A girl needs options.

Okay, I won't ramble on anymore. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh yes, and Boise State Broncos won-again! Woo hoo. 58-0. Does anyone know anything about the Denver Broncos? I need to be updated so I can have a conversation with Riley that interests him and I forgot to look up any of this stuff up. I didn't pay any attention to football this weekend. I just wasn't in the mood. Anyway, let me know any football news you might have. Thanks!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Disappointment and Karmic Destiny

I don't believe I'm a bad person. I know I'm flawed. I can be spiteful at times and I often unload on my friends about people I don't like. But I try to keep my karma balanced. I don't necessarily want exceptional karma, I don't expect great things to happen. But I also don't expect bad things to happen. And it seems like, lately, in regards to work, bad things are happening.

Changes are occurring, which is fine. I am adaptable. I can deal with change. I can even deal with change that isn't all that great. I was hoping the changes that were occurring were going to be good for me and my job and work life in general, it just didn't turn out exactly as I hoped or anticipated. I had disappointing news, which I took very well, I might add. I had come to terms with the fact that things weren't happening because it wasn't right for me. It wasn't my time, I wasn't ready and when I am, something different will come up. Something more suited for me.

But things aren't falling into place like everyone believed. It seems people have agendas and secrets and there's an uncomfortable feeling in this department that I don't like. It's also becoming clear that someone I'm not particularly fond of is coming back to work here. And it makes me a little sick. I was happy when she left the department and when she left the company I was relieved. And when she ended up moving 20 miles away from me instead of 2, I thought it was for the best. Because she wasn't and isn't a nice friend to me. And it seems like things are falling into place for her return. And I have to wonder what horrible thing I did to deserve this type of karmic destiny.

And maybe I'm taking this too personally, because it's a work thing, it isn't personal, but it so is. And I'm upset. And all I can do is wait it out and see what happens and then decide what I'm going to do from there.

Monday, October 01, 2007

And The Drama Continues

Because now Darby and her friend Tayler are no longer friends. And it's a huge drama and stressful for Darby. Because Darby is the girl who was best friends with the popular girl. And now they aren't. So Tayler has a lot of friends and Darby has one friend. But, I'm glad she has the one friend, because she lives near us and she's also on Darby's soccer team. And she isn't friends with Tayler. These are all favorable for Darby.

I asked why they weren't friends anymore and Darby told me that Tayler isn't nice and is always bossing her around. Which was apparent the last time that Tayler came over. I'm glad Darby has decided she doesn't want to be treated that way. I'm under the impression that Darby put her foot down about the bossing issue and that didn't go over well with Tayler. She told me that Tayler has a million people come up to her at school to tell her Tayler wants to talk to her and she tells them that she doesn't want to play with Tayler anymore. She says that Tayler starts to cry and that everyone gets mad at Darby for making Tayler cry. Darby told me she thought Tayler cries on purpose so that the other girls won't play with Darby.

Regardless, Darby doesn't care. She likes playing with her new friend who doesn't boss her. It still makes me nervous. I hope she doesn't start to hate going to school. I hope she has good days. I hope she's okay. Girls are mean.

In other news, Brian and I are going on a no beer diet. Blah. I hate these diets, however I'm turning into a heffer from all the summer time beer drinking. Besides, the kids are in sports and I'm busy so not drinking beer should be easy.

Jillian is officially a big girl. We went shopping and she picked out her big girl bed and bedding and she is so proud. She did such a good job. She spent the better part of the afternoon playing on her new bed and arranging her stuffed animals and blankets to make every thing just right. She slept there all night without getting up. Except now she comes into our room when our alarm goes off, which isn't great, but she's so cute. I can't be annoyed.

Hope everyone has a great week.