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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Have A Mommy Blog

I don't think it's always been a Mommy blog, but it seems to be now. So here's some more Mommy-ness that goes with the below post about the boy. I rummage through kids' back packs every night. (Alright, that's not true, it's more like twice a week. Maybe.) Anyway, they have a ton of papers they're bringing home because school is almost out and I came across this paper Riley wrote. He was asked "What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?"

Contradiction. I don't like to do my work but I want to go to college. I want to go Europe and learn how to speak their language. I am inspired by Jay Cutler of the Denver Broncos. If I don't get to play professional sports I will follow what my dad did a welder. I am glad I have a mom to take care of me.

Disclaimer: I edited the spelling but nothing else.

Is that not so cute? I'm taking that as a, "if none of these things work out, at least I have my mom." It's so sweet!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Boy

Riley went on his 5th grade trip. He made it without getting "punched" out. I'm surprised because this year the kid has had detention twice for too many punches on his card. He's a flake, that one, but he's a great kid. And I've been nervous the past few days he's been gone. And it's not even my week with him. I bet he had fun.

Riley is definitely my child. I love my girls to death, but Riley and I get along really well. Darby is not like me at all. She's more outgoing and is able to stand her ground. She's popular and very social and she talks to adults on their level. She's not afraid to say what she wants to say. This is the girl who went to the school office to inform them she needed to be in the afternoon kindergarten class, and they put her in the afternoon kindergarten class. She's every body's little girl. She's not a mama's girl. She loves me, and she loves that all the kids in her class told her I was pretty and she loves when we going shopping, but our relationship is definitely different than I have with Riley.

And Jillian, she's a baby so it's hard to know where this might lead, but for now she definitely is a mama's girl. She wants to me to hold her and love her and when she thinks her Daddy is being mean she wants me to save her. But, she's two, so we'll see what happens.

Riley on the other hand is mine. We have similar personalities, though he's funnier than I will ever be and he just likes me. He tells me about every thing. School, friends, girlfriends. When we're in the car for long periods of time he just talks and talks and talks about his life. He thinks I call him too much when he's at his dad's but any time he has news he calls me too. He's never excited that I go to his games necessarily, but if I miss a game he demands an explanation. Right now he listens to me.

I try and tell him every thing I can while he's still listening to me. Do well in school, be involved, don't worry too much about girls. Date girls, have girlfriends, but don't take it too seriously. Worry about what you want to do and want to be. Brian and I both wished our parents had told us not to be so involved in relationships. Riley always tells me he'll do all those things.

I would probably tell Darby the same things, but she is always telling me her plans. She's going to be a teacher or vet and she's going to college in Washington or Oregon. She's going to get really good grades so she can be in a special study dorm, because she doesn't want to be disturbed by people who party.

And yet for some reason I'm more afraid of the Darby teenager than I am of the Riley teenager. Hopefully I survive both.

Right now, I feel lucky we have this relationship, because some people don't have any kind of connection with their children. My friend at work has such a wonderful relationship with her kids who are now leaving home and that's what I want with my kids. I feel like it's going down that road and I don't want it take any detours I just want to keep it on the right path. I think as long as parents are there for their children and try to understand their children and make them feel like they are important there will be a special bond. I hope that's true.

And the reason I'm going on and on about this and Riley is because on Monday when he comes home, I'm going to have to tell him that I missed the deadline for Optimist Football. And he's going to be mad. Really mad. I don't think he holds a grudge, but in this case he might make an exception. So I hope I can make it up to him. Because I don't want to give up our talks. I have my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spilt Coffee

*Brian spilled his coffee all over the top of the car this morning. I thought it was funny. He didn't.

*I spilled my coffee all over the stairs at work. Is this a trend of some sort? Should we be going home right about now? Probably.

*Riley is going on a three day trip with his 5th grade class. If he doesn't get in trouble. He only has a couple more hours to go before he's in the clear. I'm really, really hoping he makes it. I would feel so bad if he didn't.

*His first playoff game is tonight. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I love little league baseball. Love it!

*I don't love kid's football. Professional football is good, BSU football is fun to watch. Optimist football. I just can't get into that. But Riley insists he wants to play football in the fall. So he will, I guess.

*The other two are playing soccer. Jordan chose soccer over football but I'm forcing Darby to play. Because she's really good at it and I don't want her to have a "break". I want her to be involved. She'll have fun. I swear I'm not a crazy sports mom. I'm a good sports mom.

*I need to put my baby in dance. She has got some serious dance moves. I think I'll check into that. But, Darby might be jealous. I might have to put her in dance too. I don't know.

*I have a department meeting this afternoon. One of my co-workers hates me at the moment, which isn't anything new for her, but this should be awkward. Woo hoo! Can't wait.

*I told Brian this morning I want to be a teacher. Like elementary school teacher. I think I do. He said if this wasn't a whim it would be worth going back to school. So, we'll see what happens. I don't know about this corporate world. It's pretty brutal sometimes. I'm going to seriously think about this.

*Gotta run, have some work today!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great Mother's Day. We only had one kid with us, but honestly, she was so difficult this weekend I would have traded her for the other kids in a minute! We went camping, which I think I've mentioned before, camping for me means a bed, electricity and running water. This was all provided. It also made me realize that I must be getting old. I had one back pack for my clothes and three different bags that I needed in order to get ready.

I took a mental inventory, because why the heck do I need three bags full of beauty products? It makes me sad that I need so many items to make me look decent.

Here's my list:

Bag #1
Body Wash
Contact Solution
Hair Dryer
Some of Brian's stuff (shampoo and gel)

Bag #2
Contact case
Dixie cups
Brian's deodorant

All of my make-up. It was a small bag. I didn't bring everything.

Besides feeling old we had a really good time. We went to a nearby winery and had a tour, which included several samples of their wine. It was fun! We stayed awhile longer and sampled some more after the tour and bought a couple of bottles. It was such a nice Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Best Decision I Made This Weekend...

Was cancelling my hair appointment.

On Tuesday April 29th my schedule for Saturday May 3rd:

*9:00 am: Hair appointment.

On Wednesday April 30th my schedule for Saturday May 3rd:

*10:00 am: Riley's make up game against the Mariners. (The Braves, Riley's team, made their winning run in the last inning, only one out left and the other team called the game. Sore losers.)

*3:00 pm: Hair appointment.

As of Saturday morning-ish, after Riley's game, May 3rd, my schedule:

*Take Riley to his friends house so they can go to a movie about 1 pm, which means he would be coming home after 3:00, which means that I would need to be at my house at 3 and on my way to my hair appointment at the same time. So...that's when I decided I need to just cancel the stupid appointment. (And my eyebrows are paying for it.)

*1 pm: While Riley was at his movie I decided to take Jillian and Jordan and meet Darby at a church she goes to with her friend to attend the carnival.

*3 pm: Came home from the carnival. Riley arrived shortly afterwards.

*4 pm: Decided to vacuum out my car, with Jillian's "help" of course.

*4:30 pm: Heard the ice cream truck and ran inside to see if Riley still had the money I gave him for the movie. He did! Ice cream for everyone. (Including Chloe because she practically knocks the baby over to get her ice cream.)

*5:00-ish pm: Everyone is outside playing ball and running around. - Oops, time out, the boys were playing too rough with Jillian.

The rest of the evening was spent outside enjoying the weather and having a perfect Saturday, which definitely wouldn't have been the case I had I went to my hair appointment.

The worse decision I made this weekend...not wearing sunscreen to Jordan's hour and 45 minute practice. Dang it!