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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Best Decision I Made This Weekend...

Was cancelling my hair appointment.

On Tuesday April 29th my schedule for Saturday May 3rd:

*9:00 am: Hair appointment.

On Wednesday April 30th my schedule for Saturday May 3rd:

*10:00 am: Riley's make up game against the Mariners. (The Braves, Riley's team, made their winning run in the last inning, only one out left and the other team called the game. Sore losers.)

*3:00 pm: Hair appointment.

As of Saturday morning-ish, after Riley's game, May 3rd, my schedule:

*Take Riley to his friends house so they can go to a movie about 1 pm, which means he would be coming home after 3:00, which means that I would need to be at my house at 3 and on my way to my hair appointment at the same time. So...that's when I decided I need to just cancel the stupid appointment. (And my eyebrows are paying for it.)

*1 pm: While Riley was at his movie I decided to take Jillian and Jordan and meet Darby at a church she goes to with her friend to attend the carnival.

*3 pm: Came home from the carnival. Riley arrived shortly afterwards.

*4 pm: Decided to vacuum out my car, with Jillian's "help" of course.

*4:30 pm: Heard the ice cream truck and ran inside to see if Riley still had the money I gave him for the movie. He did! Ice cream for everyone. (Including Chloe because she practically knocks the baby over to get her ice cream.)

*5:00-ish pm: Everyone is outside playing ball and running around. - Oops, time out, the boys were playing too rough with Jillian.

The rest of the evening was spent outside enjoying the weather and having a perfect Saturday, which definitely wouldn't have been the case I had I went to my hair appointment.

The worse decision I made this weekend...not wearing sunscreen to Jordan's hour and 45 minute practice. Dang it!


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