Pink Sheets

Monday, November 26, 2007

Back to Work. Blah.

I had such a nice vacation. Not because I rested up. I didn't and I'm exhausted, but I got so much done. I'm very pleased with myself. My tree is up, my decorations are out, my snowman plates are washed and in the cupboard. And our stockings are hung by the chimney with care. This is very exciting because this will be the first year all six stockings match. That means they can be on display the entire Christmas season. Brian's mom surprised us last week with new stockings for me, Jillian, Riley and Darby to match Brian and Jordan's. They are huge! I will have pictures. Plus, last year we bought new stocking holders. It's quite the display. You can all be jealous now. :)

I did end up going shopping early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. I decided I wasn't going to risk missing the sale price on a certain gift for a certain someone, so I woke up around 4 and headed out. I dilly dallied a little. I guess I wasn't quite into, but I shopped from about 5 to after 8. I bought Darby some cute little shirts for her stocking. I can't help myself. I buy Darby too much stuff. I just can't resist. I'm sure if the boys liked getting clothes, I might buy them more stuff too, but they don't. Darby appreciates a new shirt or shoes or pants or even panties. Boys don't.

I guess that's all I have for now. I suppose I won't be doing a Halloween post, because I'm just not into the Halloween spirit anymore. That ship has sailed. Here's one more picture.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Survived

As I knew I would. Jillian's party on Saturday was a complete success. I have a feeling the four bottles of wine helped. I have pics, but not with me. Plus, I want to post Halloween pics first. I know it's almost been a month, but, whatever. Here's a preview. I was out Friday and late today, so I better work. Later!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanksgiving and Football, But The Other Way Around

Colts lost to the Charges. Woo hoo!!! Capital High School is playing in the championship game this Friday and I'm most likely taking the kids. I can't wait to see my friend this morning. She is going to be so excited...and nervous as mom's tend to be. Broncos completely humiliated Utah, which I find a little sad. Did they have to massacre them??? I think even Denver won this weekend, I forgot to check. Anyway, it was a good weekend in football.

Well, I haven't picked out a new book yet. I don't think we have 1984, I'll have to check. I have read How to Be Good, I liked that. I might read Huckleberry Finn. I'm sure I've read that, but I can't remember so it won't hurt to read it again. I don't think it will. Maybe it will be absolutely painful. You just never know.

This is my busy week and I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any easier. I have a work potluck on Thursday, which also happens to be Jillian's birthday. I'm in charge of the work potluck so it's a bit stressful, but Jilly's b-day will be a breeze. She gets to open one present. That's it. I'm done until Saturday, at which point I have sent out invitations for a evening birthday party to my high school friend and her little daughter Lillie (she stole that name from btw, just spelled it different), and Brian's family. It will be nice. Not too much work, lots of drinks will be available. On Sunday is the tough one. I have invited my family over for Jillian's birthday/Thanksgiving. I think I felt guilty about the Thanksgiving, which is why I've decided to put it together.

My mom had knee surgery and sort of volunteered my house for Thanksgiving and I sort of said, "um no". I'm not home on Thanksgiving. I have plans. Which I've had the same plans every year for the past four years or something like that (we always go to Brian's parent's for Thanksgiving day. Always.). Anyway, I felt bad for saying no, so I'm doing this to make up for it. We'll see how it works out. But Brian has bought me everything I could possibly need for a dinner party and I'm really excited about it now.

After Thanksgiving I usually do the whole shopping the day after Thanksgiving thing, because I absolutely love to, but I'm not sure if we're doing that this year. I'll check the ads and then decide. Riley asked for a neck roll for Christmas, so, you know if there is some kind of great deal on neck rolls I'll have to go get one.

Okay, that's all for now. Woo, glad I got that out of the way.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Figured It Out!

I'm going to try and get my friend's daughter a gift certificate for a pedi before she leaves. Her birthday is on the 15th (the same day as Jillian's) and my friend mentioned she wanted to take her out for a pedicure. So, I'll chip in (because they can be pretty expensive). Now, I just have to figure out the place...

Other news that I forgot to mention at the beginning of the week. The Boise State Broncos are still doing great, Denver Broncos not so great. Poor guys. But the Patriots did beat the Colts, which is the lesser of two evils. I don't like either, but I especially don't like Peyton Manning. And you can argue with me about it if you chose, but I won't change my mind. So there.

I started reading Animal Farm, and it's good and I realize it's completely political and not to be taken literal, however, I 100% do not believe that animals could take over their farm. I don't. I guess I would be one of the humans in the book, but the animals have no business running a farm. And they couldn't do it, even if the pigs were extremely smart.

The reason I've been reading so much lately is Brian has been buying these books for the last couple of years and I thought I should be reading them. They're pretty books and they do nothing but sit on a book shelf. I thought it was a waste. Anyway, they're all classics, so if you have any suggestions on what I should read after Animal Farm, let me know. We probably have it.

I have been wanting a Nissan Rogue since the first time I saw the commercials. I went and test drove one yesterday afternoon. It is so cute. I loved it. Brian says they're cheap so the chances of me getting one-ZERO! Poo!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Eagles Soar Past Falcons

That was the headline for the game I attended on Friday night with the kids. They had so much fun and it was a great game. Especially since we were cheering for the Eagles. They go on to play Lake City this Friday. I think Lake City is the team who won State last year so this will be a tough game for the Eagles. Riley really wants to go to that game's not my weekend. It would be great if they won on Friday, because I would definitely take the kids to see the championship game.

Jillian's head wound is still horrible. She split it open AGAIN yesterday afternoon on her little rocking horse. It's just awful. And she holds such a grudge. If you even ask to look at her forehead she tells us no and then refuses to even look at us for hours.

Speaking of little Jillian I took her with me to the store the other evening to look at shoes. I decided not to put her in a cart because she was being a good girl. Anyway, I was looking at some shoes and saw her round the corner out of the corner of my eye. I put the shoe down, went around the corner only to find nothing. She wasn't there. I started to feel a little bit panicked, but she was just here. She couldn't have gone far. I walked up down a few aisles, went back to the shoes, walked up and down some more aisles. Started to panic a bit more, only comforted by the assurance that if anyone were to pick her up, she would scream bloody murder. I was about to make another round when I hear a little voice behind me saying, "I hide! I hide!" She was so proud of herself. I then put her in a cart.

What else is going on? It seems that I was so busy this weekend and yet I don't remember what I was going to say. My friend's daughter is leaving for boot camp in a couple of weeks. I want to get her something, but I'm not sure what she would like. I don't want to ask my friend because I want her to be surprised by the gift as well. So what would you get a 23 year old girl going into the Navy? I just don't know!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Tonight, I'm taking the big kids to a high school football game. I think they're really excited. I know Riley is. My co-worker's son is a senior on the team, the wide receiver, and to Riley, that is impressive. They play they're games at BSU stadium on the blue turf and that's an added plus. I think the only thing better would be if they were going to a BSU game.

My co-worker told me she was telling her son that the kids would be there and he should try and come by to say "hi". I think that would make Riley's night. He's a big fan of this high school now because it's a the same high school his all time favorite pro-football player attended. Jake Plummer. There's a funny story about him wishing I would have Jake Plummer's baby, but that's best left for another time. Anyway, I hope they have a good time tonight.

Halloween was very fun. I have pictures so I may have to post those and tell about are exciting adventures at that time. For now, let it be known, complete success-except when the baby lost her binkie, but other than that very fun.

Our floors were re-done, rather unexpectedly, a few days ago and our house still smells awful. Ugh. I hope it goes away soon. I think we're all getting brain damage.

Speaking of brain damage, our little Jillian was damaged yesterday. She has a huge gash on her forehead. It's so sad. She starts to sob and cry any time we try and touch it or take the bandage off or pretty much do anything to it. We contemplated taking her to get stitches, but when I spoke to the nurse she mentioned they sometimes sedate children her age if they freak out about being touched. I thought that sort of trauma is not worth it. She'll have to live with a scar, because she will freak out. She barely even looks at Brian and he only took off the bandage and replaced it with new ones. She's a tad bit of a drama queen.