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Friday, February 25, 2005

A Quarterly Get Together

I jinxed us. We aren't going to the cabin. The power is out and something, I'm not sure what, needs to be fixed. That's okay. We're trying to make other plans. Not big plans, just get out of the house and do something together plans.

My workout routine is going quite nicely. I've started running. I never run, I usually just walk on the treadmill, but the running thing is helping. I want my stomach toned for the middle of March piercing I'm planning to get and I think running plus weights will work. Also, the summer months are approaching and I want to look decent in my swimming suit, so I've been working pretty hard.

I had a girls' night recently. I rarely go out on girls' night. I would say I go out about once every four months. Back in August I reported on my girls' night/bachelorette party, but I don't believe I've posted it on this blog. I also went out again in November. I can't remember if I wrote anything then either. That night wasn't as wild as the bachelorette party, but it was fun to get out. It was just three of us. Tammy, Amy, and I. Amy is the wild one. She is Barbie doll perfect. You walk into a bar and all the guys are looking at her, their jaws dropped. Anyway, in November Tammy picked me up, we met Amy at her work and headed downtown. We went to Boise Cafe (I think that's what it's called) and danced for awhile. Then we went to the downtown bars, had a few drinks, hung out and headed home. Innocent enough.

Last Saturday, however, was more of a parallel to the bachelorette party. (But not quite.) Tammy and two of her friends picked me up. We went to On The Border in Boise to meet two more girls. There we hung out, drank huge margaritas, and talked girl talk. This consisted of boob jobs and tummy tucks, nipple size, and blow jobs. I was surprised by the nipple size talk. I didn't offer a description, but I know way more about Tammy than I think I should.

After On The Border we headed downtown to Hannah's. Hannah's is a great bar for dancing and not feeling too old, such as I do when I go downtown. At Hannah's I had a couple of more drinks, danced with my girls and just sat around and talked some more. The conversation wasn't as exciting as in the more intimate setting of On The Border, but still interesting. The girl talk is what I love about girls' night. I never get a chance to sit down with a bunch of girls, from various backgrounds and interests, and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Sure, Tammy and I talk about all sorts of things at work, but nothing like we talk about on girls' night.

After Hannah's we walked to The Hangar. This bar is new to me and I don't like it as much as the others. We walked straight to the bathroom. There we were all standing around talking and someone mentioned that we should have a kissing club. At this point in the evening, I don't remember much, but Tammy filled me in on the details. Someone mentioned starting a kissing club and that's when I remember Amy kissing me. A full fledge kiss in the girls bathroom surrounded by our friends. That's Amy. Tammy says, "she loves her husband, she loves her friends." It was more of kiss than I was expecting, but I went with it and now I can say I have had my first real girl kiss. Not bad.

After The Hangar, we went to China Blue where we had another drink, danced some more and finally headed home. And of course the drinks described in this post are not accurate. I had a few drinks before leaving home, therefore rendering me sick as a dog. I threw up in our bushes. I know, gross. I was also ill the next day and Brian was not happy with me. He did not appreciate that I got so drunk. I don't blame him. However, all is well now.

These girls I have been spending time with are different than any other girls I have ever hung out with. These girls go out to hang with the girls. They don't want to hook up with guys, or get wasted. They just want to have fun. They insist you dance and dancing with them doesn't make me self conscious. I just dance with these girls and I don't care what's going on around me. I love going out with them and will continue to plan these nights every quarter.


  • with the exception of the barfing in the bushes part :) it sounds like a fun time! even i went out this week and had fun with the girls. they weren't my girls though. they were my friend's girls, but still they welcomed me like i was one of them. and were nice enough to pretend i wasn't really old. ha!

    i also go out like 4 times a year. sadly, i go out more NOW than i did when i was 21. ;)

    By Blogger cat, at 4:24 PM, February 26, 2005  

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